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For 30 years, tofu cat litter has been used as an eco-friendly alternative in many Asian countries, especially in Japan where it was originally patented. Recently, it has garnered significant attention due to its multiple benefits to cats, cat owners, and the environment.

With many cat owners living in the US, we believe it’s only right to bring this product to the West and provide a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable replacement to regular cat litter. Learn more about SOYSAND, the best tofu cat litter for your cat’s convenience. 

What is Tofu Cat Litter?

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Tofu cat litter is made from tofu residue, primarily consisting of soybean fiber and dregs, byproducts of tofu production that reduce the waste of leftover soybean residue. 

The demand for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional cat litter dates back to the early 90s when pet owners discovered the negative environmental impact of clay-based litter due to the mining process involved in obtaining the clay needed to make this kind of litter. Pet owners also complained about dust produced by traditional cat litter, seeing this as a potential health risk to both humans and cats. 

In response to these concerns, two Japanese businessmen, Chūgi Ōgawara and Etsuko Sugō, began exploring alternative materials for cat litter, with tofu residue being one of them. Recognizing that tofu producers usually discard tofu dregs as waste during tofu production, they envisioned repurposing this material to create a biodegradable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cat litter. The Japanese successfully patented their invention in 1995.

Despite traditional clay-based cat litter remaining prevalent in most cat households, the popularity of tofu cat litter has steadily increased as more cat owners discover its benefits. 

SOYSAND: The Best Tofu Cat Litter For You

With the rise of tofu cat litter brands in pet stores, you may find it difficult to choose the right brand for you and your cat. Although there are tons of eco-friendly alternatives to cat litter in the market, one brand is certain to meet all your standards when it comes to the perfect tofu cat litter – SOYSAND by Petkinns.

What is SOYSAND?

Kirk Iwasaki, founder of Petkinns and a 4th generation Japanese American, took it into his own hands to produce a tofu cat litter that aims to out-perform other tofu cat litter brands in the aspects of absorption, clumping, tracking, and odor control. Thus, the SOYSAND Tofu Cat Litter was created, inspired by the original Japanese inventors of tofu cat litter. 

Through trial and error, SOYSAND perfected the size of their tofu litter pellets to ensure a thoughtful balance: small enough to prevent easy tracking outside the litter box, yet large enough for effortless scooping and to avoid clogging automatic litter boxes.


SOYSAND has a texture similar to crushed pebbles and coarse sand. Unlike the soft and silky texture of tofu, it’s firm and dry. Since it feels very similar to sand, cats are more likely to adapt to tofu cat litter, facilitating smooth transitions during litter changes.

SOYSAND is also known to weigh less than traditional cat litter, resulting in more volume for the same weight. This means you’ll use less litter with each refill, reducing costs with every bag!The best part? SOYSAND prides itself on maintaining all of the benefits of tofu cat litter. 

What makes SOYSAND Tofu Cat Litter special?


Suitable for Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes

If you’re a cat owner with a self-cleaning litter box, then SOYSAND is the perfect option! Most self-cleaning litter boxes have a hard time automatically sifting and filtering most tofu cat litter because of the size of their pellets which are longer and thicker than usual.

However, SOYSAND pellets are made in a size that works well with self-cleaning litter boxes, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your litter anymore!


SOYSAND’s biodegradability stands out as one of its best features because it consists of natural fibers. The litter naturally decomposes and reverts to the environment when discarded, avoiding harmful residue or long-term landfill accumulation.

Tight Clumping

One key feature that most pet owners look for in cat litter is its ability to absorb liquid and form clumps for easy disposal. Although tofu is typically soft and squishy, most tofu cat litter like SOYSAND have clumping properties, making it easier to scoop and remove waste from the litter box. This also prevents leaving dirty residue in the litter box after cleaning, reducing the risk of infection and diseases.


Unlike traditional cat litter, SOYSAND tofu cat litter is completely flushable! Instead of throwing it in the bin, tofu cat litter can be flushed down the toilet as it breaks down quickly in water. This makes the cleaning process of litter boxes even more convenient since you can dispose of your cat’s waste immediately.

Odor Control

The problem with traditional cat litter is its lack of odor control, causing unpleasant smells to spread around your home. Fortunately, SOYSAND has natural odor-absorbing properties that contain natural enzymes that break down odors and trap them before they can spread, keeping your home smelling fresh and clean.

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Low Dust

Tofu cat litter produces less dust than clay-based litter, reducing the risk of respiratory issues for both cats and their owners. With tofu cat litter eliminating 99% of dust, the remaining particles are natural granules and bits from the natural ingredients of the litter.

Easy Scooping

Thanks to its clumping abilities, SOYSAND quickens the cleaning process of litter boxes because of how easy it is to scoop and dispose. What makes SOYSAND different from other tofu cat litter brands is its firm texture, allowing it to fracture into granule-like grains that don’t soften or disintegrate into a mush-like consistency when scooped.

Low Tracking

A common inconvenience cat owners have is when their cats leave trails of litter outside of the litter box after using it. This messy tracking makes it harder for owners to clean after their pets. Fortunately, SOYSAND actively minimizes litter tracking, significantly reducing the mess or trails that require sweeping.

Ready for the Shift?

SAOYSAND Tofu cat litter

Goodbye to traditional cat litter, hello to SOYSAND tofu cat litter! With its natural properties and benefits, SOYSAND provides convenience and peace of mind for pet owners. By choosing SOYSAND, cat owners can prioritize both their pets’ well-being and the health of the environment. 

Join the shift and support the production of SOYSAND by checking out their Kickstarter here! Still curious about the project? Find your answers in the FAQLearn about the company behind SOYSAND and how they brought it to life at Petkinns. Join the shift and be the first to witness the convenience of SOYSAND by checking out their official website here!