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2021 will hopefully be the year where life (semi) gets back to normal. The adventure of moving to Japan is now a reality as student visas and working holiday visas have recommenced. Finding the right path for studying in Japan is just the help needed upon your journey, especially after the uncertainty of 2020.

Take Me to Japan is a free website helping you find the best courses to learn Japanese, personalized to meet your needs. Getting the best advice regarding Japanese language courses is Take Me to Japan’s aim for every student.

Student Visas for Japan

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Applying for any Japanese visa can be tricky. Take Me to Japan helps with the entire process. All you need to do is make an inquiry through their website, fill in the forms, and start planning your trip.

Student visas are required for applicants studying in Japan for six-plus months. Applicants can enroll for up to 2 years at a language school. If students get into a Japanese university, vocational school, or graduate school, they can continue studying in Japan after a 2 year period. 

The process for Japanese student visas can take up to 6 months. Applications need to be processed by the schools and Japanese immigration. Applying as soon as possible is recommended.

Work and Study

Student visa holders are allowed to work 28 hours per week -ideal for students who wish to stay as long as possible and experience every aspect of Japanese culture. Cities like Tokyo can be expensive, so working while studying in Japan will make the journey much more comfortable. Students can work up to 8 hours per day during spring and summer breaks. An excellent opportunity to save some cash, take a break from the textbooks, and explore Japan.

Online Classes


Due to Covid-19, schools have adapted to online, so you don’t even need to buy a plane ticket. Group lessons, private lessons, and Japanese business lessons are available. 

If you are affected by international travel restrictions, Take Me to Japan can help you achieve your goal.  A qualified Japanese tutor with a passion for teaching will help you every step of the way by providing consistent feedback.

The Hiragana Katakana course is suited for beginners learning Japanese. For applicants looking to work in Japan, the online Japanese & job hunting support course will give you every advantage when finding the right job for you.

The intensive online course will sharpen your skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Depending on your preference, the duration of the course differs. Students can enroll for two weeks, four weeks, or an eight-week period. This course is ideal if you’re moving to Japan next year and want to learn as much as possible during a short time frame.

No matter what level you’re coming from, Take Me to Japan will find the right online course personalized to meet your needs.

Our UK readers are delighted to know they can apply for a working holiday visa for Japan. The working holiday visa scheme’s idea is to promote better relationships between countries and encourage young people to experience other cultures. Applicants can fund their travels by working throughout Japan and experience as much as possible. Working holiday visa holders can learn Japanese by enrolling in a two-week course or longer. Courses are available in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukuoka. For those looking to go off the beaten track, courses are also available in Japan’s authentic countryside. Experience the hidden gems found in rural Japan and discover paths by embracing new experiences. If big city life is for you, or the Japanese countryside fits better, Take Me to Japan gives you every option available based on your personal preference.

Due to Covid-19, a written pledge must be included and signed by a Japanese company. Some schools can provide a written pledge if you meet the requirements. Take Me to japan will provide all information required for this entire process.

Note: only people between the ages of 18 – 30 from certain countries can apply for a working holiday visa for Japan.

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Jobs in Japan

A basic understanding of Japanese is highly recommended for working holiday visa applicants. Some jobs require little or no Japanese, like English teaching. Enrolling in a twelve-week course during your time in Japan will be very beneficial as new doors may open for job opportunities.

Working holiday visa applicants can not work in jobs affecting public morals, including bar work, nightclubs, or any positions related to that nature. Several schools can assist in finding part-time work in Japan. Popular jobs for working holiday visa holders include hotel staff, ski resorts, and English teaching.

Take Me to Japan advises if the working holiday visa is best for you. Everyone’s path is different, and getting personalized advice is best for finding yours.

A Helping Hand: 2021

Before this year, overseas travel was a walk in the park.  Let’s say a few potholes might be in place for upcoming trips. A free service like Take Me to Japan is just the ticket needed to get the ball rolling with future goals. Even before Covid, finding the right course was hard enough with an overwhelming amount of content to view online. Take Me to Japan eases the process with a helping hand. The team’s hands-on approach is ideal for anyone looking to explore Japan, its culture, and learn the Japanese language.

Get in touch with their free, personalized service and embrace all that Japan has to offer. Enquire online, get the right advice for you and let’s overshadow the memories of 2020 with new ones ahead.