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Founder of Pom Pom Factory, paper florist and artist Karen, is a great example of how a seemingly simple idea can create something extremely beautiful. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese art of XX and with a lifetime of love for crafts and making things, Karen not only produces stunning paper flowers for weddings, parties, and other events but shares her skills through fun and relaxed workshops. Whether you’re looking to try your hand at a new creative outlet, organise an arty hen-do or kids party, or simply want to make something beautiful to spruce up a tired corner of your home, Pom Pom factory is more than worth a look.

Some of the Japan Nakama team popped down to see Karen in action at this year’s Cloud Fashion Workshop at Southbank Centre and were blown away not only by Karen’s calm manner and ease when it comes to teaching her craft. In a bid to learn a little more about Karen and the inspiration behind Pom Pom Factory, we asked a few questions…

“Our work is an example of traditional techniques meeting modern design, without compromising on beauty or sustainability”

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What is the Pom Pom Factory?

Pom Pom Factory focuses on making high-quality paper flowers with  100% bio-degradable and recycled tissue paper and Italian crepe paper. Our work is an example of traditional techniques meeting modern design, without compromising on beauty or sustainability.

 Where did the inspiration come from?

The earliest memory I have of papercraft is when my mum showed me how to make an origami paper ball. Since then I have always been trying to make different things with these simple materials.

Have you always been interested in arts and crafts?

I have always been interested in making things. I studied art at high school in Hong Kong and then moved to London to do a degree at Central St. Martins. As a paper florist, I get a lot of satisfaction from the creative process, from beginning to end, and that applies to anything from cooking a meal to knitting a scarf.

Has Japanese art had a significant impact on you and your work? If so, are there any artists you’d recommend that we check out?

Japanese flower arrangement IKEBANA is a great influence on my work. In contrast to the western habits of casually placing flowers in a vase, ikebana aims to bring out the inner qualities of flowers and other live materials and express emotion. I’d recommend taking a look at the work of florist Azuma Makoto.

What’s your favourite piece that you’ve ever made?

Hanging floral display for Dumpling Heart supper club.

Are you working on anything exciting at the moment?

We are preparing for London Craft Week 2019 which we will create a new display is located in Covent Garden.

Want to see more of Karen’s work through Pom Pom Factory? (yes yes yes). Check out her Instagram @pompomfactory.

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