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Welcome to a profound exploration of the tragic tale of Suguru Geto, a character who underwent a dramatic shift towards malevolence in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2. Within this article, we will analyze the enigmatic reasons behind his descent into darkness, examining key events and influences that shaped his destiny. Brace yourself for an immersive journey as we unravel the mysteries surrounding Suguru Geto’s transformation, his motivations, and the impact on the world of Jujutsu Kaisen.

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The Young Idealist: The Roots of Suguru Geto’s Character

To comprehend the complexities of Suguru Geto’s transformation, we must first understand the roots of his character. Who was Suguru Geto before his fall from grace, and what motivated him in the first place?

Suguru Geto’s journey began as an idealistic and passionate individual with a strong sense of justice. He firmly believed in the principles of equality and protection for all, especially the weak. As a young jujutsu sorcerer, he dreamed of creating a world free from curses, where humans and curses could coexist harmoniously. However, fate had other plans for him.

A Fateful Encounter: Meeting Mahito

One pivotal moment that altered Suguru Geto’s life forever was his encounter with the malevolent curse, Mahito. The malevolence and chaos within Mahito fascinated Geto, igniting a dangerous curiosity within him. Little did he know that this fascination would be the catalyst for his tragic transformation.

As Suguru Geto spent more time with Mahito, his idealism began to erode. Witnessing the ugliest aspects of humanity and curses, he started to doubt the feasibility of his dream for a harmonious world. The dark allure of power and control over curses seduced him, gradually steering him away from his original path. 

Ties of Friendship: Geto and Gojo

Suguru Geto and Satoru Gojo were once close friends and comrades-in-arms. Together, they aspired to create a better world. However, as Geto’s ideology shifted, a growing rift emerged between the two. This fractured friendship became a significant element in Geto’s tragic tale, influencing his decisions and actions.

The point of no return arrived when Suguru Geto chose to embrace the darkness within him fully. He allied himself with cursed beings, embracing malevolence and becoming an antagonist to his former allies. The metamorphosis from an idealistic sorcerer to a malevolent villain was complete.

Unravelling the Motivations: Understanding Geto’s Intentions

The path to evil is rarely straightforward, and Suguru Geto’s motivations are no exception. To comprehend his actions fully, we must delve into the depths of his mind and explore the underlying reasons behind his malevolence.

One of the central driving forces behind Suguru Geto’s transformation was the pursuit of power. Moreover, malevolence promised strength and dominion over curses, enticing Geto to forsake his previous convictions. The allure of invincibility and control over the cursed spirits became an obsession he could not resist. 

The Dark Philosophy: Geto’s New World Order

With power in his grasp, Suguru Geto formulated a dark and twisted philosophy. Therefore, he sought to create a new world order, one where curses reigned supreme, and the weak were at the mercy of the strong. This warped ideology shaped his actions, setting him on a collision course with his former friends and allies.

Suguru Geto’s transformation had far-reaching consequences, leaving behind a trail of betrayal and tragedy. His actions reverberated throughout the jujutsu world, leading to conflicts and heartbreak for those who once trusted him. The aftermath of his choices left the jujutsu society in turmoil. 

The Clash of Titans: Geto vs. Gojo

The tragic tale of Suguru Geto culminated in a climactic clash between former friends turned bitter enemies. The epic battle between Geto and Gojo became a defining moment in the series, showcasing the intensity of emotions and the profound impact of their choices.

Amidst the darkness, the question arises: Can Suguru Geto find redemption and atone for his sins? Can he ever return to the path of light and seek forgiveness for his actions? Therefore we explore the possibilities and potential outcomes for this complex character.


Is Suguru Geto’s transformation irreversible?

No transformation is entirely irreversible, and the same holds for Suguru Geto. While his journey into darkness was profound, there might be glimmers of hope for redemption in the future.

What were Suguru Geto’s original ideals?

As a young sorcerer, Suguru Geto dreamed of creating a world where humans and curses could coexist harmoniously, however free from malevolence and chaos.

Will Suguru Geto’s actions continue to impact the jujutsu world?

The repercussions of Suguru Geto’s actions are likely to resonate within the jujutsu society for a long time, shaping future events and character arcs.

How did Suguru Geto’s friendship with Satoru Gojo change?

Suguru Geto and Satoru Gojo’s friendship suffered as their ideologies diverged, leading to a painful rupture between the two once-close friends.