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Looking for some of that delicious broth and noodle combo that only Ramen can bring? Check Our Top 5 Ramen restaurant recommendations in London to see where we go for a quality bowl.

5. Bento Ramen

A very mixed Asian-looking Ramen restaurant over in Camden Town!
They had an enormous range of Ramen and Udon dishes, Sake and other small dishes.

The decoration seemed more Chinese style, although we felt the chefs (who were out of site)
were likely to be Japanese, as the food was very cultured!

Was a great place to chill with your friends and slurp your life away!

Address: 29-31 Parkway, London NW1 7PN
Website: www.bentoramen.co.uk

Ramen Restaurant

4. Okan Ramen

Located in Brixton Village, this independent Japanese Ramen restaurant has a homely feel to it. Founded by Motoko who is originally from Osaka, where they rarely eat Sushi. Motoko’s Soyu Ramen is Okan’s signature dish and is comprised of a soy-based clear chicken broth topped with sliced pork, a golden nitamago egg.

Okan in many ways feels like you’re dining in Motoko’s kitchen, the home coked feel really warms you up as you slurp the rich bone broth.

Address: 338 Coldharbour Ln, Brixton, London SW9 8QH

Website: www.okanlondon.com

Sasuke Ramen
Sasuke exterior London on a plate

3. Monohon Ramen

MONOHON — a slang term in Japanese meaning, ‘the real thing’.
When we first discovered Monohon Ramen, they were doing a popup in
Shoreditch. A cute, yet, Oshare (Stylish) spot on a side road.
We were enticed by a glowing chochin lantern outside.

The owner has a very interesting entrepreneurial story, A British man who found there wasn’t any authentic Japanese Ramen spots like there were in Japan.

Monohono Ramen have concentrated on 1 or 2 dishes and have done them very well,
Japanese style attentive customer service and an amazing atmosphere!

The noodles are freshly hand-made everyday soup base is boiled for hours to extract great flavour.

Address: 102 Old Street, London EC1V 9AY
Website: www.monohonramen.com

Monohon Ramen
Monohon Ramen Exterior


Ippudo, is an authentic Ramen chain restaurant, which has arrived all the way from
the land of the rising sun, now at Tottenham Court Road, London.

Ippudo has spared no expense on décor, with an amazing Mountain (Assumed Mt Fuji),
Carved in wooden beams, above their bar area. A very warm but sophisticated Japanese feel.

The food is just as good, with choices of various Ramen, Miso, Pork Bone broth, and
plenty of side dishes. We’ve had a great time chatting with friends here and absorbing
the culture. With the big glass windows, you’re never bored, always something to see!

Address: 3, Central Saint Giles Piazza, St Giles High St, London WC2H 8AG, UK
Website: www.ippudo.co.uk

Ippudo London Exterior

1. Kanada-Ya

Drum roll …. KANADA YA! This is hands down our favorite Ramen restaurant in London! First of all, the Ramen, thick broth Pork Bone Broth cooked for hours on end extracts a full hearty flavour.

A choice of density in noodles (Al dente) and great toppings like Spicy Miso,
Salted Egg, Pickled Veg, you can get extra Char Siew pork slices (OMORI KUDASAI!),

But the greatest thing has to be the cute location! Near Tottenham Court Road’s backstreets,
a small, cosy place, with white/silverish interior design. There is ALWAYS a queue outside, which
just shows how popular the authentic Ramen is. Mr Kanada himself (The restaurant owner) can
be found serving customers and cooking in the back end, it’s nice to see his face on the logo, as
it feels nice and personal. Every time we’ve visited, we found ourselves in a conversation with strangers

Can you say, “Meet more Nakama?”… So if you’re ever around at Kanada-Ya, you might bump into us!

Address: Kanada-Ya, 64 St Giles High Street, WC2H 8LE, London
Website: www.kanada-ya.com

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kanada ya