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There was so much to see at the Winter Hyper Japan this year. Mutant Monsters tore apart the main stage, The DoGA CGAnime Contest showcased its finest work and of course, there was a Brobdingnagian sake selection to taste! Though I may not remember much of what happened afterward, I’ve still managed to select my 6 absolute favourites from the 105 glorious authentic Japanese beverages available that day. 乾杯!

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6. Naruto Tai Ginjo (just squeezed Genshu undiluted sake)

Maker: Honke Matsuura Shuzo Prefecture: Tokushima Type: Ginjo ABV: 18.5%

This one looks and tastes like it’s from a can of motor oil. You’ll need to rev your engine and tie your bandana tight because Naruto Tai Ginjo’s designed only for the pure badass.

5. Kisaki 50 Junmai Daiginjo

Maker: Koshino Megumi Prefecture: Toyama Type: Junmai daiginjo ABV: 15%

There’s still some culture left in this one; the barrel’s flavour is present. The surly sip of a price halved clouds the perfect marksmanship of this one’s classy cousin. Though who’s to say a little flavour isn’t desired? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

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4. Shirakawago Junmai (roughly filtered unpasteurised fresh sake)

Maker: Miwa Shuzo Prefecture: Gifu Type: Junmai ABV: 14.5%

Soft, creamy, and soothing. An auspicious riverboat ride beneath plump cumulonimbus.

3. Amanoto Silky Tokubetsu Junmai (roughly filtered sake)

Maker: Asamai Shuzo Prefecture: Akita Type: Junmai ABV: 15%

Your bracelet slides gracefully down your kimono-covered wrist as you sip. You place the glass back on the waiter’s tray and join the dance. The room bubbles up like soft, friendly champagne.

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2. Kisaki 28 Junmai Daiginjo

Maker: Koshino Megumi Prefecture: Toyama Type: Junmai daiginjo ABV: 15%

Diamonds, blue skies, the truth – none of them are clearer in colour or flavour than this.

1. Juniroku Doburoku (sweet acid unpasteurised sake)

Maker: Takeshige Honke Shuzo Prefecture: Nagano Type: Doburoku ABV: 5%

Tangy, zesty, zing-zing-zing! All these eccentric citric elements combine upon my pallet, yet the concoction is a milky one. The thick yet zapping combo is unabashedly endearing. I want to spend more time with this sake. Very unique. Our number 1 pick in our sake selection list.

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