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If you’re wondering how to fill that gap on your wall, look no further! From classic, retro style prints to minimalist, impactful posters that wow, this blog contains exactly what you need; a list of the range of anime prints just waiting to be hung up. 

We’ll go through a range of anime so that no matter your taste, you’re covered, and the best part is you don’t have to leave this site afterwards; we have all of these prints and more right here in the Japan Nakama store. 

Check out the trending anime prints from all your favourite animes, including Demon Slayer, My Neighbour Totoro, Dragon Ball and more, all right here.

1. My Neighbour Totoro Poster

Let’s start off strong with a classic; My Neighbour Totoro! This is one of two canvas prints we’ll take a look at, both in this irresistible simplistic design format, and both with more size options than you could possibly need!

You can’t go wrong with a Studio Ghibli poster, and the atmosphere this Totoro print brings to the room is unmatched, with the cool colour tones and stylish art style.

2. Spirited Away Poster

When this Spirited Away print looks this good, we can’t not include it! This is the other canvas style anime print in our list. Contrasting with the regular, darker toned anime prints we’ve seen from the Spirited Away series, this really adds a simplistic punch to the room while maintaining that classic Studio Ghibli art style!  

Bring the world of Spirited Away into your home and welcome Chihiro into whichever space you plan to mount this canvas – you really can’t go wrong with this simplistic anime print so the possibilities are endless! Hayao Miyazaki’s unique art style is guaranteed to bring some magic to the room as these Spirited Away posters do a wonderful job of reflecting his elegant style.

3. Death Note Poster

If you think that it can’t get any better than five anime print options for a single anime, you’ve got it all wrong – this Death Note print collection gives you the choice of eleven different styles! Now you’ll have trouble deciding which to get, or where to hang them all… 

With all sorts of characters making appearances, including Kira, L, Light and Ryuk, it’s almost impossible to turn a blind eye to this legendary anime and these unique Death Note prints.

4. Kiki’s Delivery Service Poster

Kikis Delivery Service Anime Movie Poster

Original price was: £17.99.Current price is: £14.99.

Ok, this is the final Studio Ghibli print; we just can’t get enough of these! Remember when I mentioned retro style? Well, this is it! Printed on 150gsm Kraft paper, you get a real aged appearance while not compromising on the quality of the print. 

Choose from this Kiki print or a landscape one and create that cosy Studio Ghibli vibe you want with this Kiki’s delivery service anime print!

5. Goku Dragon Ball Z Print

You found the ‘retro style’ print I was talking about, but what about the minimalist, impactful one? Well, here it is, and it certainly packs a punch! The limited colour palette and vivid red and blue shades makes this Dragon Ball Z print the perfect addition to any hardcore anime fans home. 

Choose from Goku, Vegeta, or get them both and let them battle it out on your wall, or if you would prefer, there’s the option of both Goku and Vegeta on one print. There’s also a massive array of sizes, so don’t miss out on this iconic Goku print.

6. Dragon Ball Z Posters – Retro Style

Errr… Awkward, but it turns out there is a range of retro style Goku and Dragon Ball Z prints to choose from too. So, if the minimalist style wasn’t right for you, here is the perfect alternative, retro style anime prints from the famous Dragon Ball Z. 

I won’t go through all of the options, there are too many, so click the image and explore for yourself!

7. Demon Slayer Poster

Actually, this isn’t solely about demon slayer prints… If you’re a Demon Slayer fan (and who isn’t?) then this is perfect; the nostalgic printing style, cool colour tones and even a list of people that worked on this legendary series. When I said this isn’t just about Demon Slayer, it’s because this is actually part of a collection. This is one of over twenty five Shonen anime prints available. And you thought we don’t have something for everyone! 

Other options include Jojo’s Bizarre prints, The Seven Deadly Sins posters and Tokyo ghoul prints, but the list doesn’t end there. So this time, you really have to click and explore for yourself!

8. Haikyuu Poster

I know what you’re thinking: ‘This is from the same collection as the Demon Slayer poster, isn’t it?’

Ok, you got me, it is. But we just couldn’t finish this blog without including a sports anime print could we? This Haikyuu print is everything a Haikyuu fan could dream of; Hinata and Kageyama aren’t arguing for once! I won’t say much more, I just wanted to show some love to a sports anime (and my favourite anime – shh!). 

I should also mention there’s a great blog on our site you can read after this that rates the top 10 sports animes! You can read that here Ok, moving on…

9. Naruto Poster

We couldn’t end this blog without mentioning Naruto I guess… After all, it is one of the most popular anime of all time, and that’s why this poster range could just be the most popular anime prints range of all time! 

Outdoing ourselves as usual, there are over twenty Naruto character prints to choose from.

If you’re looking for just one or two characters, such as Kakashi or Sakura, don’t worry: click here for individual member Naruto manga style prints!

10. The Eyes of Anime Poster

Let’s end with something a little more broad. How about choosing from our range of nineteen different anime eyes prints? It’s a well known fact that anime eyes are some of the coolest out there, so why not just crop them, add other awesome eyes around them and then make it a poster? 

These anime prints showcase the best shots of characters’ eyes from Dragon Ball, One Piece and Naruto and you’ll find it’s hard to look away!

Well, that wraps up this blog, but your journey has only just begun. After all, you don’t have your poster yet! Which was your favourite anime print? Maybe you found something else from our wide range of anime posters instead? 


Either way, while waiting for your anime print to arrive, check out this tutorial video of how to draw your own anime eyes!

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