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Next level sound system music is flowing through Vomitspit, the Japanese record label run by the dubstep demons, Dayzero and Karnage. Individually, the duo’s tectonic tunes have been released worldwide on forefront bass music labels like Encrypted Audio, ZamZam, Infernal Sounds, and Deep, Dark, and Dangerous.

Their globally recognised expertise in dancefloor destruction coalesces here on Vomitspit. Home to heavy-hitters by Repulsion, 100mado, MarkIV, Stizzla, and Eater, Vomitspit has grown into a fruitful garden ripe with avant-garde bass music.

Dayzero and Karnage

Vomitspit started slowly in 2016, releasing just one collaborative EP by Dayzero and Karnage. Then in 2017, the duo released another EP titled ‘Dayzero & Karnage EX Vol. 1’. 2018 doubled the previous year’s output with two more releases, introducing Karnage’s common collaborator, MarkIV, to the roster.

But finally, in 2019 the label found its feet and unloaded seven more releases (including the 12-track LP, ‘Schlachthaus‘ by Stizzla & Eater). This new surge of life signed eight new musicians from around the world.

In July 2020, Vomitspit accomplished its biggest venture yet – the label’s debut vinyl release. Right now, just ten-days after its release on 19th July, Karnage and Rider Shafique’s ‘Facing Inner Struggle’ EP is only eight records away from completely selling out.

It’s an exciting time to be watching Vomitspit, as it sprints towards twenty-releases of both club-focused and experimental bassweight. At this point in the year, more music has been released than in any other of its lifespan.

Dayzero and Karnage at Back to Chill

Pinning 16 releases to date, Vomitspit’s blossoming discography is quickly creating memorable moments. Co-owner of the label, Dayzero, remixed the spooky ‘Lavender Town’ theme from Pokémon Red/Blue (Gameboy, 1996) in his bassline-scribbler, ‘King of Ghost’.

100mado also produced a full-throttle EP titled ‘Front Mission’, which chugs like a motorbike exhaust across techno-infused 140. The ‘Schlachthaus’ LP by Stizzla & Eater is pure industrial immersion, blending noise-like soundscapes with unchained experimental dubstep.

The minds behind Vomitspit and other artists featured on the label like 100mado are also part of Back To Chill, which is a Tokyo-based event, label and organisation created by the pioneering musician, Goth-Trad.

Goth-Trad is known for his intense, genre-blurring electronic music. The Japanese artist’s work exploded in the early days of London-based dubstep label, Deep Medi. Over the last few years, he has collaborated with noise artist, Masayuki Imanishi, and vocalist, Diesuck, to form the band Eartaker, tying Goth-Trad to a long history of noise music in Japan.

With so much innovation being re-circuited within Japan’s bustling music scene, Vomitspit is a live wire for soundsystem music not just in Tokyo, but around the world.


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