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Japan, the land of the rising sun, is a great place to kick off your aspirations of making it in academia. This country is home to numerous scholarship programs that will help you fulfil your dreams of higher education abroad. 

Japan is proven to be the safest place for one to finish their education. It is indubitably ranked among the highest-performing Organization Economic Cooperation and Development Countries in literacy, mathematics and science. One could say that their emphasis on a holistic education that encourages students to gain mastery in various disciplines is what has made them a leader in STEM education.

When picking a country to study, one must surely consider the change in culture and social settings. Once again, Japan proves itself worthy with a culture that thrives on mutual harmony and respect. Japanese cuisine and media are world-famous, attracting millions of tourists every year. If you are an international student, you surely won’t be disappointed as there is a lot to explore in Japan. Let’s not waste any more time and get into the scholarships available in Japan for international students. 


  1. MEXT Scholarship

This program is fully funded and includes travel, airfare, accommodation and tuition fees at all Japanese universities. It is open to undergraduate, PhD and training students. The tenure is about one and a half years for post-graduates.

Some prerequisite to keep in mind before applying for this scholarship is that they require letters of recommendation, either from your university or your embassy. It’s best to begin arranging this well before your deadline. Meanwhile, it’s imperative that you work on a resume that highlights all your academic achievements along with a cover letter.

Keeping deadlines in mind, it’s helpful to use the best custom essay writing service to fast-track your application process. With some expert help, your application should go smoothly and cause you less stress.


  1. Honjo International Scholarship Foundation

Founded by Masanori Honjo in 1996, this scholarship is also fully funded. It is open only to masters and PhD students. At the end of the scholarship tenure, the students are meant to attend an international conference. The stipend is 200,000 YEN per month for 2 years, 180,000 YEN per month for three years and 150,000 YEN per month for a period of 4 to 5 years. 


  1. JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)

Next Innovation with Japan (NINJA) is a startup accelerator that in collaboration with Japan International Cooperation Agency provides scholarships to budding Nigerian entrepreneurs. Many scholarships revolve not only around STEM but also business majors.

This is one step towards enabling certain communities to take their education to the next level while having a safety net. Startup accelerators usually provide incubation and funding to startups that show promise and have a strong and unique selling point. 


  1. SATO YO international scholarship foundation

A stipend of 150000 per month is provided to undergraduates and 180000 per month is provided to master’s students. This scholarship is open to all Asian countries such as India, Bhutan, China, Singapore, Myanmar, Pakistan etc. One can apply either through their school or directly to the foundation. The requirement states that the degree must be for a maximum of 2 years, and the students must attend a bimonthly cultural exchange meeting compulsorily.

This is an opportunity to network and meet other high-potential candidates studying in Japan. The deadline is usually in January or August.


  1. NITORI international scholarship foundation. 

The foundation takes direct applications and is for a duration of one year. The deadline for this is usually in May and the stipend provided varies anywhere from 50000 to 80000 YEN per month, thus making it a partially funded scholarship. 


  1. Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

It is a two-year-long scholarship that funds masters at several key universities not just in Japan but also Europe, the United States of America., Africa and Australia. It supports international students who are pursuing development studies.


Wrapping It Up

Scholarships are essential for students who want to study abroad on their own terms. It is often beneficial to one’s resume to have a scholarship as they are all competitive and hard to get into. Japan is home to the best quality scholarships, especially in STEM. Hopefully, this article has highlighted some quality academic opportunities you will consider for your studies.