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After you’ve finished binge-watching your favorite show for the tenth time, you might find yourself wondering about the fashion sensibilities of the best dressed anime characters in it. Did any of them stand out as having a particularly noteworthy style? Did any of them make you want to buy a new wardrobe?

Times have changed, today it is not uncommon to see designer brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Dior, collaborate with Manga/Anime artists and their quirky and colourful characters, creating awesome Anime X Fashion collabs.

Contrary to popular belief, costume design has always been a big part of the trademark looks donned by your beloved anime characters. They may even be the unique selling points, the reason why you may support them in the first place. Just go to a cosplay event and you’ll see how many people idolize these fictional beings, and how far they would go to look like their cute anime husbando or waifu of choice.

Whether it’s because of their confidence, style, accessories, or even courage to stand out, these characters prove that you can be fashionable without sacrificing your own personal taste. The following are our picks for the best-dressed anime characters with the most style!

1. Loid Forger from Spy X Family

Everyone’s treasured undercover spy takes the cake for our first stylish character on this list. Anyone who wears a four-piece suit automatically is on the shortlist for best-dressed, and that’s why Loid Forger takes the top spot with his slim-fitted suit with patented gloves straight out of a Bond flick.

Whether it be a night out on a reconnaissance mission or a date night with his pretend-wife, this versatile get-up with a complementary red tie works both ways.

The Forgers are a very elegant, fashion-forward family, with Yor wearing an assassin-themed dress straight out of the MET Gala, and daughter Anya sporting her personally tailored uniform from prestigious Eden University along with her charming chimaera ponytails.

Dior has taken notice, collaborating with series creator Tatsuya Endo, fitting the family of misfits in one of the high-end brand’s latest collections.

2. Yusuke Urameshi from Ghost Fighter

With the growing popularity of 80s City Pop as a musical genre, bringing people right into the heart of Tokyo during this time frame, Yusuke Urameshi and the ensemble cast take you straight into that era with their retro outfits. Bright and colourful neon tones paired with oversized silhouettes are the outfit of choice in this classic anime.

What is unique is that the style featured in this show is very similar to what’s popular in today’s streetwear trends.

Yusuke Urameshi is our fav best dressed anime character from Ghost Fighter. Yusuke’s green and red jackets in particular have been immortalized when it comes to the discussion on Anime drip, and it’s not an unpopular opinion to call him the king of Anime streetwear.

3. Jolyne Cujoh from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Anyone from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure could have made this list, whether it be Jotaro’s take on the delinquent high school uniform and style from the disco-era, Giorno and the cast of Golden Wind’s feminine and punchy outfits, or Jonathan’s adventurer outfit straight from a Virgil Abloh runway.

Series creator Hirohito Araki draws his characters with a certain flair no other can replicate, basing his models on gods and goddesses.

When these figures take on the unique get-ups that the ordinary mind cannot fathom, fashion brands take notice. Unsurprisingly, Araki has partnered up with many fashion brands, most notably Gucci, in a collaboration that makes so much sense.

4. Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach

Ichigo and the Gang: Bleach manga by Tite Kubo

Possibly the most stylish main character out there is Shonen protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki. Although Bleach might have peaked during the Soul Society Arc (Sorry Bleach fans), the outfits and attires he’s put on would always be on point.

Whether it be his normal day-to-day hypebeast fits around the busy streets or his sleek black coat reminiscent of something you’d have tailor-made at Balenciaga later on when he takes on his latter form, Ichigo is a heavyweight in the Anime fashion world and arguably the male with the most fits.

5. Kento Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen

Talk about taking corporate chic to the next level. His flashy outfit and weapon are a stark contrast to his very reserved and practical personality. Among the gaudy pieces in his outfit are his polka-dotted butcher knife outfitted from his Rorschach test, groovy leopard-print necktie, and frosty steampunk sunglasses.

The moment he pops up on-screen, you wonder what kind of a character this 9-5 salaryman is thinking. Maybe he is a fun guy deep down when he isn’t acting as a strict teacher to the Jujutsu Kaisen’s feature players. Or maybe it’s prime millennial energy having to deal with the Tiktok trends and dances of his Gen Z apprentices.

6. Nico Robin from One Piece

An ode to men of culture, Robin is definitely one of the more popular characters from the One Piece universe, with her many outfits being one of the main reasons to highlight her more prominent features.

Although her outfits scream peak ‘90s mother taking her son to football practice, maybe that’s the reason why she’s so well-liked by the audience of the beloved franchise anyway.

Bright tight tops cut at the waist exposing her midriff, denim jeans usually cut at the calves that accentuate her long legs in a Capri, or a simple tight dress and heels are her outfits of choice.

7. Muzan from Demon Slayer

What if Michael Jackson was set in a fantastical 1900s Edo period in Japan as a bad, rad killing machine as a demon? With that outfit, you wouldn’t be shocked if he went straight into the shooting of the music video of Thriller, complete with moonwalks and stylish hat grabbing.

He has an outfit akin to the late pop star that’ll surely make him proud, walking around with what seems to be an expensive Panama hat that matches his sleek straight-slim white chinos.

You then know he cares about his personal style and has a distinct flair when not only does he match his hat and slacks, but adds an intricate design to the lapel of his coat to add some pop to the entire look. Or maybe all this is exactly how his victims fall prey to him.

8. Misa Amane from Death Note

Misa Amane is our best dressed anime character from Death Note. Misa’s gothic lolita outfit might have been one of the most popular outfits to ever have been released. At the time, comic-con dwellers would point to each other in Spiderman meme fashion, comparing who’s Misa was the best one.

This is another great design that contrasts the character’s colours and personality with the outfit, as her bright blonde hair and bubbly, aloof personality shine in this sexy yet demure playgirl outfit.

She is the role model for any cutesy girl that wants to add some attitude to their outfits, showing that they mean business. That or maybe they just want to look extremely adorable.

9. Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass

Every otaku’s favourite edgelord gets a spot on this list for his sleek coats and outfits as both student at Ashford Academy and antihero vigilante Zero. Whether intentional or not, the character’s proportions make the fit of his outfits very polished and chic.

Later on, he takes on the appearance of a very pope-like white satin coat and hat, which isn’t the easiest thing to pull off at his age.

It certainly helps that he has the attitude to carry the looks with the decisive and unforgiving moves he makes throughout the series. Confidence takes his outfits from teenage wannabe to bad boy you wish took care of you.

10. Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop

Is this guy a space cowboy or did he come from Paris Fashion Week? The fit of the suit is immaculate as if it was meticulously sewn together by the most precise, bespoke, made-to-measure tailor in the galaxy. Regardless, this outfit looks like Spike came from a high-society event and is about to go to the casual party function afterward. The loose tie coupled with the folded sleeves complements his easy-going and cool nature. Add in the bedhead and this look is organized chaos at its finest.

Who do you think is the character with the best style? What’s unique about the characters above is how their outfits either directly complement or contrast their personalities, with some adding personal touches that even create a certain sense of irony. Style is a very fluid concept that has universality in the world of Anime, but some outfits just hit differently. 


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