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Face masks have seen an impact on global fashion trends as a result of Covid 19. Anime masks are now becoming an essential accessory for showcasing style while remaining virus-free over time in Japan.

Even before Covid 19, the average Japanese person used 43 masks a year, considerably more than the rest of the world. Even if you have a slight cold, wearing a mask is a sign of discipline and civic duty in Japan. As a result, many Japanese fashion brands have already incorporated masks as a social accessory.

Many of our favourite anime characters wear masks. This post will go over the top 25 anime masks, which will showcase your style while staying virus-free. 

Keep in mind, only masks with international shipping are included in this list.

This mask is available at Redbubble.com, making it one of the top Anime Masks to buy.

If you’re a fan of Tokyo Ghoul, you’ll admire this mask a lot. It features the iconic design of Kaneki’s mask from the series. 

If you like cute things or want to show off your cute anime aesthetic, then Emoticon Mask is ideal and available on joom.com. The mask is available in 15 different designs and sizes, with prices ranging from $2 to $6 depending on size and design.  

If you like anime, you’ve likely heard of Demon Slayer. It is one of the best anime films that was released in 2019, and most recently, Mugen Train broke box office records and became the highest-grossing anime film in the world.

Nezuko is a main character in the show – this mask is inspired by the dress she wears. The standard mask costs $11 with an additional $2 for delivery.

Naruto is widely regarded as one of the best shonen anime of all time. Almost every anime fan has seen or heard of Naruto. This mask depicts the various stages of Naruto’s development throughout the series, from a child to the Hokage. The price of this unisex mask is $3.

This mask features All Might’s Iconic smile and will help you showcase your expressions and your love for all might. The mask is available in Kids size, and adults, which is available with a two-layer and three-layer option. The cost for the two layers is $10.83 and $20 for the three-layered option.

If you like the Akatsuki vibe in Naruto, this is the perfect anime mask for you. This high-quality mask is available in two variations: two layers and three layers. Depending on the form, the price ranges from $10 to $20. The premium flat mask features the chic red Akatsuki logo, which any anime fan can appreciate.

This mask is one-of-a-kind. It stars Zero Two, one of the most well-known female leads in the anime – Darling in the Franxx. A lot of anime fans are obsessed with her beauty and attitude.

The design includes Zero Two seated in a car with a boy. Overall, this is one of the finest and most exclusive masks on the list. The two-layer mask is $10.

This dustproof and cotton mask bears the emblem of the mighty Konoha village. You would be able to express your allegiance to Konoha as an anime lover while remaining virus-free. The mask would set you back $3 plus delivery. Therefore, this is one of the better Naruto masks available to show your style and one of the best anime masks on the market.

Himiko is the antagonist of My Hero Academia. Her signature grin is written on this mask, which can be yours for $5.05 and will keep you protected from the virus while still displaying your passion for Toga.

Sailor Moon is one of the best classic anime series ever produced. This mask features Luna, the cat from Sailor Moon. This is a Unisex mask that is designed to suit all –  ideal for Sailor Moon fans and costs $15.

This plain mask features the Japanese word “Baka” and has a simple appearance that will appeal to those who like simplistic looks. This handmade mask costs $10.25, making it much more exclusive.

Howl’s Moving Castle is one of the finest Studio Ghibli films of all time. This mask also has a fantastic style that depicts the two main characters in a nightscape. The mask costs $15 and comes in two different styles.

This is one of the finest mask styles we’ve seen. It’s a mash-up of My Hero Academia characters and a Queens cover of the popular song Bohemian Rhapsody. The mask is $15 and comes in two different sizes.

Koro Sensei is one of the strongest characters in Assassination Classroom which brings us to our next mask, which features a classic grin that sets it apart from other monotone masks at a cost of $10.

Some may think this mask is a little vulgar, but any anime fan can appreciate the style. This Ahegao face mask is just $9.90, and if you order four, you can get a 20% discount.

Gundam is widely regarded as one of the best mecha anime ever made, and features RX-78, an iconic Gundam. As you would expect, the style of this Face Mask is based on the classic RX-78 helm and costs $10 each, with a 20% discount if you buy four masks at once.

This mask features the Survey Corps logo from Attack on Titan. AOT is one of the most popular anime series among fans worldwide which produces this high-quality cotton mask for a cost of $15.

If you want to have a cheerful smile on your face and are a fan of Luffy from One Piece, you will enjoy this mask. Luffy’s grin is vibrant and joyful, so if you’re an anime fan who enjoys Luffy and making people happy, this mask is perfect and costs $10.10, including a 20% discount if you order four.

Dio is widely regarded as one of the greatest villains in an anime series. This mask features his signature line, including an image of him.  This mask is just $10, although you won’t be able to pause time like Dio, it will draw in other Jojo fans.

If you like volleyball, particularly in anime then this mask is for you. This mask depicts Hinata, the lead character from the famous Volleyball anime series Haikyuu.

It features a simplified design of the character as well as the colors of the Karasuno Volleyball Team. You’ll have to spend $9.16 to get your hands on this anime phenomenon.

The mask depicts One Punch Man, one of anime’s most powerful main characters who can kill almost anything with a single punch. One interesting twist in the picture is that Saitama is dressed up as Batman, which we thought was really cool and amusing. The mask is made of high-quality fabrics and costs $15.

Deku, the lead character from My Hero Academia, often sports a mask. Our last addition to the list features an identical mask to Deku’s at a cost of $10- ideal for any fan of My Hero Academia.

In our view, these are the 25 best anime masks you can purchase online.


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