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In the ever-expanding global landscape of education, studying English literature abroad has become an enticing prospect for Japanese students in search of a diverse and enriching academic experience. The allure of exploring the literary world in a foreign land, coupled with the opportunity to delve into the depths of English language and culture, is undoubtedly enticing. Furthermore, the prospect of attaining scholarships to fund this dream can turn it into a reality for many.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various universities and institutions across the globe that offer scholarships for Japanese students aspiring to pursue English literature in 2023. These scholarships not only ease the financial burden but also provide a gateway to an immersive educational journey. Finally let’s embark on this literary adventure and discover the opportunities awaiting you.

University of Reading: Unlocking the World of Literature

Your Path to Scholarships

The University of Reading, nestled in the heart of the United Kingdom, is a sanctuary for English literature enthusiasts. Japanese students can find a range of scholarship options to support their academic endeavors. These include:

  • Chevening Scholarships: Funded by the UK government, Chevening Scholarships offer financial support to outstanding individuals.
  • GREAT Scholarships: A collaboration between the British Council and the University of Reading, these scholarships aim to foster academic excellence.
  • Felix Scholarships: Designed for underprivileged students, these scholarships provide comprehensive support.
  • Research Scholarships: International students can access these scholarships, enhancing their research capabilities.
  • Preparatory Program Scholarships: Scholarships and discounts are available for foreign students participating in preparatory programs.

How to Secure Scholarships

To be considered for these scholarships, you’ll typically need to craft a compelling essay detailing why you are the ideal candidate for financial assistance. If you’re unsure about composing a persuasive essay, you can seek assistance from scholarship essay writing services, which can provide you with exemplary essay samples for guidance.

It’s important to note that most university scholarships are partial, covering a portion of your study expenses. However, the University of Reading offers a multitude of scholarship opportunities, allowing students to potentially receive more than one scholarship, making your academic journey more affordable.

Royal Holloway, University of London: A Literary Haven

Scholarships at Your Disposal

Royal Holloway, University of London, boasts a rich history and a picturesque campus, attracting students from all corners of the globe. Therefore Japanese students eyeing this institution can explore two prominent scholarships:

  • Bradley de Glehn English Scholarship: This scholarship is a gateway for students with exceptional literary prowess.
  • Professor Barbara Raw Master Scholarships for English: An opportunity for students with a keen interest in master’s level English programs.
  • Professor Barbara Raw Scholarship for MA in Medieval Studies: Tailored for students interested in delving into the captivating world of medieval literature.

University of St Andrews: Enrich Your Literary Horizons

The School of English Anna Cruikshank PhD Scholarship

Nestled in the serene town of St Andrews in Scotland, the University of St Andrews has been a beacon of higher education since 1413. Japanese students aspiring to study English literature can pursue the School of English Anna Cruikshank PhD Scholarship, a financial gateway to unlock the world of literary exploration.

University of Greenwich: Discover Greenwich’s Literary Treasures

English Literature Scholarships for Japanese Students 2023

A Multitude of Scholarships

The University of Greenwich, with campuses in London and Kent, beckons students with an array of English literature programs. It dedicates a £1 million scholarship fund to support international students. As a Japanese student, you can explore scholarships such as:

  • International Hardship Fund: Designed to alleviate financial burdens for deserving students.
  • William Hills Scholarship: An opportunity for academic excellence to shine.
  • Visionary Scholarship: A financial boost for visionary individuals.
  • International Scholarships Award: A chance for outstanding international students to receive financial support.


These scholarships are open to new Japanese students who have received an offer of admission to a full-time program commencing in 2024/25. Moreover they represent a reduction in tuition fees, making your academic aspirations more attainable.

Kingston University: Pioneering English Literature

Scholarship Opportunities

Kingston University offers a diverse range of English Literature programs, each varying in cost. While foreign students are generally ineligible for scholarships and grants from the British government, Kingston University has introduced a special scholarship program for international students. Moreover 40 students can receive a generous £4,000 scholarship each year, exclusively available to non-UK citizens.

Loyalty Scholarship

Kingston University also extends the Loyalty Scholarship, covering 10% of the tuition fee. This unique opportunity is available to:

  • Japanese students who have successfully completed one of the university’s programs
  • Exchange students at Kingston University
  • Students with a relative who is currently studying or has previously studied at the university

Faculty Scholarships

Various faculties at Kingston University offer a range of scholarships tailored to international students specializing in specific disciplines, including English literature.

University of Groningen: Exploring Dutch Literary Traditions

A Glimpse into the University

The University of Groningen, one of the Netherlands’ oldest institutions, founded in 1614, is renowned for its esteemed educational legacy. Moreover it offers the English Literature and Culture program, welcoming Japanese students to explore Dutch literary traditions.

Scholarships for Aspiring Scholars

Japanese students can apply for two scholarships at the University of Groningen:

  • Groningen Talent Grant: A scholarship designed to recognize and support exceptional talent.
  • Holland Scholarship: An opportunity to make your academic journey more affordable.

Free University Amsterdam: Literary Scholarships

An Academic Haven

Free University Amsterdam opens its doors to Japanese students with the Literatures in English and English: Literature and Society programs. Moreover they offer the VU Fellowship Program, allocating approximately 1 million euros for scholarships.

The Selection Process

Applicants’ admission documents, submitted before March 1, are meticulously reviewed by the faculty dean. Therefore nominees are then selected by the VUFP central scholarship committee, considering factors like motivation letters, prior education quality, and university grades.

Scholarship Eligibility

Moreover the grant is awarded to Japanese students in their first year of the master’s program. To be eligible for financial coverage for the second year of study, students must attain at least 80% of the possible 60 academic credits.

English Literature Scholarships for Japanese Students 2023

Leiden University: Unveiling Excellence

Scholarship Opportunities at Leiden

Leiden University, the oldest institution in the Netherlands, extends a warm welcome to Japanese students by offering scholarships ranging from €10,000 towards tuition fees to full tuition coverage. Therefore  this extraordinary opportunity, known as the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship, is available to those who have excelled academically.

Who’s Eligible?

Japanese students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance in their previous programs. Therefore along with those ranking among the top 10% of graduates in their course, are eligible to apply for these prestigious scholarships.

Conclusion: Your Literary Journey Awaits

Therefore in the realm of English literature, opportunities abound for Japanese students in 2023. Finally by securing these scholarships, you can unlock the doors to academic excellence, literary exploration, and cultural immersion. Moreover if you are considering education in Japan can also explore Japanese Universities as well.