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It’s that time of year again. We’re limited to only one or two weeks on holiday, frantically trying to squeeze everything into your hectic trip. In the end, you can’t even appreciate the place for what it is. No guided tour can save you. But it gets worse. Take that ultra-short trip scenario and now try applying it to a trip to Japan. Around about now you’re probably thinking, ‘whatever this ‘MagicalTrip’ is it’d better perform some kind of miracle!’… But what if their guided tours of Japan do just that? What if walking tours were really the answer?


You’ve got Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima dotted across the country, but you also want to make it to Shikoku for a few nights. Oh, and don’t forget about Hokkaido. You want to feed deer in Nara and try to climb Fuji-san, while making sure you check out teamLabs and Akihabara in Tokyo. 


I think we can all agree that trying to experience all the intricacies of Japan in a matter of just one or two weeks is impossible. Or at least, was impossible… Joining guided tours of Japan is one of the best ways to explore different areas as well as gain local knowledge. But even these tours tend to be in impersonal groups in their hundreds, with faraway staff shouting at you to keep in single file. But before you cross guided tours off the list, let me give you the answer to all your Japan travel problems; MagicalTrip, who offer some of the best walking tours of Japan.

1. Who Are MagicalTrip? The Specialists In Tours Of Japan

MagicalTrip guided tours of Japan SHibuya bar

Before we get into the details, what am I even talking about? I’m glad you asked because if you don’t know who MagicalTrip are yet, you’re missing out big time! MagicalTrip, as the name suggests, is a tour company located in Japan in four main locations: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. Since offering guided tours of Japan in 2019, they have grown rapidly in popularity over a short timespan, and for good reason. They are a unique tour company that understands the value of a connection with locals and an insightful tour guide. MagicalTrip offers over 40 tours in 4 of Japan’s main cities, with multiple themes to choose from including bar hopping, foodie, bike and market tours. From Tokyo Walking tours to Osaka foodie tours, the pool of tours to choose from is definitely impressive. Let’s take it a step further then; a Kyoto tour on bikes? Yup. Shinjuku bar hopping with complimentary food and drinks? Say less. I think you get the idea, MagicalTrip have really thought through their tour offerings, resulting in an exciting mix of options across 7 of Japan’s major cities: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Nara, Kanagawa, and even Sapporo! Something’s bound to catch your eye!

2. What Makes MagicalTrip Unique In Their Tours Of Japan?

MagicalTrip guided tours of Japan tour group

Ok, so they’re just another regular touring company right? Let me quickfire everything that makes MagicalTrip unique:


  • They believe that a close connection with your guide is crucial, meaning group sizes average 3-4 people only! This not only makes your tour more personal, but also allows you to form a close bond with your guide and whoever else is in your group rather than simply follow a distant flag. 


  • In addition to this, MagicalTrip understands the importance of local guides. Locals bring an authentic feel to the tour, as they offer insider knowledge that other guides wouldn’t be able to. This is quite a common problem; tour companies simply hire whoever seems capable and speaks English, often leading to foreigners touring you – that just doesn’t make sense! With MagicalTrip, your guide is local everytime, and yes the tour is still conducted in English.


  • I promise this is the last point about tour guides, but I couldn’t miss this point! MagicalTrip takes pride in their authenticity, meaning every guide has a genuinely warm and enthusiastic personality. One of MagicalTrip’s core beliefs is that guided tours should not only be a chance to explore the area, but also a chance to nurture a relationship with locals (in this case your guide), meaning every guide readily participates in conversation beyond the information they need to give.

But wait… There’s more:


  • MagicalTrip never reads from a script! Gone are the days of your guide reading monotone sentences from a sheet of paper, let’s have some real communication going on!


  • Sometimes, typical guided tours span multiple days. Actually, some companies’ tours span a week or so, meaning you’re stuck with the tour group throughout your trip. The difference is that MagicalTrip hasn’t got a single tour that lasts more than 5 hours! MagicalTrip believes that a guided tour should not be some kind of restriction. Rather, let’s do the tour in a day so that you have the remainder of your trip to explore on your own. It also works nicely if you’re looking to explore each city throughout your trip. A one-day tour in Tokyo can easily be paired with a tour in Kyoto a few days later, and then one in Hiroshima just a few days after that. In a sense, MagicalTrip works to fit your schedule rather than override it.

Oh, and how many other Japanese tour companies have these:

3. Some Tours Of Japan MagicalTrip Offer

MagicalTrip guided tours of Japan Osaka foodie

Since we’ve spoken so much about what makes MagicalTrip so unique, you probably want to see some of their tours, right? Not only are they incredibly affordable, averaging about £70 compared to the market average for guided tours of Japan of £270, but there is also a wide variety of tours to choose from, so you’re bound to find the perfect one for you. Oh, and did I mention that your food and drinks are paid for in the bar hopping and foodie tours?

MagicalTrip guided tours of Japan Osaka poster

Osaka Local Foodie Tour in Dotonbori and Shinsekai

– An all-inclusive food tour where you will get to eat 8 different Osaka specialities, selected by our local guide.

– In 3 hours, enjoy a wide array of different Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki and Kushikatsu and learn of its origins.

– Explore hidden alleys and temples, away from the main streets (and crowds!) to learn the history of Osaka first-hand from a local.

MagicalTrip guided tours of Japan Shibuya poster

Shibuya Bar Hopping Night Tour in Tokyo

Go into the deep indoor food alley of Tokyo’s coolest nightlife area with a friendly tour guide

All-in-one bar hopping tour. Drinks & Foods are included so you come to the tour empty-handed

Pub crawling through 3 hidden izakaya bars & pubs

Experience Shibuya’s urban night culture by sharing a table with the locals

Try local drinks and food that locals get at night from our recommendations

MagicalTrip guided tours of Japan Kyoto poster

3-hour Kyoto Bike Tour through Arashiyama Bamboo Grove

– Cycle through the beautiful Arashiyama and Matsuo area in this Kyoto tour

– Visit both popular and hidden sites important to Japanese history

– Hear historic and local tales from your guide

– Witness awe-inspiring nature by Togetsukyo bridge

Don’t just settle for one of these three tours though, this is merely where the excitement begins! MagicalTrip’s website has a plethora of Tokyo one-day tours, including Shibuya and Shinjuku walking tours. Looking for something outside of the ‘big three’? Check out their Hiroshima walking tour – not to say their Osaka or Kyoto walking tours aren’t equally as fulfilling. Lucky for you MagicalTrip values one-day tours, so your options are unlimited!

4. Conclusion: Are These The Best Tours Of Japan?

MagicalTrip guided tours of Japan Akihabara

Well there you have it, hours of endlessly searching for ‘Tokyo TripAdvisor tours’ has come to an end. It’s at this point I would stare expectantly at you; the evidence is all there, MagicalTrip is the answer to your messy trip to Japan. Cheap tours of Japan that exude enthusiasm, quality and friendliness don’t come easily! I should also mention that you can get 5% off your tour booking if you book early, so now is the time! I’ll leave you with this clip from Tokyo Creative, who went on the Shinjuku bar hopping tour. Of course, this serves as the perfect example of MagicalTrip’s hospitable and enthusiastic staff and unscripted touring too! 

Now that your Japan guided tours are sorted, remember that our online store here at Japan Nakama is always restocking new products, so if you want to do some light shopping for the summer, check out our store here!

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