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Taking care of your health and sticking to a good diet and exercise routine is a no-brainer these days. In order to fight off viruses and maintain a healthy immune system, it is essential to make little adjustments to your lifestyle along the way. At Nakama, we’re no strangers to Japan’s “secret” to good health: fermentation. This is why we think you should try the latest product: JIN JIN.

Whether you’re feeling anxious, stressed, or just want that boost, JIN JIN Superdrink has got you covered. The all-natural fermented drink is made up of ingredients that are both delicious and essential for your body & gut health. It provides a natural way to help you relax after a long day at work or help relieve your stress when you’re feeling tense. 

Studies have shown that fermented foods have the potential to influence brain health due to the microbial action applied to food/beverage, as well as the ways in which the fermented ingredients directly influence our own microbiome.

Find out more about the wonderful world of “gut health”, fermentation in Japan and why JIN JIN super drink is the new must-have stress-relieving mood-enhancing drink.

Japan: The Fermentation Capital of the World

The health benefits of Japanese fermented products have long been touted inside the nation. Fermentation has played a significant part in defining not just particular foodstuffs, but also the overall taste profile of Japanese cuisine, thanks to popular fermented ingredients such as miso, soy sauce, mirin, and sake.

Other key players such as Nukazuke, which uses rice bran to ferment vegetables and is now known to be high in vitamin B1 & Nattō – fermented soybeans utilising the bacterium Bacillus natto — have also been traditionally praised. 

Despite the fact that doing large-scale, worldwide research of gut microbiomes throughout the globe would be very difficult, there is still some evidence to support the claim that consumption of fermented foods & drinks offers anti-diabetic, anti-hypertensive, and antioxidant effects. After all, Japan has lower rates of diabetes and heart disease than the rest of the world. 

Not to mention the fact that an April 2019 research found that fermented foods such as “dairy products,” cereals, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish had a stronger antioxidant impact and contain more biological compounds (molecules that have an effect on organic tissue) than their non-fermented equivalents.

Gut Health, Key To Your Overall Well-Being

The cliché “You Are What You Eat” is more relevant than ever, and when it comes to the gut, we’re learning more and more about how important it is for the health of our immune system and overall well-being.

James Kinross, a microbiome scientist and surgeon at Imperial College London told The Guardian.

“The gut microbiome is the most important scientific discovery for human healthcare in recent decades,” 

No Guts, No Glory

Essentially, your gut microbiome is made up of a wide variety of organisms such as bacteria, yeasts, fungus, viruses, and protozoans, that live in your digestive system. Clichés aside, your gut flora reveals a lot about you. In reality, gut flora differs from person to person and greatly when comparing healthy individuals to unhealthy ones.

For example, gut microbes impact metabolism and influence how much calories and minerals you acquire from eating. Too much gut bacteria can make you turn fibre into fatty acids leading to “metabolic syndrome,” a condition that commonly leads to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Did you know? People with inflammatory bowel diseases & Colon Cancer are believed to have lower levels of certain anti-inflammatory gut bacteria and higher levels of disease-causing bacteria. The term “gut-brain axis” refers to the connection between the brain and the digestive system, which is filled with nerve endings. Anxiety, sadness, and autism spectrum disorder have all been linked to gut flora in the past by researchers.

But what can you do? Well, nutrition is the key.

The Health Benefits of JIN JIN Superdrink

When we think of the word “super drink,” we usually think of a drink that has a plethora of health benefits that is all-around delicious. JIN JIN Superdrink is one such superdrink. As a cultured fruit and vegetable drink concentrate, it is packed full of probiotics and complex enzymes from 35 raw and natural ingredients.

JIN JIN is a healthier alternative to cordial drinks. This premium fermented drink is loaded with beneficial bacteria and complex enzymes to enhance your mood, increase your immunity, and help maintain healthy blood pressure levels whilst keeping your body hydrated.

But what separates JIN JIN from other super drinks? It’s packed with super ingredients such as GABA & SOD.

GABA: Japan’s Favourite Amino Acid

According to exclusive data provided Nutra Ingredients Asia, the amino acid GABA was one of the three most regularly used compounds in Foods with Function Claims (FFCs) in Japan, in 2020. GABA, also known as Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, is an amino acid that naturally acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in our brain.

GABA is found in the human brain, plants, animals and microorganisms. Studies have shown that GABA functions as an antidepressant, antihypertensive, antidiabetic and immune system enhancer and has a good effect on neural disease.

SOD: The Anti-aging Enzyme

SOD, or Superoxide Dismutase, is an enzyme that acts as an antioxidant in defending the body against oxidative stress and cellular damage in the body. SOD is the first line of defence that prevents the human body from free radical damage, ensuring the protection of your skin and overall health. 

Accumulation of oxidative damage is considered to be one of the key mechanisms of aging. SOD breaks down harmful free radicals into less damaging molecules like hydrogen peroxide and oxygen.

Thus it contributes to the anti-ageing signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin, age spots, and uneven complexion. It also fights hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage and promotes the production of collagen which increases the elasticity of your skin.

Other Key Ingredients

Polyphenols, Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, Proline, Threonine, Chromium & Glutamine, to name a few.


Whether you’re looking for a nutritious drink to replace your morning cereal or something to enjoy after an intense workout, the JIN JIN Superdrink is perfect for all occasions. Order on Japan Nakama today.