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Virtual reality tech is becoming part of our everyday lives and with a vast array of uses to experiment with, there’s no better time to try VR and the intense and immersive experiences it can offer. There’s no going back now and we’ve come a long way from when the notion of VR was introduced to us back in 1992 in the movie The Lawnmower Man.

One thing is for sure, VR technology takes the gaming experiences to a whole different level.

Japan Nakama is proud to present the launch, this week, of the UK’s first VR Haunted Realms experience. Hosted by Hyper Reality in Shoreditch, the pop-up experience will prove to be creepy, surreal, and downright bone-chilling!


Picture one of your favourite Horror films and now imagine actually being in it! Hyper Reality’s virtual reality technology will throw you in and have you surrounded by some of your worst nightmares. This is not for the faint-hearted. The pair-based haunted exploration and zombie-shooter VR pop-up is a must for any scary movie aficionado.

Will you have the guts to walk through the virtual haunted realms?

Experiences range from finding your lost friend in a Neo-Tokyo realm to exploring the souls left behind from the aftermath of a fire within a decrepit Victorian House to fending off flesh-eating zombies.

Whether you’re familiar with VR technology or completely new to it, be ready to be thrust into unimaginable realities and have the chance to escape the terror!

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Your Haunted Realms ticket (tickets are purchased in pairs only) will be 40mins + orientation on how to use the VR technology.

The pop-up runs from October 19th to November 29th.

Haunted World Experience [5 pm – 11 pm]
The experience is 40 minutes including orientation.

*Pick either the Japanese Adventures or Ashes to Horror Haunted House tickets and choose one of two survival zombie games on the day of your visit*

Walk-in Session [ 1pm – 5pm ]
Arcade-style pay per play. 

10B, Quaker Street, Shoreditch, London,  E1 6SZ

[ Players must be 12+ ]

Experience it before it’s gone, gone, gone~~

Tickets are bound to fly, so get ’em quick!

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