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Over the years, the popularity of ‘Anime Subscription Boxes’ has boomed. Combining monthly subscriptions for Anime fans is a great way to express their loyalty as part of the Anime community. Anime Subscription Boxes help you discover more about the anime you like in the form of collectibles and apparel. They’re jam-packed with much anime-themed merch like toys, collectibles, clothing, snacks and can save you a bit of money. 

Today, we’ll discuss the best Subscription Boxes around; as not all boxes are created equal, we’ll be going in-depth and give you our top ten options. 



If you want to discover the authentic taste of Japan, then Sakuraco is for you. This Snack box is more suited to your tea time needs. You get 20 authentic Japanese snacks in the box, and every one of them is super delightful. The whole package revolves around Tea, which is the box’s central theme every month. 

There are a variety of plans you can choose from for the subscription. For 12 months, it’s $32.50/month however, the 3-month pack or single-month box is a bit expensive. In the box, you get Japanese Cakes, Mochi, Senbei rice crackers, Yokan or Japanese Jelly, Candy, Dorayaki or Taiyaki, Chocolates, and Authentic Japanese Crockery. If you like Tea or are inspired by Japanese Tea Culture, you should go for this Subscription Box.

Nomakeno Life

Anime Subscription Box

Nomakeno Life is the box for you if you like makeup and are inspired by Japanese and Korean Fashion. This surprise box includes 8-9 Japanese and Korean beauty and skincare products. 

Therefore, Nomakeno makes sure that you get the best products suited for your skin. Nomakeno box price ranges from $35 to $31.5 if you opt for the yearly package. 

This beauty box features two cute and Instagrammable beauty items, a beauty tool, and 5-6 beauty/skincare products. You will get tons of surprises every month; overall, this subscription box is one of the best. 

Crunchyroll Crate

Crunchyroll Crate

Crunchyroll Crate is one of the best new subscription boxes to come out last year. It is one of the best anime streaming services and has partnered up with Lootcrate, providing a pop culture subscription box service that aims to bring the love of pop culture conventions to fans at home.

Each month’s box is centered around Crunchyroll exclusive titles such as Tower of God, God of Highschool, Noblesse, and Mob Psycho 100. If you are a fan of these anime, then this Subscription box is the best for you.

The Crunchyroll Crate provides collectibles, figurines, T-shirts, toys, and other merchandise, all for the price of $29 plus shipping. However, be mindful of the fact that the subscription automatically renews after each month. 

Kawaii Box

Kawaii Box

If you like cute things and anime, Kawaii Box is our pick for the best anime subscription box for you. This box will give you the cutest monthly surprises straight from Japan. Within each box, you get plushies, snacks, candies, pouches, toys, stationery, and other kawaii collectibles. This subscription box is also a perfect gift for some who like cute anime stuff in general. 

The box has a different theme every month and has super cute and authentic kawaii stuff from Pusheen, My Neighbour Totoro, Pokemon, Hello Kitty, and other brands. 

The monthly plan is $29.90 for the monthly plan and has 8-10 items in each box. However, if you opt for the 12-month plan, you save $96 for the entire year. A must-have for anyone who loves kawaii anime.

Otaku Box

Anime Subscription Box

If you like some variety in your anime merch, Otaku Box can hook you up with that. Inside the box, you will get posters, stickers, art books, Mini Figurine, cloth wall art, and many other things. One unique feature about the Otaku box is that it allows people to vote for what they would like to have in the following box. 

The Otaku box also provides you with the option to opt for ecchi figurines and art. So, if you are a fan of Ecchi Anime, this is the best subscription box for you. You can opt for the subscription starting at from just $24.95 every month. 

Fangirl Monthly

Fan Girl Monthly

As the name suggests, this subscription box is specifically tailored and curated for all those anime fangirls out there. The Fangirl Monthly subscription box gives you jewelry and accessories inspired by anime like Sailor Moon, Snow White with the Red Hair, Pokemon, and many others. They also have accessories inspired by Video Games too which is a plus point.

You get 4-5 handmade and beautiful jewelry like bracelets, earrings, necklaces, key chains, and many more things. The box comes at the cost of $30, inclusive of shipping. Overall this is a great subscription box if you like jewelry or accessories inspired by anime, mangas, and video games.

Loot Anime

Loot Anime is also a part of Lootcrate, which is well known for making subscription boxes. This box has pretty much everything an anime fan would want, like T-Shirts, Figurines, Collectibles, Key Chains, and many other goodies. Each box has its theme every month, so the experience of opening the box is different each year. 

One more thing about Loot Anime that makes it one of the best Subscription boxes for anime is that it includes merch and items from old classics like Cowboy Bebop and the latest hits like Jujutsu Kaisen. A perfect monthly subscription box for die-hard anime fans. 

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Nihon Box

Nihon Box

Nihon Box gives you the entire Japanese experience in one box. You can find everything from traditional Japanese decor to Anime and Manga Merch in this box. It costs $35 every month for shipping, and you will get Japanese treats, snacks, dishware, anime posters, and figurines every month.

Nihon Box inspires a great understanding of Japanese culture on a monthly basis. However, you’ll eat authentic Japanese snacks, get traditional Japanese decor, anime posters, figurines, keychains, and many other things. 

Check them out here: Nihon Box

Bam Anime Box

Bam Anime

One of the Bam Anime Subscription’s unique features is that they include a celebrity autograph in their box every month. The Bam Box, therefore, among all the boxes in the list, has the highest collectible value. 

You can get anime props, comics, fan art, pins, Japanese snacks, and other anime goodies, all for the price of $35 per month, and shipping is extra. 

Check Bam Box Here: BamBox

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Akibento features some of the best Anime and Manga merch in their subscription boxes. All packages have one t-shirt, Figurines, pins, keychains, and toys. 

You get items worth more than $60 in every box. The cost is $26.95 per month plus shipping for the box, and if you opt for the sin month plan, you will get a mini bonus bundle free. 

Check Akibento: Akibento


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