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We all have our favourite moments in anime! They make us laugh, bawl our eyes, and channel that energy somewhere! Anime shows can sometimes be very emotional, and there are always moments in shows that we know will bring a tear to the eye. It could be that overwhelming feeling of loss or overcoming the odds. Check out our 10 tearjerker anime moments that we just oh so love…

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

10. Attack on Titan: The Death of Sasha Braus

First of all, how could you? Second of all, how dare you! With her bubbly, aloof, and goofy personality, Sasha Braus was one of the most lovable members of Attack on Titan’s scouts. From the moment she was introduced on screen, you could tell that she was quite the airhead and somewhat of a comedy relief character. All she wanted to do was eat, for crying out loud!

But, Attack on Titan pulls no punches when it comes to character deaths. This hit differently because she was coming into her own as an upstanding heroine in the anime. She was routinely saving innocent civilians, which hit extra hard given we were given a peek into her family life right before her death, which was one of the most shocking and unpredictable ones so far. We will never forgive you, Hajime Isayama senpai!

9. My Hero Academia: Good Night, Sir Nighteye

My Hero Academia, cut from the same cloth as lengthy classic shounen anime, has its share of emotional moments. Do you find it surprising that it’s full of emotional sequences, a programme aimed at young children on campus who want to be superheroes? Given the consequences of choosing to face evil, the characters’ actions throughout the story are bound to be emotionally charged.

Sir Nighteye’s role in My Hero Academia Season 4 was brief yet significant. At first, he pissed off fans by saying he didn’t think Deku deserved to have the One for All ability from All Night and thought Mirio was more worthy of it. He did this with his classic irritated expression due to his foresight quirk, which constantly showed him visions of future tragedy. He fought with the Deku in their battle against Overhaul, where he tragically fell victim to his own severe wounds. 

On his deathbed, we will never forget how he used his ability one more time to see that Mirio’s future would be bright regardless of the outcome. This hurt a bit extra and left a bittersweet taste in the viewers’ mouths. Afterwards, he passed away, smiling. Don’t worry, My Hero Academia fans, I’ll be here crying with all of you.

8. Dragonball Z: Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2!

Oh, don’t get me started on this classic Dragon Ball moment! This is a historic moment for any anime watcher. This tearjerker anime moment happens in Dragon Ball Z during the Cell Saga. As Gohan is forced into a corner, he helplessly watches Cell’s “mini-me’s” attack his friends and family! In fear of his overwhelming power hidden within, he holds back his anger. The peace-loving decapitated head of Android 16 conveys to Gohan that it’s OK to be angry for the right reason, to defend good against evil.

Being amused by the conversation, Cell uses the opportunity to crush the head. Gohan sees red, and finally, the late Android 16’s words sink in – Gohan releases his next level of hidden potential. The Japanese version of this moment was a tearjerker with the music’s lyrics “Ore wa ore wo koete kuru” or “I will surpass myself.”


This one goes back a while! A classic tearjerker Anime moment from a classic Anime, Bleach. Thanks to giving her powers away to a mere human being (Ichigo Kurosaki), Rukia has been sentenced to death for her crimes by her fellow Shinigami (Death Gods). But Ichigo doesn’t let this go; after hearing from his friend, the “Sandle-Hat Man” Kisuke Urahara, Ichigo is transported from the human world to the Seireitei (Soul Society) and fights through numerous Shinigami to save his friend.

The moment arrives when Rukia is about to be executed by a giant sword manifesting a bird of fire. It flies towards her as she accepts her fate with her eyes closed. But nothing happens; she opens her eyes to see Ichigo holding back the firebird with his sword against his back “…Yo!” he says calmly. Alright, kinda cool.


Vivi, the Princess of Alabasta, travelled with the Strawhat Pirates Crew during their time in the Alabasta kingdom. After they defeat the evil warlord Crocodile, the kingdom is saved, and the citizens rejoice with the crew! However, still being Pirates, the crew has to flee the island! Princess Vivi runs away from a vital ceremony to bid farewell to the crew as they sail out to sea.

She says her goodbyes over a loudspeaker that the entire kingdom, including the approaching marines, can hear! The Strawhat Pirates don’t respond to her goodbyes because it shows the marines that she was involved with pirates. Instead, the crew lift their sleeves to reveal an X on their arms. A mark that shows their identity as the Strawhat Pirates (Which they had used against a copycat shapeshifter earlier). Vivi understood what they meant, a famous tearjerker Anime moment scene in the One Piece story.


5. Honey and Clover: Kaoru and Shinobu get their father’s company back!

A personal favourite! Honey and Clover is an unexpectedly deep story with multiple storylines happening at the same time. Morita Shinobu, a crazy character in Honey and Clover, is a seemingly ordinary University student. However, he mysteriously disappears for months and returns, often exhausted but full of money. Sometimes he has bags of it and extraordinary Omiyage (gifts) like Croquettes.

Unbeknownst to his classmates is that Shinobu and his older brother Kaoru had been saving money for many years to complete their secret goal. As a child, their inventor father, Tsukasa Morita, owned a company that created various technologies. One day Tsukasa’s kind-hearted business partner betrayed him by selling the company to an American business person. They lost their offices and home; shortly after, their father and mother died due to depression. The two young boys are left with nothing but vengeful feelings.

For 10 years, they saved and bought shares in their father’s ex-company. When they had enough shares, they took over in an epic scene of memories, revenge, and silence, all in one setting. Not-so-funny story: I was peeling onions when this happened, further compounding how already heartbreaking this scene was!

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4. Naruto Shippuden: Madara Uchiha fights… Everyone

Madara Uchiha is a one-man army that makes Rambo look like a weak insect that buzzes around your uncovered omurice. As Madara stands to converse with Kabuto through his reincarnated partner, he is asked to demonstrate the power of the Uchiha as if it were his “Golden Days”. In this scene, he feels like the character you’d finish a game with that you bring into a fresh save in a new game plus file, abusing all the skills you’ve learned.

He launches into a rage, taking on every man or woman that assails him as if they were all ragdolls. He ploughs through the thousands of ninjas attacking Madara all at once. The fundamental elements are present throughout the assault: fire, water, wind, earth… a meteor. I could not believe what I was watching, as my jaw was on the floor, food spilling out of my mouth just like in the commercials.

In this scene with Mugen and Jin, two master swordsmen of different styles, undefeated by anyone who dared cross swords with them, both took on a mysterious samurai who smells like sunflowers. This man had been the person Fu had searched for throughout the anime’s run time. Named Kariya, he displays swift swordplay with movements fluid enough to take on both men simultaneously, making for an incredible and breathtaking action set piece.

As they fought, he emanated wind from his glowing slashes, the sign of a true master to their craft – this was an epic fight-to-the-death and tearjerker of an anime moment, especially with the implications of the technique that was used.

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Alright, here comes another One Piece entry! We love One Piece, OK? We’re Nakama, after all. The moment happens at Fishman Island under the sea. Cody and his 100,000 henchmen have gone wild and are ready to attack the 10-men Strawhat Pirates! Because this was the crew’s first big fight after being separated for 2 years, they argued over how many they could each take on: 10,000 men per Strawhat Pirate. 

As they’re squabbling, Luffy silently walks towards the 100,000 as they launch their assault on him. The crew watch as Luffy launches a blast of energy from his body, knocking out 50,000 enemies without moving a finger!

The crew and the enemy look on in shock as they’re not even sure what happened, the “Conquerer’s Haki”. Zoro looking onward at the captain’s new powers, jokingly says, “If he wasn’t capable of this level, we need to switch who’s Captain”. A moment exhibiting the newfound power of the Strawhat Crew!

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1. Hunter X Hunter: Gon vs Genthru Bomber!!

Hunter X Hunter is an excellent anime for the strategic thinker! One of the greatest moments was during the Hunter Exams when Gon was cornered by Genthru Bomber, a Hunter who was more experienced than the 10 Year Old Gon. Like his name suggests, Bomber could touch a part of someone’s body and set off an explosion within their body, which was a stealthily deadly skill!

Gon fought Bomber with extreme caution and was able to bait himself into being attacked to attack Bomber back. He sacrificed his arm to land his infamous “Janken” attack (Rock Paper Scissors). Watching this fight scene is like watching a fast-moving chess match, where wits, skill, and planning are needed at a fast pace. Gon defeated Bomber by luring him into a giant hole, then summoning a meteor from a card! Excellent tactics from our favourite little lightning in a bottle.

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