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NFT Digital Artwork by Square Enix’s Million Arthur Series. Photo credit from OTAQUEST.

With NFT’s (or non-fungible tokens) being the talk of the art and blockchain community, it is no surprise that new platforms for these art pieces are being launched! Digital platforms for displaying, trading, and purchasing art online are revolutionising the art industry. Additionally, it has the potential to create value out of non-traditional art that may not sell as much elsewhere, such as GIFs and photo collages.

On the new crypto art platform Foundation, a GIF of Nyan Cat was sold as an NFT. Digital artist Beeple sold a piece of digital art for $69 million dollars!

Nyan Cat
Photo credit from the Verge.com

The selling of art has always been integral to the anime community, from selling commissions and stickers to cosplay prints and anime fan art (which of course, range from cute to NSFW). These physical sales happen on eBay, Amazon, and Etsy. 

For years, anime artists have resorted to Patreon, OnlyFans, and ArtBase to sell digital art. But the problem with these platforms is that they are mainly subscription or donation-based, rather than selling the art pieces themselves (which would be more profitable.) Additionally, these services take a cut out of the artists’ already-small subscription fees.

Anime Coin: The World’s First Completely Decentralized Digital Art Platform

Riding on the wave of the NFT phenomenon, there is a new platform for anime art in production, by the name of Anime Coin. Its launch will open up new opportunities for anime artists to sell their art and add to their revenue streams.

The Anime Coin logo. Photo credit from Animecoin.

Anime Coin creates a community around free trade for gifted anime artists. Creators can directly exchange value and interact with fans in a transformative way. Anime creators will be empowered to create rare digital art and sell directly to fans in a way that has never before been feasible.” The website states. 

Anime Coin’s mission is to help anime fans support the artists they love in a digitally innovative way. Unlike subscription or pay-per-view services which simply allow fans to look at the art, buyers gain complete ownership of the art piece. 

This is also beneficial for manga artists, or “mangaka,” who are underpaid and overworked because it opens up new revenue streams. From crazy schedules to little pay, click here to see the top reasons why being a manga artist is a living nightmare. Thankfully, Anime Coin will give these artists new opportunities to earn money for their art.

AnimeCoin: For anime content creators:

1. Create rare digital artwork and collectibles

“Content created on Anime Coin has all the properties of real-world, limited edition art, and collectibles, but in the digital realm.”  

The content on Anime Coin will not be limited to drawings, but will also include videos, GIFs, cosplays, and merchandise. As long as it is about anime, anything under the sun can be sold as an NFT on the platform. 

2. Sell content directly to fans and collectors

“Digital assets created on Anime Coin can be bought, sold, and resold.”

The multi-faceted platform will allow creators to sell directly to fans and collectors, with Anime Coin charging a fee for services such as minting the NFT and transferring it to the customer using blockchain technology. Other NFT platforms such as Rarible and OpenSea also charge fees for this, with Rarible being up-front and OpenSea taking a cut of the sale. 

3. Prevent counterfeiting

“Duplicate content is not allowed on Anime Coin. Existing Anime Coin assets cannot be forged or copied.” 

Each piece of art on Anime Coin will come with a virtual certificate of authenticity, which verifies ownership of the piece. This is to solve the age-old problem of artists, who struggle with copyright issues and plagiarism of their hard work. 

And the benefits don’t stop there! It’s really good for the fans too. 

According to the website, it says: “by giving the fan complete ownership of the art piece. It’s like being an art collector. For example, anyone can own a copy of a painting, but only one person owns the original.”

Anime Coin’s mascot. Photo credit from AnimeCoin

Anime Coin: For Anime Fans

1. Buy and sell rare art

“Own rare pieces of your favorite creator’s work.”

Fans who purchase the art on Anime Coin, will receive full ownership of the asset, which no other person can duplicate due to the nature of these NFTs. 

That means each piece of art created by an artist on Anime Coin is unique and rare, which creates scarcity and demand. With this, anime fans will be able to purchase art and sell it to others as well. It is going to be an ecosystem of art makers and those who support them! 

2. Build and display your collection

“Display your art to the world.”

Anime Coin also serves as a digital art space where fans can display the works that they have purchased to showcase their favorite anime as well as their individuality and taste. This concept of ownership is the very same psychology that anime merchandise creators use to get fans to buy their merchandise.

From Pokemon (where fans want to catch ‘em all) to Genshin Impact (where players want to collect their “husbandos” and “waifus”), it is easy to see how this platform will appeal to anime fans. This “collect them all” mentality is the reason why Genshin Impact earns so much money

Logically, the platform where one purchases the art should be the same platform to show off the art collections. Anime Coin does both. Additionally, each token can easily be traced back to the owner and verified on a public network, so everyone who visits your art collection knows that you own that piece of art. 

Powered by innovative blockchain technology, AnimeCoin is a decentralized digital art platform that utilizes similar technology to NFT’s. While it hasn’t been launched yet, one can assume that it will yield similar results to other NFT art platforms like Foundation and SuperRare. However, it specializes in the niche of anime art. 

Click here to go to the website and be notified when it is ready to launch!


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