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Top 10 Japanese Cooking Classes in London

Japanese Cooking Class in London
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Are you a Japanese foodie interested in learning the craft of Japanese cuisine? Well, you’re in luck, because London has a wide range of cooking schools that will surely teach you a variety of Japanese dishes guaranteed to unleash your inner chef. From making sushi to cooking ramen, these Japanese Cooking Class in London are well-curated to expand your knowledge of the art of Japanese cuisine while enjoying a new world of flavor.

Below are some of the best Japanese Cooking Class in London.

1. Yuki’s Kitchen

Yuki’s Kitchen prides itself in fusing traditional and modern cooking techniques to create Japanese food that will elevate your love for Japanese food. Moreover, they offer a series of workshops, teaching different dishes like Katsu Curry, Okonomiyaki, and Miso Soup. Therefore, the classes are booked as single sessions and can be taken onsite or online via Zoom. Yumi Gomi, the founder of Yuki’s Kitchen, finds joy in sharing how easy, delicious, and healthy Japanese food can be.

To learn more about Yuki’s Kitchen, you may visit their website here

2. School of Wok

Specializing in overall Asian dishes, the School of Wok offers workshops on different Asian cuisines such as Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, and of course, Japanese. They provide both online and in-person classes which can last from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the choice of the student. The Japanese recipes they teach range from Chicken Yakitori, Kushikatsu, Teriyaki noodles, and Vegetable Okonomiyaki. School of Wok also has hospitality & restaurant consultancy services for professionals who want to expand their knowledge in the restaurant industry of Asian cuisine.

Start your culinary journey with the School of Wok by checking out their website.

3. Wabi Sabi Kitchen

Besides catering services and events, Wabi Sabi Kitchen holds Japanese Cookery Classes for those interested in learning more about the wide range of Japanese dishes; from street food to gourmet dishes. The classes are taught by Kei Shiba, a Japanese chef and restaurant owner, in her very own kitchen. Small and hands-on, her classes are designed to be exciting and fun while learning the art of Japanese food. One of the perks of Wabi Sabi Kitchen is that classes can be held at your very own kitchen or any other venue by arrangement. 

Discover more about Wabi Sabi Kitchen’s classes and services here.

4. Sozai Cooking School

Japanese Cooking Class in London

Recreate the flavors of Japan with Sozai Cooking School and its diverse set of Japanese cooking classes. Their variety of classes is what makes them a well-known school, offering workshops on how to make sushi, katsu curry, tempura, and even Japanese desserts. Sozai Cooking School also provides chef training, personalized classes, and private events for corporate team building, birthdays, and celebrations. Instructors are trained to teach students of different levels, from novices to experts.

Get to know more about Sozai Cooking School here.

5. Le Cordon Bleu

Japanese Cooking Class in London

Le Cordon Bleu is one of the world’s leading culinary schools, teaching different kinds of cuisines since 1895. Since being founded in France, Le Cordon Bleu has expanded internationally, reaching different kinds of countries. It has found a place in London, where it offers a Japanese Cooking Course using quality ingredients and administered by one of its expert chefs. The content of their Japanese cooking course includes how to make traditional Japanese Dashi stock, miso soup, sushi maki, and Japanese dumplings. 

The details of their Japanese cooking course are on their website.

6. Atsuko’s Kitchen

Founded by Atsuko Ikeda, a renowned Japanese chef, writer, and food photographer – Atsuko’s Kitchen treats Japanese cuisine with elegance and simplicity. Therefore What makes Atsuko’s Kitchen a great Japanese cooking school is its approach to teaching, offering classes that are interactive and informal with a small class size. Moreover, they have classes on sushi making, Gyoza making, and bento cooking. Atsuko’s Kitchen has both online and in-person classes and even catering services for private events.

You may visit their website here.

7. The Suzu House

Have you always wanted to learn how to make authentic sushi? Fortunately, at The Suzu House, you can learn the art of sushi making under experienced Japanese sushi chef Makiko Sano. Therefore, their sushi-making class is The Suzu House’s pride and joy, providing an intimate and interactive setting for learning, plus the ingredients, tools, and even beverages for the class. Moreover, Makiko Sano is known to be a very hands-on teacher, always willing to answer her students’ questions. The Suzu House also offers a class for vegans. 

For more details, check out their website here.

8. Hashi Cooking

Japanese Cooking Class in London

Known as London’s first authentic Japanese cookery school, Hashi Cooking houses the most experienced tutors teaching their classes; from gourmet rolls and nigiri to miso ramen and vegetarian gyoza. Not only are Hashi classes small and intimate but they can also be designed to accommodate private sessions for a more personalized experience. Some classes are also taught in the evening for those who still want to learn after work during the day. 

Therefore if you’re interested to know more about Hashi Cooking, their website is here

9. Kazuko’s Japanese Table

Japanese Cooking Class in London

Interested in Japanese home cooking lessons? Kazuko’s Japanese Table is a one-woman team led by Kazuko who aims to teach traditional Japanese dishes that promote a balanced diet and healthy living. Firstly, kazuko’s classes are based on her mother’s home cooking techniques, giving her lessons a more authentic and intimate atmosphere. Therefore the best feature of Kazuko’s Japanese Table is that the classes happen in your very own kitchen at your convenience teaching you everying from holding and using japanese knives to japanese recipies . 

You can find more information about Kazuko’s Japanese Table here.

10. The Avenue Cookery School

The Avenue Cookery School is a family-run school teaching people of all ages and abilities the skill of cooking while having fun at it. Therefore with over 70 classes to offer, The Avenue Cookery School ensures that you will get to learn the beauty of Japanese cuisine through a hands-on cooking experience with entertaining demonstrations and an insight into the history of Japanese food. Moreover love, enthusiasm, and education are present in every class to make it an enjoyable experience.

See what The Avenue Cookery School has to offer through its website.


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