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If you are still deciding on an anime to see next or add to your watch list, consider checking out My Hero Academia. Boku No Hero Academia, more commonly known as My Hero Academia, is an anime series adaptation of the famous manga of the same title. This anime series is set in a modern world where superpowers, or “quirks,” as they are known, have become the norm. However, this does not mean that everyone has a quirk. Although having a quirk has grown more common, a few individuals are born without these oddities. Surprisingly, the novel’s primary protagonist is unremarkable yet aspires to be a great hero capable of taking on supervillains front on, much like the pro heroes he adored as a child.

Because My Hero Academia season 6 is now released, and season 7 is rumoured to be in production, you won’t have to worry about finding another anime series to watch for a few days or weeks. If you need more than a brief synopsis of what this anime is about to persuade you to start binge-watching it, here are 10 reasons you should begin watching My Hero Academia immediately.

1. It contains all the elements that make a Shounen classic

It’s a great shonen anime.

Over time, we’ve encountered many excellent shounen series that have left a mark on us. Popular ones such as Naruto, Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, and the like are all well-loved anime by many; despite each being vastly different from the other, they all share the similarity of being classified as shounen classics. 

Shounen anime is usually filled with action sequences and familiar tropes such as strong friendships, tragic flashbacks, and training arcs. My Hero Academia falls under the same category but remains uniquely different from the cliche with its own twists. It takes inspiration from common tropes without making them overly repetitive for the audience. If the anime mentioned above are some of the shows you enjoy watching, My Hero Academia might be up your alley.

2. The anime adaptation stays true to the manga series

Anime Adaptation

Many readers constantly worry about the original story being altered in any adaptation. Despite this, My Hero Academia has always remained true to the manga’s series of events. A great thing about the anime adaptation is that it expounds on some aspects of the manga, allowing the audience to better grasp what’s happening. 

Although there are times when the anime condenses some story points, manga readers can attest to these changes enhancing the experience. Experience My Hero Academia through the anime adaptation feels much more exhilarating because you can see the events unfold in live-action and appreciate the plot more.

3. It has an inspiring and relatable story

All Might

While superpowers are merely a pipedream, seeing the manifestation of real-life occurrences in an anime helps us relate better to the series’ characters and plot. My Hero Academia takes you through the journey of the weak and powerless protagonist, Izuku Midoriya or “Deku”, who aspires to be a hero that can save others from villains. Despite being ‘quirkless’, this never hindered Deku as he constantly studied the heroes and their quirks. 

Aside from Deku’s tearjerking origin story, the anime showcases how life is unequal and unfair. Similar to Deku’s situation, some people are born with quirks; those without are treated and seen differently by society. Also, the anime shows how even heroes don’t have it easy. While we may think those with great power are living life in the best way possible, My Hero Academia makes it a point that they have their own struggles too. 

Even the pro heroes have weaknesses and face adversities like everyone else. These are some of the many occurrences in the anime that mirror real-life events that allow us to connect with the anime and its characters beyond pure admiration for it, even inspiring us in different ways. The series also tackles themes of friendship, determination, and the pursuit of one’s dreams, making it an uplifting and inspiring watch.

4. It’s both funny and heartwarming


In addition to its inspiring and relatable plotline, My Hero Academia is well-balanced with its touching and comedic scenes. Some scenes pull on your heartstrings, requiring you to stock up on tissues. From Deku’s origin story to the other characters’ story arc, you’re in for quite the tear-jerking ride. 

On the flip side, the anime also sports some wacky and comedic scenes that balance its melodramatic nature. Overall, My Hero Academia shouldn’t be too overwhelming or emotional for you, but it may be quite the rollercoaster ride you need right now.

5. The characters have unique superpowers.

Shoto Todoroki

The quirks in My Hero Academia are unique compared to the power systems we usually see in other animes. They’re not your typical super strength, invisibility, and the like – it’s much more different and cooler than that. In My Hero Academia, the characters’ quirks are incorporated into their physical appearances and aren’t limited to the general list of powers we’re familiar with. 

For example, Shoto Todoroki’s quirk is half-cold, half-hot, which allows him to create ice with one side of his body and flames with the other. Pretty cool. It doesn’t stop there, though, because his quirk also influences his physical appearance, wherein the right side of his hair is white, and the left is red. Meanwhile, his eyes are turquoise and brownish-dark grey, respectively. 

Another fascinating example is Tenya Ida, whose quirk is ‘engine’; because of Ida’s quirk, we can see car-like engines in his legs that allow him to move quickly. These are just two of the many diverse and unique quirks in My Hero Academia, which makes you wonder what other quirks are there? The uniqueness and versatility of quirks make the anime much more appealing and exciting.

6. Its cast is unique and diverse


Each of the My Hero Academia characters is uniquely different on their own. Given that shonen animes typically follow certain tropes, this anime breaks free from the norm by diversifying the characters, allowing each character to stand out on their own. If anything, My Hero Academia promotes inclusivity by including a wide range of character sets, from transgender characters to those without remarkable abilities. Because of this, fans grew to appreciate the anime more for the various representations it included. 

In addition, each character has its own story arc that allows fans to better understand and grasp each character’s personality. The story arcs show how the character came to be and their reasons for their goals, which showcases how they each have their own purpose in doing what they do. Whether you’re a main or side character, each character has a stage to display their skills and let the audience know them more through each episode. 

Katsuki Bakugou and Ochako Uraraka are two main characters that show how diversified the set is. Bakugou has consistently been recognised and praised for his strong quirk. However, his personality is similar to that of a ticking time bomb. Uraraka, on the other hand, who is known for her kawaii looks and zero gravity quirk, is bubbly and innocent. They’re polar opposites, but both are just as strong as the rest of the cast of My Hero Academia.

7. The animation and soundtrack are amazing


While the manga is known to have outstanding artwork, the anime adaptation really stood out with its amazing animation. From the very detailed aspects of the fight scenes to the cinematic scenery, they put in so much effort to make the overall experience of watching the anime worth it. Even the soundtrack complements the animation, pairing up the track’s vibe with the emotion displayed by the scene. The songs played are timely and in tune with the current event, giving the audience a tremendously well-rounded cinematic experience as they watch.

8. It’s full of jaw-dropping fight scenes

Amidst the comedy and sorrow, the usual doses of fierce fighting are seen throughout the series. In addition to the strong storytelling, My Hero Academia also boasts excellent animation and action scenes. Combat sequences in the show are lively and aesthetically striking, and the show has many more memorable moments that will stay with viewers.

The characters’ wide range of unique quirks is displayed in creative and spirited ways during battles. The abilities of each character are distinct and are portrayed in a manner that seems authentic to the individual’s personality and skills. The programme also depicts how the characters put this to use in combat and how they may combine their talents to unleash devastating assaults.

The battle sequences are well orchestrated, with a compelling blend of action and strategic planning. The animation is fluid and polished, creating a stunning visual experience.

9. MHA is full of (relevant) plot twists that will blow your mind

There isn’t much anime that can keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch each new twist in the storyline, like My Hero Academia does. It’s a big part of what keeps you watching through all the fluff and repeats. The programme always manages to make you care about the characters, no matter how little time they actually spend on screen so that when something unexpected happens, it really hits home.

One surprising reveal was hidden in plain sight the whole time, and now that you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Another plot twist is a driving force in the character development of our heroes. Meanwhile, the identities revealed by some of its antagonists give you trust issues and make you question who is on which side. That’s the thing with these turns – most aren’t just to elicit some kind of emotion. There is a purpose behind each of these, regardless of the reason. My Hero Academia’s writing and narrative are top-notch because of the show’s uncanny ability to sneak in surprising moments that the audience is entirely unprepared for.

10. It knows when to take it easy with its relaxed fillers

Filler episodes have a bad reputation for including unimportant subplots that drag out the story. My Hero Academia is one of the last of its kind in that regard, with many episodes that are optional to fully understand the story. But amidst the high-octane action sequences that give you no room to breathe, these slow-paced healing episodes are a welcome change of pace that gives you time to relax and appreciate the show’s various characters.

The show’s self-awareness and willingness to poke fun at itself are vital ingredients in making this concept succeed. As much as we have emotional tearjerking moments and unbelievable plot twists sprinkled throughout, it knows what it is to its core – a superhero movie targeted towards young teens. It’s nice to watch our favourite characters go out for dinner and enjoy one other’s company to take a break from the stresses of deadly battle every once in a while, you know?

Through the years, My Hero Academia has amassed quite a fanbase and we can understand why there’s so much hype for it. Ultimately, it’s a great anime that is worth watching or adding to your anime watch list. It was quite a struggle to encapsulate our fondness for the anime in just seven reasons, but hopefully, this helps you get a better feel as to whether you’d like to give this anime a shot or not.