Fern Coco Fibre Kokedama Plant


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  • This Eco-friendly plant is a natural coconut fibre ball that has been handmade through a Japanese bonsai technique for processing moss.
  • Being an air-purifying plant, the Kokedama sucks in CO2 and emits O2 in large quantities while being very low maintenance.
  • Size: approx 13cm to 15 cm diameter.
  • Water once a week and provide partial sunlight (3-6 hours of direct sun per day.)
Brand: Tranquil Plants
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How long will my Kokedama last?

If all the optimal living and growing requirements are met, your Kokedama plant will last indefinitely! If you need additional guidance, please consult our care guides, or contact us directly.

Does the moss or fibre ball restrict the growth & health Kokedama plant?

No, not at all – it does not alter the natural life processes or growth of your new friend. So, in summary, given the right care and attention, your new plant friend will keep growing and thriving. However, please be aware that keeping your plant or bonsai friend trimmed and shaped is part of the bonsai art and culture!

Can I hang my Tranquil Plant?

Yes, kokedamas are known for being hung using strong strings to form Japanese hanging gardens. There are many varieties of hangers for kokedamas, feel free to search around or get a string hanger from our shop!

How do I water my Kokedama plant?

Place your kokedama in the water, with the plants facing up. Push the moss ball down so that it is completely submerged and starts to take in water. Allow the Kokedama to remain submerged for 10-25 mins.

Remove the kokedama from the water, and gently squeeze the moss ball to let the water drain. Allow the kokedama to dry out in a colander before you put it back.

A lot of kokedama enjoy misting in addition to soaking. Spray the leaves and other parts of the plants with a bottle that sprays a fine mist. The plant will not be burned if you mist it in the morning when the light is low.

Why is my Kokedama not bubbling when I water it?

Firstly, you will need to submerge the moss ball in water completely; this will allow the moss ball to absorb water which will be marked by the bubbles surfacing. However, this phenomenon can be quite subtle – so as long as you fully submerge your moss ball, it should absorb the water it needs! Sometimes, a little squeeze on the moss ball will allow it to contract and take in more water.

Can I re-pot my Kokedama plant?

Yes, you may re-pot your Kokedama plant or bonsai in a pot that is slightly bigger than the original soil ball. You can cut the strings holding together the moss, place the soil ball inside a pot and fill it with soil and compost.

We recommend using pots that have drainage on them, otherwise, the water will sit in the pot and set in root rot which will lead to the death of the plant and/or the bonsai. Additionally, we recommend using general purpose compost for the ferns and special bonsai soil mix, or at the minimum ericaceous compost for bonsai trees. You may also buy bonsai pots in our shop!

Will ‘hardwater’ affect the health of my plant and/or bonsai?

Across the country, there will be ‘hardwater’ areas. The prolonged use of ‘hardwater’ or water that have a high mineral content and/or chlorine can affect the health of your plant or bonsai. We recommend, if possible, using filtered water from your regular water filter or collecting some rainwater. You can always use a mixture of both!

There are bugs in my Kokedama, what do I do?

Insects and bugs can be attracted to your plant or bonsai, and it is a natural process. However, not all insects are harmful, for example, earthworms are very beneficial for your plant!

In the event of finding bugs such as aphids on your plant which can be marked by shiny and sticky liquid present in the leaves (honeydew), please do not panic – it can happen and there are simple solutions to get rid of them.

We suggest mixing a solution of dish soap and water at a ratio of 1:10, and spraying the affected areas once a week until the bugs are gone, please note that over-spraying can affect the health of your plant. For more persistent bugs, please use specially formulated insecticides such as Provanto Ultimate Bug Killer, or more natural alternatives such as Neem oil. Please follow the instructions before applying!

Do you offer a re-mossing service?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a re-mossing service currently – this may change in the future, so stay tuned to our social media channels!

Tranquil Plants

Our Ethos​

Tranquil Plants are more than just a plant.

Through the wisdom of Japanese tradition and the virtues of nature, we bring an original idea to your space that will inspire and refresh. Whilst planting a unique vibe in your home or workplace, our plants offer an efficient and cost-effective approach to purifying the air of CO2, formaldehyde and other toxins and giving out oxygen.

Made by hand with authentic materials, every Tranquil Plant lasts a lifetime with the right care.

Our Roots​

Tranquil Plants are bringing the inspirational and health benefits of plants back into our world by working with Kokedama. Stefan Thomas, Tranquil Plants’ professional ‘plant whisperer’ has a personal passion unlike anyone else, after being inspired by botanical decor when his father built 13 tropical houses in Australia. He is an expert with the Japanese art form of Kokedama (translates to moss-ball), and his talks are beautifully illustrated with sparkling inspiration, intriguing history and horticultural allure. ​​

When Stefan started on his journey to founding Tranquil Plants, he was inspired by the fact that Kokedama had no pots but still looked beautiful and functioned just as well, if not better, than plants with pots.

The more he started to play around with the idea, making moss balls and watering them in his bathtub, the more he realised how easy they were to look after. He discovered that, unlike normal houseplants, Kokedama have an in-built barometer to test whether they need watering: simply lift your plant. If it’s light, it’s ready to water! Stefan then began to share his passion with the world.​

Let’s talk health & lifestyle

Tranquil Plants are at the forefront of bringing inspiration and wholesome natural beauty to all kinds of spaces, as well as that WOW factor you get when you see something gleaming with originality.

Stefan set up the company to inspire people and organisations to integrate plants into their lives. Plants shouldn’t be mere accessories left in dark corners but known as inspiring devices that purify air through natural filters and which work to reduce our carbon footprint.

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