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From cute summer bops to heartbreaking anime soundtracks, Tiktok has been filled with Japanese music this year. But we’ve all been there before: We love the sound of a song, yet the artist is not named in the description, and you can’t search up the lyrics because, well, they’re in Japanese. So what do you do? In this article, we’ve picked out 20 Japanese Tiktok songs that are trending right now. These range from Japanese Tiktok dance tracks and nightcore AMV music to anime Tiktoks using trending anime OSTs. Your endless searching has come to an end, so let’s get into it!

For each Japanese Tiktok song, a small ‘you may have searched’ panel will be included. Some of them may seem like a joke, but these slightly embarrassing google search attempts may be what you have tried! This way, you should be able to identify a song more easily.

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1. Suzume OST

Song: Suzume Theme – Radwimps ft. Toaka

You may have searched: ‘Japanese movie soundtrack’ ‘Ru, ru ru ru ru ru ru Japanese song’

Released in 2022, Suzume no Tojimari was a massive hit. But what has left a longer lasting impression is the Suzume soundtrack. Generally Japanese anime music is either a powerful track or a much more calm and magical one… The Suzume OST is as calm as it gets, and you may have heard this one in montages.

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2. Fukashigi no Carte

Song: Fukashigi no Carte – Hidehiro Kawai

You may have searched: ‘Cute Japanese anime song’

Here is another anime OST, the ending track from Bunny Girl Senpai. You may have heard Fukashigi no Carte edited, most commonly sped up with a drill beat running behind it. As with most of the music on this list, Japanese songs on Tiktok are typically sped up, or edited in some way, so if a song doesn’t sound quite right, that is probably why.

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3. Cherry Bon Bon

Song: Cherry Bon Bon – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

You may have searched: ‘Japanese cherry song’ ‘Cherry pom pom’

Cherry Bon Bon is one of the older songs on the list, resurfacing recently to brighten up Tiktok with its carefree melody. Even searching ‘Cherry Bon Bon’ into your browser may not be enough to avoid bon bon sweets popping up, so I don’t blame you if you couldn’t find this song!


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4. Kimi no Toriko (Summertime)

Song: Kimi no Toriko – Ayuba Rizky (original) / Summertime – Maggie

You may have searched: ‘Cute japanese song’ ‘Japanese summer song’

As you will notice, the linked song is not actually the original… Why? Well, although both versions sound almost identical, the song is popularly known as ‘Summertime’. Many prefer this version for its cuter singing and slightly adapted backing music.

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5. Unravel

Song: Unravel – Toru Kitajima

You may have searched: ‘Japanese Tiktok rock song’

Unravel is Tokyo Ghoul’s opening theme. The Tokyo Ghoul OST is certainly a powerful one, with Kitajima’s passionate singing bringing this Tokyo Ghoul song to the attention of Tiktok creators. Have a listen and you’ll see what I mean! If you’re hooked, or were already a Tokyo Ghoul fan, why not check out some of the incredible themed products on offer in the Japan Nakama store below?

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6. Ai Wo Tsutaetaidatoka

Song: Ai Wo Tsutaetaidatoka – Aimyon

You may have searched: What did you search for this one?

Certainly not an easy find, but a certified gem! With over 100 million views on YouTube, this is another Japanese summer song that has become a hit.

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7. Dream Lantern

Song: Dream Lantern – Radwimps

You may have searched: ‘Your name anime song’ ‘Calm Japanese Tiktok song’

Another one by Radwimps, this track comes from the Your Name soundtrack. Often paired with B-Roll footage of Japan, it is nothing short of a masterpiece. 

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8. Gurenge 

Song: Gurenge – LiSA

You may have searched: ‘Demon Slayer soundtrack’

As you may have already realised, a lot of Japanese Tiktok music is taken from Anime, and this one is no exception. Gurenge is the Demon Slayer theme song and now the theme song of thousands of Tiktokers around the world.

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9. Night Dancer

Song: Night Dancer – Imase

You may have searched: ‘Japanese tiktok dance song’

Recently, this has been the Japanese Tiktok song! A catchy beat has led to thousands of dance covers to this track.

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10. Racing Into The Night

Song: Racing Into The Night – Yoasobi

You may have searched: ‘Japanese ringtone song’ ‘Japanese death song’

Death song? Let me explain. If you didn’t search for it like this, you may not know that this song, despite its fast-paced ‘racing’ beat and cheerful vocals, is actually about the grim reaper drawing a young man to his death. This is in part what popularised the song, as non-Japanese speakers were unknowingly dancing away to the beat.

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11. Blue Bird

Song: Blue Bird – Ikimono-gakari

You may have searched: ‘Naruto theme song’ (There are too many!)

Another popular anime song, this opening from the Naruto soundtrack is another one that ‘hits hard’ with its raw vocals. Many have followed the trend of pretending to rap and act ‘gangster’ while this is playing in their headphones, making this a comical song for some.

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12. Kaikai Kitan

Song: Kaikai Kitan – Eve

You may have searched: ‘Yami wo haratte’ 

The legendary Jujutsu Kaisen theme song, sung by Japanese superstar Eve. Check out our Jujutsu Kaisen themed products below.

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13. Hikaru Nara

Song: Hikaru Nara – Goose House

You may have searched: ‘Japanese drill remix song’ ‘Kimi nandayo’

From the Anime Your Lie In April, this classic is one that is periodically trending, recently brought into the limelight after a drill cover was created by MC Virgins and Yun Head.

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14. Tokyo Leat’eq

Song: Tokyo – Leat’eq

You may have searched: ‘Arigatou song’ ‘Japanese Tiktok cute song’

Perhaps an annoying one for some, you cannot deny it is catchy!

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15. Yoasobi Tabun

Song: Tabun – Yoasobi

You may have searched: ‘Japanese calm song’ ‘Japanese Tiktok summer song’

The title of this song is, in most instances, written in Japanese, which may be the reason you wouldn’t find it. This is just another Yoasobi Tiktok song, but I recommend you check out her whole discography!

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16. Tiny Light

Song: Tiny Light – Akari Kito

You may have searched: ‘Japanese piano song’

Of all Japanese trending songs, I’m sure you can recognise this one within the first two seconds. The iconic tune is instantly recognisable. If you didn’t realise, this song was written in conjunction with the manga series Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun.

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17. Renai Circulation

Song: Renai (love) Circulation – Lizz Robinett

You may have searched: ‘Suddenly you call my name and I lose my brain’

Popularised once again after an English cover gained traction on Tiktok, this is definitely a head-bopper! Very few people realise this is the opening song for the anime Bakemonogatari.

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18. Lemon

Song: Lemon – Kenshi Yonezu

You may have searched: ‘Trending Japanese pop song’

Just give it a listen, this is the one you want. The 823 million views will tell you that.

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19. Kataomoi

Song: Kataomoi – Aimer

You may have searched: ‘Japanese unrequited love song’

Similar to ‘Lemon’, Kataomoi is a hit song that has reached the heights of Tiktok stardom. This calm love song is nothing short of a masterpiece.

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20. Toca Toca

Song: Toca Toca – Fly Project

You may have searched: ‘Japanese Tiktok dance song’ ‘Anime dance song’

While Toca Toca is not a Japanese song, you may have been searching for it in this way because of how popular this track is among Japanese Tiktokers. Many of them have filmed countless videos in which they perform the energetic ‘Toca Toca dance’. This (not) Japanese Tiktok dance song is certainly one that will replay in your head all day, and you may find yourself bouncing to the beat!

Hopefully you have found what you were looking for, and perhaps even found some new Japanese Tiktok dance songs to add to your playlist or make an anime Tiktok with. If you need some themed clothing or other products to get filming, make sure to check out the Japan Nakama store!