Japanese Candy Box Assortment: 40 Dagashi Snacks, Sweets, Gum, Gummies, Ramune

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Brand: Japan2oz

  • Traditional Japanese Candy (Dagashi).

  • 40 Pieces of Yummy Japanese Goodies including Candy, Ramune, Chocolate, Gum, Gummies, Jelly, Chips.

  • Includes English Information and Instruction Pamphlet.


Japanese Candy Box Contents:

Nericho Soft Serve Mini DIY Kit
Kids Beer Candy DIY Powdered Drink
Nestle Mini Matcha KitKat *swapped for a non-melting chocolate item during summer months (June-Sep)
Chocolate Shimi Corn Stick
Chocolate Taro Bar
‘Uranai’ Fortune Chocolate
Gudetama mini chocolate
Transport, Animal or Number Chocolate
Hello Kitty Chocolate Marshmallow
Strawberry Daifuku
Abekko Ramune
Orion Mini Ramune Candy Drink Range
‘Ame chan’ candy x 3 – Japanese character or other popular themed candies/lollies
Hi-Chew Soft Candy
Fujiya Pop Lolli-pop Candy
Sherbet Pop & Dip
Beh (tongue) Gum
Long Gum
‘Fusen’ (bubble) Gum Box
Soda Gummy
Baby Bear Gummies
Maken Mini Gummy
Natadekoko Jelly
Pop Rock Panic
Uncle Piero’s Roll Cake
Mini Bottle Sherbet

  • All items should have at least 2-3 months before their best before dates.