Sakura Cherry Blossom Green Tea

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Brand: CHILL TEA Tokyo

A delicate Japanese tea loose leaf to be enjoyed throughout the day, click Add To Cart to order your Chill Tea loose leaf sakura tea today.

100% Japanese Sencha Green Tea, Cherry Blossom Petals, Flavourings.

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  • Fruity Floral Flavour – This Sakura floral green tea is an invigorating blend of Japanese loose leaf green tea and delicate sakura (cherry blossom) petals and flavouring, infusing the tea with a rich fruity floral flourish.
  • Premium Flavoured Tea – Providing rejuvenation, calm and a burst of fresh flavour when you need it the most. We blend expressive green Japanese tea leaves with a variety of flavours, each with its own unique power and personality.
  • Luxury Quality – Premium quality is a matter of responsible attitudes and personal involvement. We proudly evaluate our flavoured teas to the highest quality standards.

Sakura Cherry Blossom Green Tea by CHILL TEA Tokyo:

This flavoured Cherry Blossom tea is an enjoyable way to connect with Japanese culture. The fruity scent and refreshing taste make an exquisite duet. Find your inner peace and take a relaxing journey to a blooming sakura garden by indulging in a cup of this exquisite and refreshing tea.

CHILL TEA Flavour Tea Series

Our Flavoured Tea Series is an unparalleled collection of Flavoured Japanese Green Teas. Crossing the mainstream borders, we blend expressive Japanese Green tea with a variety of flavours, each of which has its own personality. Indulge your senses and enjoy the immersive aroma and noble mouth feel. We invite you to explore our assortment to meet ‘the one’.

Sakura green tea offers a fruity, flowery scent and flavour.
Ethically sourced.Non-GMO
No added sugar.
Vegetarian, Vegan.
Made and Packed in JAPAN.

For the Perfect Cup:


Tea leaves: 2-3g per cup
Hot water (approx 75℃): 200 ml per cup
Steeping time: 45~60 seconds
※Higher temperature makes green tea bitter taste while lower temperature does make it less bitterness and more aroma
※For JAPANESE green tea, the longer you steep, the more bitter the taste
※Tea Leaves can be brewed up to 3 times
Brew for a slightly shorter (20 sec) and use hotter water for the second infusion.
For the third infusion, use hotter water and brew shorter (10 sec) than for the second infusion.