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With the right resources, a trip to Japan is a breeze. Here are the top 8 Japan travel apps, including those that work perfectly with Jetpac eSIM. These will ensure you stay connected and informed on your Japan travel.

These top-rated Japanese travel apps have everything you need. They range from a reliable guide to the best spots in Japan to the top local food recommendations to an easy-to-use app for getting around Japan. Find out which apps, like mobile maps and language translators, will make your trip to Japan easy and fun.

Top Japan Transportation App: GO Taxi App

Go Taxi App as the best ride hailing service in Japan

Reliable transportation is crucial when travelling in Japan. The GO Taxi App stands out as one of the best travel apps for tourists. This app is a total game-changer that even locals use. This travel app is perfect for your Japan holiday, especially since locals prefer standard cabs to ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft.

Finding a taxi is incredibly convenient and user-friendly. In busy areas like Shibuya, calling a cab via the GO app was easy and left no room for confusion about our destination. This was particularly helpful in tourist destinations like Kyoto, where commuting using public transportation can be daunting. Using the app minimises the impact on public transit and makes travelling simple.

One of the app’s standout features is the ability to hail a taxi with a GO sticker and pay effortlessly by scanning a QR code. The GOpay feature eliminates the hassle of handling cash or cards, making the payment process seamless. As a cherry on top, the app even accepts international cards for payment!

Top Japanese Language App: Google Translate

Translate any Japanese words with the app

It can be hard to get around in a place where people need to speak your language, but Google Translate makes it easy for tourists in Japan. It is one of the best apps for travelling and language translation in Japan, especially when understanding Japanese symbols like kanji and hiragana. You can quickly translate text by pointing your phone at the characters you don’t understand. This makes it great for reading menus, signs, and labels in transit or in restaurants.

Google Translate also makes it easy to talk to customer service staff. You can type in English, and the app will translate it into Japanese for you. This feature is especially useful in places like shops, bars, and other places where clear conversation is important. The language barrier is less of a problem when you use Google Translate, which makes your trip to Japan more enjoyable.

But take note: You can only use this Japan travel app with a constant internet connection. Having a Jetpac eSIM is crucial, as it will give you access to this feature throughout your entire stay. With nationwide connectivity, you’ll never have a problem navigating the land of the rising sun!

Top Japan Map App: Google Maps

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Google Maps is a must-have Japan travel app for anyone going into the country. You can use this app to get from your hotel to any place you want to go. You’ll never miss a link because it gives you exact train times and details to the minute. You may not have heard of some of the subways and train lines that Google Maps takes you through. Often, it takes you to routes that mostly locals use! You’ll enjoy traveling more on these hidden roads, which also speed up your trip.

Google Maps can now get you 90% of the way to any place in Japan, from a shrine in the middle of nowhere to a café in the city. It tells you everything you need to know about traveling, like how much it costs, the names of stations and platforms, and even which train to sit in for the best exit. If you’re traveling with kids, especially for short trips in the city, Google Maps can help you decide if taking a cab is more handy by telling you how much the trip will cost and how long it will take.

In addition, Google Maps shows you the best places to eat, drink, and see in the area. Community ratings from both residents and visitors may help you determine if a location is worth your time. Whether you’re searching for food options or popular sites, Google Maps keeps you informed, making your Japan travel more fun and easy.

Top Japan Travel Guide App: Japan Travel by Navitime

Get around like a local with Navitime

If you want a more detailed and accurate trip to Japan, the Japan Travel by Navitime app arguably does it better than Google Maps. This app has highly detailed maps that can be used to show exactly where you are and where you can connect to free public Wi-Fi in emergencies. Navitime is a great guide for navigating Japan’s public transportation.

Included is a detailed map of all train stops and several different ways to get to your location. In addition, having a Jetpac eSIM lets you download a map of the area you’re in, making it one of the best Japan travel apps with offline maps.

There are also tips and short blog posts on Japan Travel by Navitime that inform tourists about the best places to enjoy Japanese culture. Additionally, the app has a travel planner that estimates prices, allowing you to budget for your trip successfully. Its vast functionality makes it a one-stop shop for your Japanese trip, providing everything from navigation to cultural knowledge.

Top Japan Travel Payment App: Revolut

Revolut is a payment app that lets you easily convert your local currency

With Revolut, you can easily manage your money while traveling in Japan. The app lets you manage your mobile cash and, if you’ve applied for it, a Visa debit card. With quick alerts, keeping track of how much you spend is simple. Revolut allows you to swap money and transfer it in many currencies, saving you on foreign exchange costs. 

The Revolut card can be used for everyday shopping in Japan with reasonable exchange rates and low transaction fees. Additionally, you can get cash from ATMs if you have a debit card, which makes the app even more useful. This function is helpful for the few shops in Japan that don’t take cards because Revolut lets you transfer money from your local bank to the app in seconds. Remember to bring this app to your next Japan travel to make payment in no time!

Top Japanese Food Recommendation App: Tabelog

Eat like a Japan Local with Tabelog

Tabelog is the best app for foodies traveling through Japan to find the best places to eat. Unlike Google Maps, Tabelog has all the places, even the ones that tourists usually miss, because they are hidden gems only known to locals. People who live in Japan love this app and give detailed reviews and suggestions, making it the best way to find Japan’s top food spots.

Tabelog stands out because it gives awards to places that show off the best Japanese food. In contrast to the more casual reviews on Google Maps, these awards show that the restaurants are truly special. Tabelog gives you access to evaluations from passionate food reviewers so you can be sure you’re eating the best Japanese food. Tabelog’s in-depth reviews and scores make it a must-have for any foodie visiting Japan, whether they’re looking for high-end restaurants or popular spots in the area.

Top Japan Travel Convenience App: Suica App

Suica card does it all

If you’re travelling in Japan, you need the Suica app. It will save you time and trouble paying. You can add money to a reloadable Suica card and use it at many shops and services in Japan. From convenience stores (Konbini) to buses, trains, and many other places, this card makes it easy to pay and complete transactions in no time.

One great thing about the app is how easy it is to add money to your Suica card using your international credit card. If not, subway stations have a machine that lets you refill it with ease as well. This feature ensures you’re always ready to pay quickly and without cash. To make things even easier, you can scan the payment card right through the app. The Suica App can handle all of your transactions quickly and easily while you’re traveling in Japan.

Top Japan Trip Planner App: Wanderlog

Wanderlog keeps you updated about your Japan Travel

The Wanderlog travel app is a must-have for planning your next trip to Japan. It helps you keep track of all the information about your getaway, like where to go and what to see, like Tokyo Disneyland and Super Nintendo World. You can easily add these places from Google Maps, along with personal notes and lots of information.

You can make detailed day-by-day plans with this Japan travel app. It’s easy to drag and drop tasks and see how long each trip will take. With the app’s built-in map, you can see all of your planned stops on a personalized route, which makes planning your trip easier.

Wanderlog also makes it easier to handle reservations by adding them immediately when emails are shared or when they are entered manually. You can also tell your friends about your trip plans and look at tips and guides from other users and famous websites. Wanderlog helps you plan your trip to Japan quickly and easily. You can stay on schedule when pairing this with the Jetpac eSIM to make sure your next trip sails smoothly.


It’s a blast to travel in Japan with the right Japan travel app along with your Jetpac eSIM. These apps make transportation, payments, and communication hassle-free. With features like detailed maps that you can take offline, real-time transit information, and cultural insights, these tools are essential for any traveller.

Use these top Japan travel apps to make sure your vacation to Japan is one to remember. These travel companions will benefit any traveler, from first-timers to seasoned pros. Get these apps before your next trip to enjoy all that Japan has to offer. Oh, and don’t forget that Jetpac eSIM!