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Japan, also known as the “Land of the rising sun”, is an island country located in East Asia. There are many reasons to study in Japan, and every year, students from around the world make the trip with academic pursuits on their minds.

There are many high-tech companies in Japan, and with many analysts placing Japan’s unemployment rate below 3%, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find a good job there after college. However, before you buy your flight ticket, there are some essential travel items you need to have ready, and in this article, we go over the top 4 of them.


4 Travel Items for Students Who Study in Japan

Japan is a wonderful place to visit, and while it’s very welcoming, you’ll want to make sure you have these 4 essential travel items to avoid delays or any negative experiences:

  • Travel Documentation
  • Proper Clothing
  • Medication
  • Money


1. Travel Documentation

This likely seems simple enough, but you’ll be surprised by the number of travel documents some countries need before you can be welcomed. Before you plan any travel, you should visit Japan’s international travel website to get all the information on documents you need to carry along.

It’s important to note that citizens from different countries might need different travel documents. For instance, if you come from the United States, you can travel to Japan without a VISA. So, it’s important to research thoroughly and not just rely on another person’s experience.


2. Proper Clothing

Depending on when and where in Japan you visit, you might experience drastically different weather. Japan’s northern mountainous regions are known to have heavy snowfall during winter, while southern Japan can have very hot and humid summers. You will want to research the weather for the region you’ll be visiting so you are well-prepared. If you want answers, visit the Japan Meteorology Agency’s website for current information on the climate of Japan.

Japan is a mecca not just for students but also for tech professionals. The gaming industry there is blooming, and many choose to relocate to Japan to pursue their careers. If you are among these people, you may need game localization companies to help your gaming content adapt to a foreign market. Look through the industry reviews by experts to find a good company that will deliver a perfect translation.


3. Medication

It’s important that you pack all the essential items you need, especially medication. If you have any life-threatening ailment, you should carry your medication along with the medical prescription. Also, if you have any allergies, you should make sure you carry medication for that. This will help protect you from any unforeseen circumstances.

As living in Japan will require you to try out food you aren’t always familiar with, you should note everything you are allergic to and quiz the chef about the ingredients of your food. This way, you can enjoy the wonderful cuisines Japan has to offer without any risk.


4. Money

The Japanese Yen is the only currency that’s accepted for transactions in the country. So, if you are getting any study materials or need money for food, travel or accommodation, you will need to convert your currency into the Japanese Yen. This can be done after you arrive in the country, but it’s advisable to do this beforehand. In Japan, you can exchange foreign currency for the Yen in banks, post offices, and money changers.

Money is often an issue for students, meaning they rarely have enough. Expenses in Japan may be more substantial than you are used to, so prepare in advance. To save some money and still have good grades, you can find some chances to reduce your spending. For example, you can hire cheaper essay-writing services. Top Essay Writing is a reliable yet affordable writing company. This website has many professional writers who will help you turn your ideas into words at affordable prices.


Final Thoughts

Japan is a wonderful place to visit as a student or a tourist. If you are visiting as a student, you’ll want to ensure you have all the required travel items. This article covers 4 of the most essential things you should thoroughly prepare before travelling, but feel free to research more with your personal needs in mind.