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All of us could use a trip to Japan right now. One of the greatest joys of travel is discovering new and exciting cuisines, especially in Japan where you can find a wide variety of delicacies. In Japan, fresh, locally sourced food is highly prized. Tokyo’s cuisine culture has been competing with the Kansai area for hundreds of years.

Food is also a great way to learn about a new culture. Tasting everything from Ramen, Udon, Sushi, and Sashimi to grilled meats and vegetables is a never-ending exploration when it comes to learning about Japanese cuisine. 

If you’re also missing Japan and are a Japanese food lover like us here at Nakama – you’ll be thrilled to discover Kelly Loves – an online Japanese food store bringing all the Japanese flavours you know and love to the UK.

Read more to find out how Kelly Loves are bringing the flavours of Japan straight to your doorstep.

Who is Kelly?

Kelly Choi

Kelly Loves was founded by Kelly Choi, who is also the founder of Sushi Daily, the European leader of Sushi kiosks. The rationale behind Kelly Loves is that Kelly is curating her favourite Japanese & Korean products for you to order and bring home.

Kelly is Korean, lived for decades in Japan and then moved to Paris where she became an entrepreneur. 

What are the typical flavours of Japan?

Japanese flavours

Image credit: Serious Eats

Japanese food, along with Italian and Chinese, are among the most popular in the Western world. Today, Japanese cuisine is accessible in a wide range of locations, from the most exclusive fine dining eateries and restaurant chains to the prepackaged foods section of your local grocery store.

Japanese food has been heavily impacted by the meals of other nations as well. That means that the variety of tastes available in Japanese cuisine is huge — there is always something new and intriguing to discover.

Savoury & Umami

Savoury & Umami

Image credit: Taste of Japan

Japanese cuisine has almost any taste, yet the classic flavours are still the most popular. When looking for flavour elements for Japanese cuisine, a savoury basis is especially important, whether it’s a strong umami taste of Miso or Soy or the flavours of the sea, all of which are often featured in all types of Japanese cuisines. 

These bases are particularly significant when it comes to dishes like udon and ramen noodles, which can be bought with a liquid flavour or a powder to finish the meal.


Japanese pickles

Image credit: Knives from Japan

A strong vinegar flavour may be found in a plethora of Japanese dishes. It may surprise some people to learn that many Japanese dishes have mustard flavouring ingredients, which suggests that mustard is a significant part of many Japanese cuisines. 



Image credit: Vicky Ng

Sweet dishes, referred to as “wagashi” in Japan, are just as important to Japanese cuisine as the savoury foods they accompany. One of the most famous Japanese treats is mochi, a kind of rice cake. Strawberry is a popular taste for wagashi, although tropical fruits such as orange, pineapple and mango are also popular choices. 

There are other popular tastes like grape and coconut. Cinnamon is a common ingredient in Japanese wagashi, as well. 

Japanese Flavours by Kelly Loves

Kelly Loves Japanese Flavour options

For Kelly bringing true, authentic tastes of Japan is essential. Authentic means that the recipe has not been ‘modified,’ as is common, to ensure that the tastes stay the same as if you were eating this product in Japan.

Discover the many flavours of Japan that Kelly is bringing to you.

Ramen & Udon Pot Noodles


Providing a healthier alternative for instant ramen, Kelly Loves offers a range of delicious rich broth-based Japanese pot noodles that are Low-Fat and MSG & GMO free.

All you need to add is hot water!

Katuso Udon Noodles

Katsuo Udon Noodles

Authentic Katsuo Broth, delicious vegetables, a healthy portion of Udon noodles, topped with Bonito flakes.

Seafood Ramen Noodles

In a delightful seafood broth, this ramen dish has a variety of seafood and veggies, including prawns, squid, oysters, and shrimp.

Kimchi Ramen

Kimchi Ramen Noodles

Kelly adds her Korean heritage for this option and blends Korea’s all-time favourite meal with ramen noodles!  Bringing the best of flavours together to create the perfect, light and easy-to-make grab-and-go meal.

Noodle Variety Pack

Noodle Variety Pack

When 1 flavour is just not enough.


Miso paste

Miso & fermented soybeans are one of the most recognisable flavours of Japan. Miso soup is estimated to be consumed daily by more than three-quarters of the Japanese population. In ancient Greece and Rome, the dish’s origins may be traced. In order to meet the dietary needs of defence leaders, the ‘quick paste’ recipe was adapted for general use.

Miso was introduced to Japan by Buddhist missionaries 1,300 years ago and is a fermented soybean paste. Miso was born out of the practice of using salt, grains, and soybeans to preserve food throughout the summer months, and this method was taken as the foundation for the development of miso.

Tofu Miso Soup

Contains a healthy serving of high quality and delicious miso paste (not powder!) and a generous garnish for a full flavour soup.

Ginger Miso Soup

Made with real Miso paste (not powder!) a generous vegetable garnish with a hint of ginger.


Ramune sign

Image credit: Chris Zhao

Japanese soda type “Ramune,” which has lately gained a following outside of Japan, is gaining in popularity. There are a number of milder fruit flavours that may be used with ramune, such as melon. 

Many people enjoy Japanese gummy candies, which may be flavoured with any number of fruits. Coffee, almond, hazelnut, and mint are all flavours of Pocky, a little cookie enrobed in a sweet cream or chocolate coating.

original ramune


An authentic sparkling Japanese take on Lemonade.

Lychee Ramune

Lychee Ramune

Ramune with a hint of Lychee to bring a seasonal touch to the drink.


wasabi preparation

Image credit: Beth Mcdonald

Wasabi is considered to have been initially grown during the early Edo era.  After being exposed to wasabi, Tokugawa Ieyasu fell in love with it. When the idea of adding wasabi to hand-formed sushi spread to Edo, it spawned a sushi craze that quickly spread to the general public.

People in the Edo period of Japan enjoyed wasabi because they knew it reduced the fishy smell of food and inhibited the growth of bacteria.

wasabi peas

Wasabi Peas

Green peas lightly dusted in Wasabi

Wasabi Crispy Nori

Wasabi Crispy Nori Snacks

Deliciously roasted and lightly salted seaweed thins gently coated with Wasabi to give them a little bit of a kick.

Japanese Rice Crackers (Senbei) 

Japanese Rice Cracker Snacks or Senbei

Senbei is a typical Japanese round rice cracker. Senbei may vary greatly in flavour depending on the variety. Senbei makers have been incredibly inventive in inventing a variety of flavours for this iconic Japanese delicacy. 

Senbei may be found practically everywhere in Japan. Supermarkets, convenience stores, food booths, and artisan shops are all available. Often referred to as Japanese rice crackers outside of Japan, this Japanese snack has recipes that stretch back more than a century!

Rice & Peanut Crackers

Rice crackers and crispy coated peanuts, combined with gentle spices come together in a delicious snackable mix.

Japanese Brown Rice Puffs

Brown Rice Puffs

Sweet and crispy brown rice puffs. Made with brown rice for a healthier and lighter snack giving you the feeling of being fuller for longer and packed full of fibre and fat-free.



Image credit: Markus Winkler

Originally, nori was served and eaten as a paste. The sheet form of nori was invented in the region of Asakusa during the Edo Period, when the method of creating paper became mastered in Japan, opening up a world of possibilities for Nori.

Nori is now a popular Japanese finger food and snack all over the world.

Crispy Nori Snacks

Crispy Nori Snacks

These deliciously roasted and lightly salted seaweed thins are full of flavour, and nutrients and free from preservatives and additives.

Seaweed Rice Crisps

Seaweed Rice Crisps

Delicate Rice Crisps coated in a delicious layer of Seaweed to create the ultimate light and healthy grab and go snack.


Yuzu plants

Image credit: Taiheiyo Ambient

Though it is seldom eaten as a fruit, yuzu is a frequent element in Japanese cuisine, where the fragrant zest and juice are prepared similarly to how lemons are used in other cuisines. The taste of yuzu is tangy and aromatic, similar to grapefruit, with undertones of mandarin orange.

yuzu jelly tea

Yuzu Jelly Tea

A delicious and fruity marmalade that goes beyond just toast! Mix a couple of teaspoons with your tea, hot water or cold drink for a sumptuous and flavour packed Yuzu tea drink.

Yuzu Iced Green Tea

Yuzu Iced Green Tea

Kelly’s Yuzu green tea is a refreshing and light spin on the classic iced tea, but with a Japanese twist.

Kelly’s Sushi Making Kit & Soy Sauce

Sushi making

Image credit: Lugi Pozzoli

You can’t talk flavours of Japan without mentioning Sushi & Soy Sauce! Make your own sushi rolls at home! You’ll have everything you need to prepare amazing sushi at home with Kelly’s starter or ultimate home sushi kits, using the same materials and equipment that Sushi Daily chefs use.

Throw in Kelly’s Sweet Soy Sauce and you’re all set! With a mild sweetness, Kelly’s soy sauce is ideal for a wide range of dishes, including stir-fries, rice, meats, and sushi.

Sushi Starter Kit

Sushi Starter Kit

The perfect sushi starter kit to get you ‘rolling’. The kit contains everything you need to create your first sushi rolls or maki – Just add your choice of fish or vegetables.

Ultimate Sushi Bundle

Ultimate Sushi Kit

The ultimate kit contains everything you need to create a whole range of exciting and flavour-packed sushi rolls and maki.

Complete Sushi Kit

Complete Sushi Kit

For those looking to level up their sushi making skills. Just add your choice of fish or vegetables and get creative.

Sweet Soy Sauce

Sweet Soy Sauce

A traditional and naturally fermented soy sauce with a subtle sweetness.