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There’s no better way to get into the true spirit of the festive season than by joining us at Yokimono’s Japanese Xmas Market! Hosted by Furuki Yo-Kimono at The FACTORY 21-31 Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, London E8 2DA.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get into the festive spirit early while doing some Christmas shopping. So come on down with your friends or family and don’t forget to come early for the opening ceremony which starts at 1 pm. We hope to see you there!

YOKIMONO (よきもの, meaning ‘good things’ in Japanese)

The Yokimono Japanese Xmas Market will feature a range of delicious, authentic Japanese food and beverages.

This festive market will also have a variety of Japanese art and crafts handmade in Japan or in London by Japanese artists, pottery, drawings, stationery, clothes, and jewellery are just a few of the many offerings.

There will be plenty of entertainment for children and adults alike with a Furoshiki wrapping and Kimono dressing demonstrations!

Market Stalls

Japanese Food

Aun (Japanese street food)

Launched in October 2017, AUN is a small, independent restaurant bringing the Japanese concept of ‘wakon yosai’ to the heart of Stoke Newington.

AUN (あ吽) – pronounced as “A-Un”, means inspiration and expiration. Coming from the traditional Japanese saying: “aun no kokyu”, it is a delicate, perfectly balanced harmony between those who work together.

Drumsco (Sushi)

OTABE (Brown rice Bento boxes)

Wholesome Japanese Farmer’s market:

🔸Thursday: Bloomsbury, Torrington Sq, lunchtime (up to 2 pm)

🔸Sunday: High St Kensington, Phillimore Walk, 10-2

Gu Choki Pan (Japanese bakery)

Japanese Micro Bakery in Chiswick, West London offering traditional Japanese bread and cakes but with the interesting twist that all bread is made with Sourdough, creating a more luxurious and artisan experience.

HIDEN (Japanese style curry)

Hiden Japanese Curry Lab is the newly opened gourmet gem in Coal Drops Yard, offering crafted, authentic Japanese Curry in London. Serving signature Beef Curry, Vegan Curry and Chicken Mild Curry.

JINJIN (Japanese style Koso Enzyme Drink)

JIN JIN is a cultured fruit and vegetable drink concentrate, it is packed full of probiotics and complex enzymes from 35 raw and natural ingredients.

Ceramics & Kintsugi

 Reiko Kaneko and Ikuko Iwamoto

Illustrations & Paintings

Natsko Seki Saki & Bitches

Furoshiki Eco Wrap

Tamakurya Boutique


Koco KidsWondrous TheatreSujaku Collections (up-cycled kimono dress)

Fashion Accessories


Vintage kimono

Furuki Yo-Kimono Vintage


Kei Tominaga , Momocureatura , Japanese Designers from Objet D’Emotion

Japanese Paper, Stationary, Haberdashery and Talismans

Bungu Store

Paper craft & Toys

Sato Hisao

Ukiyoe & Old Woodblock Prints products

Ezen (Japanese Gallery in Angel)Edo Art

Live Performances

YouTube video

Zashiki Warashi (Taiko & flute duo)

Yuko Tsubame (Okinawa MINYO folk music)

Kimonodego (Kimono dressing demonstration)

Tamakurya (Furoshiki eco wrap demonstration) 

Rena Mizuno (Nihon Buyo dance)