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With the highly anticipated Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 coming to a close and a one-hour special episode recently coming out, we are nearing the thrilling conclusion to the epic anime and manga series that has captivated fans worldwide. With the Eldian Empire and the Marleyan Warriors locked in a fierce war for the fate of Paradis Island, the series takes us on an intense, action-packed journey. As most are in the same group, fighting for the same cause, we wondered: What if there was an Attack on Titan battle royale where they all had to fight to the death instead? 

The world of Attack on Titan is dominated by the terrifying titans, giant humanoid creatures that devour humans. However, certain individuals can transform into Titans at will, becoming powerful Titan shifters. These shifters are crucial in the battle between the Eldian Empire and the Marleyan Warriors. They wield immense power and can tip the scale of any conflict; titan shifters are the ultimate warriors.

Meanwhile, each of the main Attack on Titan characters possesses unique strengths and weaknesses that influence their performance in battle. Eren’s determination and raw power are matched by his impulsiveness. At the same time, Mikasa and Levi’s unmatched combat skills are balanced by their emotional attachment to Eren. Armin’s strategic mind is invaluable, but his enemies can exploit his physical vulnerability.

Well, we’ve got you covered. This listicle will analyse the main Attack on Titan characters’ strategy, strengths, and weaknesses, including Eren Yeager, Armin Arlert, and the other Titan shifters. Don’t worry, as we’ll also look at some of the qualities Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman showed throughout the series to compare power levels between titans.


Colossal Titan

Armin Arlert, a childhood friend of Eren Yeager and Mikasa Ackerman, has evolved from a timid and fragile character into a brilliant tactician with the power of the Colossal Titan. Armin’s keen intellect and strategic prowess have saved the Survey Corps multiple times, proving his value as the Survey Corps’ most vital member.

At more than 60 meters tall, the Colossal Titan is one of the giant Titans in the world of Attack on Titan. It can make a massive explosion when it appears or disappears. Literally existing causes it to generate extreme heat levels, making it difficult to even get close to it.  It can also kick hard and destroy whole structures and fortresses with one hit.

Its vast size and strength could give it an edge in an Attack on Titan battle royale, letting it beat its competitors. Armin’s ability to explode would make it easy for him to kill everyone if he wanted to. You could see it on his face whenever people in the show suggested he used his power whenever they needed it to turn the tides of war.

This should be the titan that Armin inherited. Up to that point, he was one of the weaker characters in the series, both physically and mentally. Now, he is a force to be reckoned with because he has the tactical mind of Erwin and the most substantial physical ability in the series.

Beast Titan

Not only would the Beast Titan be one of the favourites to win our Attack on Titan battle royale, but he would probably win the most prizes in a carnival too. He makes a formidable long-range force with extreme accuracy and strength, precisely sniping away the other titans. He is also very intelligent, capable of communicating with other titans and coming up big as a master strategist.

Mikasa and Levi Ackerman, two of the Survey Corps’ most skilled and deadly members, are renowned for their incredible combat abilities. Their mastery of the Omnidirectional mobility gear allows them to take on Titans easily, making them essential assets in the fight for humanity’s survival. Levi was shown to be the strongest scout in the entire attack on titan universe, taking on tens of titans simultaneously. Still, with the Beast Titan, it was different.

Levi not only needed to use all his powers and a massive diversion to even get within striking distance. Many lives were lost to take down Zeke Yeager the first time, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he came out on top, sniping all his other foes from a distance. How can he be defeated if you can’t even get close to him? It would be interesting to see how Mikasa would fare in a duel with the beast, given that she was portrayed as Levi-lite. Especially with how skilled she was in combat with all that Attack on Titan threw at her.

Armored Titan

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The Armored Titan and the Beast Titan are a toss-up of who’s stronger and who’ll prevail. It’s similar to choosing the melee versus the ranged character at the start of an RPG, with its different abilities, skills, and stat growths. Suppose powerful long-range projectiles are Zeke and the beast titan’s bread and butter. On the other hand, Reiner is covered in hardened armour that can repel most, if not all, weapons.

This makes him invincible as an unstoppable force and an immovable object, as he is 99% effective against all attacks. But, if you aim for that really soft and tender spot at the back of his neck – his only weakness, similar to Achilles’ heel – he drops like a fly. The key is getting to a position where you can take him down from behind, but that’s difficult when you’re up against the greatest MMA fighter. Good luck.

Founding Titan

Eren Yeager, the series’ protagonist, is a Titan shifter with the power to transform into the Attack Titan. Later on, he is revealed to have the power of the Founding Titan. His relentless pursuit of freedom and unwavering determination make him a formidable force in the fight against the Marleyan Warriors. Eren’s strategic prowess and ability to rally the Survey Corps to make him a key player in the battle for Paradis Island.

In theory, Eren’s Founding Titan could just go back in time and influence the past so that this battle royale wouldn’t even happen in the first place, but that wouldn’t be fun, wouldn’t it? How about we throw Eren into the fray as the classic Attack Titan, who faced Reiner early in the series. Especially since big-boned worm Eren – that slob crawling with the rest of the huge rumbling titans – seems to not have any combat abilities.

As seen early on, even without the natural physical abilities of the Armored Titan, he was able to stay toe-to-toe with Reiner. Here’s one thing the Attack Titan possesses that the Reiner and the Armored Titan do not: plot armour and that sweet old Shounen Main Character syndrome. Eren has all the traits of a Shounen main character, with determination, hard work, and persistence as the keys to succeeding in this Attack on Titan battle royale. Who needs to explode, have a strong arm, or own impenetrable armour when you can ​​Shinzo wo Sasageyo over everyone?

War Hammer Titan

Back to our example earlier: what happens with you put the Beast Titan, the Armored Titan, and War Hammer Titan in a room? For starters, the melee characters will completely pummel the ranged Beast. Still, these three are great starting selections for your fresh run JRPGs from FromSoft. Being the War Hammer titan more than delivers the big weapon fetish popularised by the hit franchise anyway.

The War Hammer Titan could create an insane number of weapons and move buildings made of hardened Titan flesh, turning these structures into massive armaments. For instance, it could make spikes big enough to pierce and lift a 15-meter Titan. It could also flood areas with sharp edges like spikes and make Titan’s famous war hammer appear. 

It’s different from the Attack and Armored Titans because it can also shoot a huge spike from its body. This ability allows the War Hammer titan to attack enemies from afar, making it a threat from both medium and long distances. The only reason it ranks below them is that although it possesses insane strength, it lacks quite a bit in the speed department, as seen in the Marley assault battle.

Female Titan

Annie, the Female Titan, is stuck in the middle of a spectrum between Eren and Reiner’s titan powers. For one, the Female Titan possesses greater agility and combat expertise than Eren, fighting with what seems to be a Muay Thai kickboxing discipline. On the other hand, she has some of Reiner’s skin-hardening ability to shield crucial skin points when susceptible to threatening attacks. 

Unfortunately, the Female Titan’s jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none trait brings her lower on this list. She would have to be on her game to win this competition, utilising her extreme investments in agility and dexterity. Her ability to weave her way past her foes’ powerful attacks, and strike them when they least expect, will be key to her victory. Although she would make a great support unit in the war, she isn’t as strong as those above her.

Jaws Titan

The powerful, crunching jaw and sharp, jagged teeth of the Jaws Titan are so strong and piercing that they can easily rip through flesh and even Titan’s own tough skin. Its quickness and precision make it useful in spy missions and surprise assaults since it can sneak past to avoid detection with its swift, deft moves. In addition, its small stature and agile build enable the Jaws Titan to avoid harm without much effort, making it a great pick as a support unit.

For these reasons, though, it is exactly that sad little Porco (RIP) didn’t last long in the whole Marley assault arc, being taken down swiftly and easily by Eren. Not only this, it needed an entire explosive mission to even sneak in and attempt a hail-mary attack, which eventually failed. It’s a sad reality that not everyone can be the main character. Unfortunately, he should know his place at the bottom of the pecking order for the Jaws Titan. There’s a reason it showed this particular titan change owner twice through the anime.

Cart Titan

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Unfortunately for Miss Pieck Finger, this Attack on Titan battle royale does not favour the Cart Titan. The good: She plays an important role in huge military set pieces with her exceptional endurance and ability to wield heavy artillery. The bad: she simply cannot compete with the raw strength that the rest of the Titan Shifters possess. The key to winning for freaky Pieck would be to hope the rest of the titans tire themselves out as she shoots them off in the distance. 

Because it can move swiftly while on all fours, it can outmanoeuvre and overwhelm its opponents. As shown in one battle scenario, it may morph into a mobile weapons platform with multiple weaponry, giving it a huge firepower advantage. Regardless of the outcome, Pieck will always be atop many waifu charts and hearts and minds of Attack on Titan fans.

Attack on Titan showcases numerous intense titan vs titan battles as the Eldian Empire and Marleyan Warriors fight for control of Paradis Island. These confrontations highlight each Titan shifter’s strengths and weaknesses and the strategies both sides employ to gain the upper hand.

With this, the Titan Shifters are an interesting and important part of the universe Attack on Titan creates. They’ve enthralled and kept viewers wondering throughout the series because of their fearsome looks, unique skills, and mystery surrounding their origin and purpose. It would be intriguing to see who will emerge victorious in our made-up combat amongst the most formidable adversaries in the universe of Attack on Titan.

The upcoming final parts bring the epic anime and manga series to a heart-wrenching climax. The intricate strategies, strengths, and weaknesses of the main characters, combined with the intense battles, make it a fitting end to a series that has captivated fans for nearly a decade. As we slowly bid farewell to Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Armin, and the rest of the cast, we can reflect on the powerful themes of freedom, sacrifice, and the struggle for survival resonating with millions worldwide.

Who do you think will come out on top of this Attack on Titan battle royale?