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Have you ever wanted to climb Mount Fuji? Mount Fuji aka Fujisan is Japan’s highest peak and one of the most renowned mountains in the world, while we’re currently unable to visit Japan, we’re left daydreaming about future trips.

But what if you could climb Fujisan by taking on the Mount Fuji Virtual Challenge? Introducing The Conqueror Virtual Challenges; a fun educational way to maintain your fitness goals by taking you on a virtual trip to desired destinations.

As the name implies, this is a virtual challenge. You would be virtually travelling to Japan to accomplish the challenge, covering the same amount of ground as if you were actually climbing Mount Fuji! Taking you on a 46-mile (74km) journey around the Fuji Five Lakes and up to the peak of Mount Fuji.

Begin your fitness adventure today with the Mount Fuji Virtual Challenge and win a medal. Whatever your fitness goals are, this challenge will help you stay inspired to be more active and feel great!

Mount Fuji and her surrounding landscape
Photo by Alessandro Pacilio on Unsplash

Learn on your Adventure

As you progress through your adventure, you’ll discover additional destinations along the way. 

Every new destination provides an opportunity to immerse yourself in the virtual experience while learning about the local landmarks, history, and culture of Mount Fuji.

How It Works

The Conqueror Virtual Challenge is a paid programme, much like registering for a local community race. You’ll need to pay a programme price to gain access to the system to enter your distance into the challenge database.

Each time you do a distance-based exercise such as running, walking, cycling, swimming, etc., your virtual map of Mount Fuji advances. Try it alone, or join The Conqueror private community to form a group and encourage one another to stay motivated!

Track your Progress

You’ll advance along the virtual route and see your progress updating in real-time every time you walk, run or hike. You can track all your miles (km’s) directly into The Conqueror Virtual Challenges mobile iOS and Android apps.

Enter exercise activity into the app either by manually entering distance or by syncing your activities from your favourite fitness tracker or smartwatch.

Cross the finish line

And receive a gorgeous Mount Fuji finisher’s medal.

What you’ll get

Unlock Virtual Postcards

You’ll receive custom virtual postcards when you reach certain milestones along the way, up to 6 postcards. Each postcard contains fun facts about Mount Fuji. 

Plant Real Trees as You Advance

For every 20% of the challenge, The Conqueror Virtual Challenges will donate towards the planting of a tree. There’s no extra work or cost for you — just make sure you keep exercising!

By the end of the challenge, you’ll have planted 5 trees. Imagine what can be achieved as a community so make sure to get your friends and family involved. So far The Conqueror Virtual Challenges has planted more than 450,000 trees since August 2020.

Earn A Mount Fuji medal

When you sign up for the virtual challenge, you will be given two package options:

  • Entry + Medal package: Receive a medal upon completion of the challenge.
  • Entry + Medal + Apparel package: Receive the apparel first, the medal will be sent to you after you finish the challenge.

Stay the course

Make sure to add your distance data. 

Whatever method you choose to capture your data, you must understand that you will be responsible for ensuring that the data is either automatically recorded or manually entered.

Based on the honour system

You may enter your own distance manually or link the system to a fitness app.

Sign Up For The Challenge Today!

So, what are you waiting out for? Get active, discover more about Mount Fuji, and put your skills to the test with the virtual challenge while you wait for the real deal!

The dedicated support staff at The Conqueror Virtual Challenges will make sure you have the best experience possible in reaching the top.

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Get the Conqueror Challenges app for iOS and Android on your mobile device

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