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Japanese homeware is globally recognised as some of the best; from world-class knives used by Michelin star chefs to aesthetically pleasing bowls and beautifully crafted flower pots, the list is endless. To narrow down your search for the cutest Japanese homeware, here is a range of kawaii products you will love. But the good news is you don’t have to go and search for your favourite products… They’re right here on the Japan Nakama website!

One of the most popular shopping trends right now (and undeniably one of the cutest), don’t miss out on the kawaii homeware and kitchenware you love in this blog. We’ll go through some of the top items you didn’t realise you needed, and all of these are available right here on our online store. 

1. Bao Bao Bun Light

Bao Bao Night Lights

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This must-have night light is bao-bun inspired, bringing that doughy comfort to your bedroom! Your bao is joined by a friend too, so pick from a choice between a ‘cutesy bear’ or ‘cutesy pig’ that will sit on its head. Turn your bao on with just a tap, and enjoy that calming blue glow – but that’s not all! Tap again and again, because there is actually a wide range of colours you can choose from, all in one adorable bun.

You may find yourself changing colours too often though, since the light is actually squishy, just like a real bao – you won’t be able to get enough. Never have trouble falling asleep again or simply enjoy the comfort of its soft glow in a room of your choice, either way this cute little bun is a must-have!

2. Meowy Cute Cat Ramen Bowl

Hey, now you have a companion that won’t judge you for eating ramen 3 times a day, 7 days a week! This irresistible ramen bowl does come with a warning though… You’ll only want to eat ramen.

If you feel like your meal needs a side dish, or you just want a snack, simply flip the cat head and you’ve got yourself a second bowl! Choose from a wide variety of designs, from a blue bowl with adorable eyes to a smug pink companion. This item might just be the catalyst for a ramen party with friends!

About to get that tattered coaster out again for your hot drink? Have you even seen this? Putting a mug down has never been so kawaii – I mean, how many people do you know that place their drink on a biscuit?

Enough about the coaster, check out the mug itself. Get away from the plain ceramic mug and sip out of this cute biscuit-themed one instead. Trust me, you’ll finish one drink and be pouring the next. Not only is it the perfect example of kawaii Japanese homeware, it’s also surprisingly practical; the mug and coaster set means you always have a matching set and the handle is surprisingly comfortable to hold.

4. My Neighbour Totoro Paper Box Lamp

We just couldn’t end this blog without a Ghibli-themed item! This handy lamp deserves to be hung up in plain view where everyone can see it. Yes, it’s just a light, but the artistic detail is so impressive that your friends will be asking where you got it from at first glance… If you’re on the hunt for kawaii products, this might be the thing for you. Stand this light on your bedside table, or prop it up on your desk, because who wouldn’t want Totoro keeping them company?

If this mug size (380ml) seems a little too large for you, don’t worry: This can double as a handy two-cup teapot! Just pour your tea or coffee into this, then make your friends jealous as you pour them their drink. This kawaii design features a little cat head on the lid for easy opening and a cute print on the side. The eagle-eyed may have also spotted the Taiyaki-style fish on the handle – how cute! This must be the epitome of kawaii Japanese homeware.

6. Kawaii Mini Animal Planter

Terracotta cuteness! See, you’re already envisioning where you’re going to put it… This cute whale may be a little shy, but don’t shy away yourself, I doubt there are many cuter flowerpots than this out there – I warned you! The good news is, if you think your plants won’t mix well with the blue, there’s a pink whale too! Hold on – There’s crocodile and elephant designs too? Now you have to check it out… 

7. Plush Toasted Kawaii Pillow

Time for the cushion change you didn’t know you needed! I bet you’ve never seen a cushion look at you as lovingly as these ones do – is it just me or is it getting a little hot…

Not feeling happy? No worries, this kawaii plush pillow comes in four different styles – that’s right, four! Choose from happy, surprised, grumpy, lol, or my favourite option; all of them. If you want, you can even use these adorable slices of toast as pillows, so you’ll never be lonely. And guess what? They’re even machine washable! The perks just keep piling up…

Take a deep breath after that kawaii overload!

Now that you’ve been given a sneak peak at some of the most kawaii Japanese homeware products on the market, go get them – but don’t actually leave, they’re all on the Japan Nakama website! If these weren’t to your taste, we have a massive range of other products to choose from too, so no one misses out!

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