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Hyper Japan is back to break through the winter chills with steaming ramen, live music, and soul-warming Japanese tea. In the build-up to London’s largest Japanese convention, I’ve picked out some of the most exciting moments of the weekend.

1. 20 Short-Films from the DoGA CG Anime Contest

This is the longest-running anime contest in Japan. Since 1989 the DoGA CG Anime Contest has been boosting the profiles of amateur anime creators, helping them get the recognition and funding they deserve. Over Saturday and Sunday, 20 films have been selected from among the contest’s best finalists throughout the years. The short films include Makoto Shinkai’s (the director of Your Name) She & Her Cat, Lonesome Hero by Manami Wakai, and Happy Project’s Fruity Samurai. We’re excited to meet the contest’s director, Yutaka Kamada, who will be at Hyper Japan overseeing the screenings.

Copyright Way Back to Sea Kaori Iwase at Hyper Japan 2018

2. Mutant Monster

Mutant Monster, the punk trio signed to JPU Records, will be tearing down Hyper Japan as part of their European tour to celebrate the release of their brand new album, Nekokaburi (which means “lion in cat’s clothing”). They’ve recently dropped their latest music video for their track, Hanashite Ageru (“I’ll Let You Go”). You can catch them twice at Hyper Japan this weekend, once at 18:45 on Friday and again at 19:30 on Saturday. See you in the mosh-pit!

YouTube video
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3. Camden Tea Shop

Stuck for Christmas gifts? Follow your nose to the Camden Tea Shop stall and fail to resist the temptation of buying a Japanese Tea Treasure Hamper for basically everyone you know. With a beautifully presented selection of teas available, such as Genmaicha, Kyoto Spring, and Sakura-Cha, you might end up spending your whole day at the stall, absorbed in the wonderful aromas of Japan.

Copyright Camden Tea Shop at Hyper Japan 2018

4. Japan VS England Rugby Live Screening

Sporting events in Japan are hitting their peak in the next two years. The Rugby World Cup will be held there next year, followed by the Olympics the year after. Gearing you up for what’s to come, Hyper Japan will be screening the England vs Japan Rugby match live from Twickenham at 15:00 on Saturday. Make sure whoever you’re cosplaying wears armour and a gum shield, the games are about to begin!

Japan Rugby

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