As we hear sounds of Oishii from Japanese izakayas, our stomachs growl for some of that famed Washoku (Japanese cuisine), crispy Karaage, perfectly cooked teriyaki bento boxes, and comforting Ramen. As big foodies, we investigate the how, when, and what Japan eats.

Let’s face it, Japan has the best food. Join us on our culinary journeys, you will certainly become a Kuishinbo (a person who enjoys eating), and phases like itadakimasu and gochisousama will become second nature. 

Feeling hungry? Let’s dig in.

spirited away eating sfood

Savor Japan: A Guide to Authentic Japanese Food

Sushi Sashimi Nigiri Temaki Chirashizushi Hosomaki Futomaki Uramaki Onigiri Gunkanmaki Sasamaki Oshizushi Fugu Rice Dishes Japanese Curry Donburi Hayashi Rice Omurice Tamago Kake Gohan Ochazuke Kamameshi Takikomi Gohan Sekihan Yaki Yakitori Yakisoba Yakisoba Pan Yakiniku Taiyaki Okonomiyaki Takoyaki Teppanyaki Yaki Onigiri Himono Soul Food Gyoza Tonkatsu Karaage Tempura Ebi...

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