Sencha Loose Green Leaf Tea 125g

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Brand: The Tea Makers of London

  • Pleasant, slightly brisk taste, typical for the first harvest.
  • The infusion has a delicate pale yellowish green colour.
  • Can be drunk hot or chilled.
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Sencha tea has an excellent flavour brought about by being handpicked and the perfect astringent aroma which is produced and enhanced by the mountain ravine geography. Each leaf is specially selected and carefully picked. Tea leaves which are handpicked have a remarkably enhanced flavour that is far superior to leaves which are harvested by machine.

Sencha contains more of the beneficial nutrient catechin than other green teas, because it is grown in full sunlight, thus it becomes yellowish green in colour. Sencha tastes gently astringent and smells wonderfully fresh. Rich in vitamin C, this tea is low in theophylline (a stimulant) and is excellent alone or with meals. This is the most popular tea in Japan, and represents about 80 percent of the tea produced in Japan.

The flavour depends upon the season and place where it is produced, but it is considered that the most delicious sencha is that from the first flush of the year. . Sencha green tea is made without grinding the tea leaves. It is first slightly steamed to prevent oxidization of the leaves. Then, the leaves are rolled, shaped, and dried. This step creates the customary thin cylindrical shape of the tea.

The leaf gets a very fine and fragile structure. Finally, after drying, the leaves are fried to aid in their preservation and to add flavour. Sencha in Japan is drunk hot in the cooler months and usually chilled in the summer months. Ingredients Japanese Green Tea Box Contains Each order comes with 1 caddy of 125g Tea

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