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There may be many things that you’ve always wanted to ask a Japanese person but have been afraid to ask – Maybe it’s offensive? Maybe it’s ignorant? Cheesy? Well, on YouTube, there’s plenty of channels that’ve already asked Japanese natives the questions so you don’t have to.

1. Asian Boss

Leading in a Boss Like way, the Asian Boss channel asks Japanese (And other Asians too) about different aspects of life such as their thoughts on Weed or what’s considered Sexual Harassment. This channel has a real direction on tackling the lack of curiosity in people’s lives!


2. Rhyming Gaijin

One of our personal favourites that we’ve followed for years, Rhyming Gaijin. A little underrated over YouTube, an entertaining African American living in Japan. As his title claims, he’s a rhyming gaijin – A rapper/musician – (Gaijin meaning foreigner). Many times he creates raps with people on the street or in a studio, mixing English with Japanese in a smash of multicultural lingo. Rhyming Gaijin also finds himself interviewing friends and some people in the music industry for our insight into Japan.



3. Ask Japanese

Literally “Everything you wanted to ask JAPANESE PEOPLE” – Ask Japanese have a wide selection of videos talking in-depth with people on the streets of Japan – controversial questions such as LGBT in Japan were asked by Ask Japanese channel or the USA vs JAPAN! WOMEN’S AVERAGE HEIGHT and WEIGHT REACTIONS – definitely worth a click or 8!


4. Life Where I’m from

A very interesting point of view! Life Where I’m from is a life focus channel broadcasting Aiko and Shin, Mixed Canadian-Japanese children. Born in Canada but moved to Japan at 7 and 4 years old and now living a new life in Japan; sharing their experiences. The aim is to convey to other kids around the world a different style of living.


5. Tofugu

“Minna-San Konichiwa, Koichi de Gozaimasu!” or  “Hi Guys, it’s Koichi here!” *Said wearing a Panda Hat* by the host Koichi. We have watched this channel and used Tofugu’s website for many years. Not only does he tackle cultural issues but he also teaches viewers how to improve their Japanese vocab and grammar too! Tofugu channel is definitely the best of infotainment – mixing the entertaining with learning!


6. That Japanese Man Yuta

That Man Yuta! Representing the Japanese view on various aspects of life! He interviews random passerby’s on the streets of Tokyo. Yuta has an interesting approach with his questions, we feel that he has a respectable and likable character and can invoke a different type of answer from his interviewees.


7. Find your Love in Japan

Nobita, a Japanese native started ‘Find Your Love in Japan’ to tackle issues between the Japanese who want to date outside their race and Foreigners who want to date Japanese. He found there were many issues such as insecurities about their own attractiveness, misbeliefs about interracial dating, and more. Nobita emanates a lot of love and encouraging vibes in his videos – together with his English swearwords – make for a very funny and endearing time.