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Japanese manga is known for its diverse and unique characters, and among them you can find those who are often influenced by gambling or are always up for a new wager. In this article, presented by Bons casino, we will delve into the fascinating world of Japanese manga and take a look at a few of these characters, revealing instances of when and how they encounter gambling.

The most venturesome characters in Japanese manga

Jotaro in the Manga

Jotaru Kujo from Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure 

Jotaro Kujo – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

The character Jotaro became an unwilling participant in a poker game when his close friend and his grandfather lost their souls fighting a strong opponent. Realizing that he was being played against by an experienced cheat, Jotaro went for a trick, raising the stakes to an incredible size, putting on the line not only his soul, but also the soul of his mother. He succeeded in this bluff and came out of the situation a winner without even looking at the cards that were dealt to him.

Kaiji – Kaiji

Kaiji is a man who has not found his place in society. He has no job and no aspirations. All Kaiji does is gamble, trying to get out of debt, and in his spare time he has fun defacing other people’s property and complaining about the unfairness of life. On a typical day, he is visited by a loan shark, who comes to collect a debt from the hero. The debt is incurred because he vouched for his coworker at his part-time job. The debt is obviously unsustainable for Kaiji, and he would have been working off the debt for several years.

But suddenly, Endo, the loan shark’s name, informs him that he has a chance to get rid of all his debts overnight and make a good profit. Of course, the idea sounds dubious, it is about gambling, but weighing all the chances the hero still accepts the offer. And so for Kaizi comes the night that changes his life forever. A ship called Espoir sails from the port with debtors and organizers.

Nao Kanzaki – Liar Game

One day a young girl Nao Kanzaki receives a parcel. It says that she is offered to participate in the so-called “Liar Game” with no more information. Except for a footnote that if she opens the package – she automatically becomes a participant of the event. And who would have thought that under the package will be waiting for her as much as 100 million yen? In this ridiculous way, the girl becomes involved in a mysterious game of huge money. 

The essence of the first round is extremely simple – each player has a hundred million, and there is an opponent. After a certain time, the money must be returned, but if the participants manage to steal the amount of the opponent – it is their net winnings, in case they lose their own amount – have to pay from their own pockets.

Faye Valentine – Cowboy Bebop

A young bounty hunter has lost her memory and has no recollection of who she used to be. That’s why she is absolutely indifferent to her own fate and even the money she earns from catching villains. Having received another large sum for the thug, she usually rushes to the nearest casino, as only risk and game bring her any interest. She is not even interested in winning, because, as we see in each new episode, she is always broke. She’d rather be playing at online casinos, which clearly exist in a future world. Because then she could take advantage of casino bonuses such as Bons free, which allow you to bet without using your own money.

The psychology of gambling in Japanese manga

Yumeko Jabami from Kakegurui

Psychological aspects of gambling characters and their internal conflicts

In Japanese manga, gambling characters often present complex psychological dynamics. They are motivated by a passion for risk, a thirst for victory, and a constant search for new challenges. Internal conflicts play a significant role in the formation of these characters and the development of the plot. Some gambling characters face gambling addictions that can lead to serious psychological conflicts. Their constant thirst for gambling is confronted with the need to control and overcome their own weaknesses. This creates a taut atmosphere of tension and internal struggle, which makes their characters deeper and more realistic.

The impact of gambling on the character and development of manga characters

Gambling has a significant impact on the character and development of manga characters. Under the influence of gambling, they can undergo significant changes in their behavior and beliefs. For example, a calm and reserved character may become aggressive and unreasonable, while a humble hero may discover a strength and confidence he did not know before. Gambling also provides an opportunity for characters to realize their strengths and weaknesses. They face risk and pressure, allowing them to discover their true character and abilities. Developing characters in the context of gambling allows them to overcome obstacles, grow and become stronger.

Kaiji Itō from Kaiji

Psychological strategies and tactics of characters in gambling situations

Gambling characters in Japanese manga demonstrate a variety of psychological strategies and tactics in gambling situations. They may use deception, intuition, psychological manipulation, or even mathematical calculations to gain an advantage over their opponents. Some characters rely on their cunning and deception to make their opponents make mistakes and lose. They skillfully play on other characters’ emotions and weaknesses to achieve their goals.  Others use their intuition and observation to recognize patterns and predict moves in the game, giving them an advantage. All of these psychological strategies and tactics make the gambling characters in Japanese manga fascinating. Their ability to analyze the situation and make decisions under stress is a key element of their success or failure in the world of gambling.

Gambling and plot twists

Cover Art for Liar Game Manga 

Gambling in Japanese manga often serves as an important catalyst for plot twists. They can be a key event that changes the course and development of the story. For example, gambling can lead to a change in the relationships between characters, reveal secrets, or reveal ulterior motives.

Surprising denouements and unexpected outcomes in gambling in manga

Gambling in Japanese manga is often known for its surprising and exciting outcomes. Readers expect surprising denouements and unpredictable outcomes that can affect the course of the story. Characters may overcome their limitations, win incredibly difficult games, or even lose everything they hold dear.

Gambling as a means of creating suspense and intrigue in manga

Gambles in manga serve as a powerful means of creating tension and intrigue. They allow authors to bring the necessary drama and power to the story, causing readers to become emotionally charged and excited. Battles between characters in gambling games become epic clashes that capture the attention and pique the interest of readers.