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At its core, Spy x Family is a heartwarming show about family and daily life – with a splash of excitement! While few of us might be spies, assassins, or telepaths; most of us have families.

Though the Forger family starts as a make-believe family to carry out a mission, the series chronicles their kooky adventures as they grow into a real one.

Perhaps this is why the show is sprinkled with life lessons and practical life advice. Here are ten lessons from the show!

1. Appreciate the little moments

Though Spy x Family is about warring states and secret missions; the show takes its time to dwell on the little moments that the main characters share, like sharing hot chocolate.

And for good reason. Though big moments are great, it’s the daily comforts of life that make life sweet and ultimately worth living.

This is a lesson that’s not just from Spy x Family, but baked into every slice of life anime. So savor every little moment as much as Anya savors her hot cocoa!

2. Accept each other’s quirks

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To say the Forger family is quirky is an understatement. But then again, everyone’s a little weird.

Through her telepathic powers, Anya knew about her foster parents’ double lives upon meeting them. However, she immediately accepted them for who they are.

People’s unique traits can be wonderful too, like how Yor’s assassin skills routinely protect Anya – and how Loid’s espionage skills can help the entire family from the shadows.

Image Credit: Spy x Family

Anya may get shocked by the intensity of her parents’ jobs and thoughts, but she still loves them completely! This helps the three of them have a smooth relationship despite all the hurdles they go through.

3. Always Expect the Unexpected

Remember when the Forgers were put to the test by a certain elegant faculty member? For a child to enter the prestigious Eden Academy, the entire family must be deemed worthy of the honor.

Needless to say, they delivered. When they were splashed with mud, they came prepared with an instant costume change! When a stampede of animals rushed into the school, Loid and Yor used their combat skills to whisk them to safety and even stop the emergency!

One way to go through life elegantly is to prepare for the unexpected.

4. Keep Work and Family Life Separate

The members of the Forger family are bonafide experts at keeping work and life separate! You never see the stress of their occupations bleeding into their family relations.

Though Loid’s profession is extremely stressful and tiring, he does an amazing job of never taking it out on his family members.

5. Appreciate Each Other’s Improvement

From Yor trying to be a better cook and Loid trying to be a more understanding father, the members of the Forger family are always trying to improve.

And they don’t hesitate to let each other know!

This is a good practice, not just for family, but for coworkers as well. Appreciation helps drive further improvement. (Technically the Forgers are coworkers in Operation Strix, so it’s fitting)

6. Take time to relax

Early on in Season 1, Anya was under a lot of pressure to study hard in order to become an Imperial Scholar, and the entire family was burned out by adjusting to their new life. At this, Loid decided to take the family out on a nice trip which was a great call!

After the trip, the Forgers were ready to take on life again. Despite hustle culture, we should remember to take breaks when needed.

7. Cooperate and Communicate

Remember Yor’s adorable training session with Anya? Yor teaches her daughter not just how to get better in dodgeball, but how to have better physicality overall!

The Forgers always go the extra mile for each other, and it shows. They also communicate very well, which

Anya’s “people skills” are unfair due to her telepathy, but it goes to show that putting yourself in other people’s shoes can help bolster communication.

8. Know that family is not forever

This is a sad one, but it is likely that the Forger family will not be together forever.

It is a reminder to treasure every moment with your family because your time with loved ones is limited.

Additionally, it is a somber reminder to be patient with your loved ones, especially your parents. As Loid and Yor’s chaotic “first time parent” experiences show, there is truly no manual for parenthood. Parents are learning too.

9. Give each other space to Grow

Image Credit: Spy x Family

Family should allow each other to grow as individuals and respect each other’s space. Despite being husband and wife, Loid and Yor do not pry into the other’s business unless asked.

Even Loid and Yor give Anya space when she needs to study, and they try not to micromanage her. Each member of the family has their own space and secrets to keep, and that’s okay! Better to wait until a family member is ready, rather than pressure them to confess.

10. Make Each Moment Special

Image Credit: Spy x Family

The Forger family is not in the most ideal situation. But through sheer enthusiasm, they can make it work! And each day in their life is filled with care, laughter, and fun!

The biggest example is when Loid rents a castle to make Anya’s wish come true, but is also seen in smaller moments such as them having a simple dinner together.

Every day can be magical and fun with a bit of effort and intention.


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