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Hunter X Hunter is still widely regarded as a timeless classic and a masterpiece of the Shounen anime genre. A little boy and his buddies go on an epic global adventure, meeting friends and enemies while learning lessons. Throughout its 148 episodes, Hunter X Hunter introduces new narratives and abilities, ensuring that it never gets old. Plus it is #4 on our fav anime openings of all time!

The extraordinary and unique ensemble cast sets this show apart from many. Hunter x Hunter characters are colourful and come in many shapes, sizes, races, and forms dressed in whatever your inner kid might have imagined, even on its wildest days. Everyone can find someone to cheer for and like in Hunter X Hunter.

In addition, each character has a distinctive personality, values, and ways of doing things. A character’s “alignment” describes their moral compass, as made famous by the tabletop RPG Dungeons & Dragons. This idea is universal and applies to any character, both fact and fiction – including you and me.

A lawful individual is someone who strictly adheres to the norms of society, has high moral standards, and can be relied upon. They have a positive outlook on humanity and are devoted to those they care about. In contrast, those with chaotic dispositions make their own rules and behave in ways that benefit themselves alone. They do what they want when they want and don’t care what other people think. The terms “good” and “evil” are self-explanatory; they refer to a character’s overarching morality, with “good” characters defending the helpless and “evil” people harming others for their ends.

This article will look at Hunter X Hunter characters’ alignments!

Lawful Good – Gon Freecss

Gon’ Wild: cbr.com

When it comes to Shounen protagonists, Gon is the standard bearer for the lawful good character. Even when the deck was stacked against him, he always played by the rules, which is most evident during the Greed Island arc. He has complete faith in his friends and even surprises his enemies by putting them on a pedestal of trust and honour.

Gon places a premium on fairness; he takes pride in doing the right thing and is quick to become angry at those who disregard the law. When he holds people to the same high standards he does, he earns a great deal of respect from his contemporaries. Gon is one stubborn dude.

Neutral Good – Isaac Netero

Netero-l Good: cbr.com

The hallmark of Neutral Good characters is their willingness to behave according to their convictions rather than the majority. Although Netero generally plays by the rules of the Hunter’s Guild and society at large, there were occasions when he went above and beyond to assist Gon and his pals because of the potential benefit they might provide in their mission.

During the Chimera Ant arc, he was slightly stubborn, seeing that Gon and Killua weren’t initially prepared for the assignment. Still, he eventually exempted them after becoming convinced of their competence. He committed a tiny breach of the rules, which are seldom committed by neutral decent characters unless they can rationalise the action in terms of their code.

Chaotic Good – Killua Zoldyck

He may Killua for no reason: dualshockers.com

Given his role as an assassin for the “good” squad, Killua tends toward chaos. Killua reveals a great deal about his character by choosing to side with Gon and the others during the Hunter Exam storyline for no other reason than that he enjoyed it (although later, because he wanted to aid Gon in his quest to locate his father). He is a kindred soul who doesn’t really care about society’s rules or how goals are achieved but always wants to journey around the world with his best friend, Gon.

How he does things his way further makes him lean into the chaotic territory. As an assassin, he resorts to very “unique” methods of dealing with problems. He employs methods that are less traditional by modern standards but more outrageous to accomplish the team’s aim. Because his morals are more in line with Gon than with his family of killers, he is an outcast from the world and his own family.

Lawful Neutral – Kurapika

Kurapika’s Convictions: gamerant.com

The lawful neutral’s disposition towards evil actions sometimes is the major difference compared to a lawful good character. Kurapika, whose motivations for living are fueled by revenge, is a character who can resort to evil actions based on others’ standards. His transformation from a shy, morally conservative boy into a ruthless murdering machine is particularly shocking during the Yorknew City storyline.

On top of this, lawful neutral characters do not really care about what others think, and even when his friends are there with him, Kurapika’s memories of his clan’s slaughter still spark his vengeful disposition. He acts based on his own code, and his power later in the show displays this, learning an ability wherein its effectiveness is based on his resolve and inner principles.

True Neutral – Leorio Paradinight

He’s such a Leo-rio: cbr.com

Who knows what Leorio is in Hunter X Hunter anyway? No one knows how old he is, no one knows if he has any powers, and he disappears throughout the many arcs of its epic story. A self-absorbed narcissist with a burning desire to become a doctor, he is introduced early on in the story as someone who is focused on nothing but his own success. When he’s around, he serves primarily as comic relief or the group’s stereotypical “big brother.”

A true neutral good character is so wrapped up in themselves that they fail to notice the world around them. Gon, Kurapika, and Killua travel across the continent as Leorio is depicted in the background studying. These people also tend to not give a hoot about upholding the rules of society or working to improve them. This is Leorio’s calling card, as he is the most human of characters in Hunter X Hunter: growing up, studying, and working for personal gains and goals.

Chaotic Neutral – Illumi Zoldyck

Illumi loves you: twitter.com

Fascinatingly, the Zoldyck family is portrayed as villainous right from the start. In particular, Illumi was presented as a potentially terrifying enemy for Gon and the party during the Hunter Exam narrative. And by mentally torturing and resurrecting Killua’s childhood pain, he served as the mechanism to keep Killua firmly planted on the ground.

However, as the plot develops, it becomes clear that the whole Zoldyck family is dysfunctional and has its own customs and traditions. They genuinely care for their members and, later on, are shown to function primarily as sellswords who perform jobs for their benefit – money. Chaotic Neutral characters are free spirits and don’t disrupt the flow of society and its rules. They don’t follow traditions, avoid restrictions, and teeter between good and evil at times to further their goals. Illumi simply does his job and, in his own twisted ways, cares for Killua and wants him to stay in his lane as a member of the infamous Zoldyck clan.

Lawful Evil – Hisoka Morow

So, about Hisoka…: myanimelist.net

Characters that are lawful evil have strong moral convictions and will not budge from them, even if it means resorting to violence. Hisoka is a character that has repeatedly been seen using power throughout all the arcs of Hunter X Hunter to do whatever he is trying to do, mostly stalking Gon. Hisoka seems to have developed an unhealthy infatuation with Gon – he is objectively an evil character who doesn’t care about the innocent or whoever is in his way – but sometimes, he even fights alongside or helps him.

This is a characteristic of a lawful evil character that Hisoka seems to subscribe to: he may not consider himself inadequate, feeling no remorse over his actions, as long as he’s able to have fun and observe Gon. For the same reason, Hisoka is one of the series’ most divisive figures. Hisoka is not your typical villain, and because of this, his character and his motives are rich and complex.

Neutral Evil – Chrollo Lucilfer

Chrollo is much like Lucifer: hunterxhunter.fandom.com

Chrollo is unlike Hisoka in that he would do everything to achieve desires such as power through extreme greed, violating the rules when they get in his way. Throughout the Yorknew City arc, Chrollo and the Phantom Troupe are shown to menacingly pillage and commit acts of murder around the city, with a side of some philanthropic work. There’s an interesting mechanic within the Phantom Troupe wherein they are seemingly a family but have trials where its members can be replaced when challenged and killed by others.

Leading the Phantom Troupe and imposing such rules as its leader, Chrollo is also the type of character who is quick to leave allies when they are no longer helpful – or dead. This is a well-established characteristic of neutral evil characters; pursuing one’s aims takes precedence over the well-being of others, even if they are considered family. As a further essential attribute of the archetype, the Phantom Troupe does not engage in such terrible deeds when doing so would not go against or undermine its norms or regulations. Along with their cute character designs and dispositions, this is another reason why the Phantom Troupe is so well-liked among Hunter X Hunter aficionados.

Chaotic Evil – Meurem

Meurem is definitely on #TeamChaos: cbr.com

Meurem is by far the most frightening antagonist since he personifies evil itself. He has no empathy for his mother and the hardships she had gone through from when he was presented in the programme when she lovingly planned for him to be the ideal child. Later, he kills one of the chimaera ants that was planning to rescue the queen. Meurem is a terrifying leader who earns his followers’ devotion by abusing their fear of him and his immense strength.

Evil, chaotic personalities don’t give a second thought about anybody or anything except themselves; they care solely about getting their own way. Occasionally, they do harm only because they want to. They act independently and with unpredictable consistency in pursuit of their aims to disturb the proper flow of the world. Meurem ticks all the boxes of this archetype’s description, whether physically assaulting his royal guard and closest supporters, committing genocide against innocent humanity, or utilising and abusing the handicapped for his own benefit.