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Japan is one of the most preferred education destinations. It has some of the best universities in the world and a history of providing highly competitive professionals. When you choose Japan for your studies, you must be conscious of the differences in the student experience from one city to the other.

Cities in Japan have developed with different foundations. Some are education cities, meaning that they welcome students better than others. You will also find student-friendly amenities in some cities, giving you a memorable college experience.

Choosing a Japanese student-friendly city

  • The best education institutions- the main aim of being in the city is to pursue education. The quality of education you get will have a huge impact on your life beyond the three or four years you will be in college. Give priority to quality education by choosing a city with world-class institutions. 
  • Cost of living- students’ resources are usually limited. You should choose a city whose amenities like accommodation, transport, and food are affordable. You can get a do my dissertation expert online to free some of your time and take up a job to supplement your income. 
  • Social life- vibrant social life is a crucial part of any education journey. Pick a city that allows you to enjoy a relaxing evening in clubs, meetings with friends, or an easy weekend at the park. The amenities should accommodate international students through the availability of international entertainment and amenities brands. A healthy social life helps you to relax after a tiring day in class. 
  • Opportunities to work- it is rewarding to begin working while still in college. You have money to pay for youthful indulgencies, start a business, or save for your entrepreneurial endeavors. The experience you get working while in college will add great value to your CV when you go looking for a job. 
  • Welcoming community- the availability of a welcoming community is a major advantage for students. You do not strain to speak in Japanese or miss the company of familiar people. The locals should also welcome you to the city, giving you the greatest sense of comfort. With no discrimination, crime, or racism, you will enjoy your college years. 

Each Japanese city has unique opportunities and experiences to offer to students. Here are the best cities for students who wish to study in Japan. 


Tokyo is the capital of Japan for a reason. It offers world-class amenities for locals and international students. Tokyo offers an international community that will enrich your student life. The city offers fast internet to aid in your research or make it easier to connect to family back at home. As the capital of Japan, the city welcomes students from around the world. 

Tokyo hosts some of the best learning institutions in Japan and the world. They include Waseda, The University of Tokyo, Keio University, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

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The University of Tokyo ranks among the top destinations for international students. It offers special welcoming packages for international students. It is one of the more affordable universities offering the best learning environment for international students. 

Graduates from The University of Tokyo are considered some of the most competitive around the world.


The city of Osaka is the second-largest residential metropolitan area in Japan. It hosts one of the most prestigious and iconic learning institutions, Osaka University. It offers a more relaxed life with a friendly environment away from overcrowding in Tokyo.

Osaka is considered the best city in Japan for foodies because of the abundance of its delicious local cuisine. Perfect for hungry students!

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The people in Osaka have a friendly approach to international students. The cost of living is also lower despite the availability of world-class amenities, making it a perfect destination for international students. It is also a business city, allowing students to access all the amenities they may need for college or personal life. Osaka will give you some of the most memorable yet cheapest college experiences.


Kyoto is unique because of its attractiveness to international students. The city has more than 13,000 international students, giving you the best blend to create a memorable college experience. The international students offer an integrated learning environment and global exposure. 

Kyoto hosts some of the most revered international universities including Kyoto University, Doshisha University and Ritsumeikan University. Doshisha University is an exclusive learning institution offering some of the most coveted degrees.

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Doshisha University attracts global attention for its innovations and quality of graduates. With Kyoto being a tourist city, you will enjoy the best moments out of class.


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Nagoya is famed for offering urban life without having to live in the city. It is a medium-sized city and the 4th largest in Japan (Behind Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka). However, it is a city that offers all the amenities you would find in a metropolis.

Nagoya University is one of the leading learning institutions in Japan. It has a rich history, allowing it to prepare a comfortable learning environment for international students. It has more than 2,200 international students, offering a welcoming community to students looking for an enriching college experience.

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