Gilded Golden Whiskey Glasses


  • Choose from 3 Designs: Honeycomb, Wave & Ame. Made with electroplating and gilding technology, each of the tumblers is covered in gold plating
  • The Honeycomb Whiskey glass is inspired by the hexagonal form of honey bee cells, which has captivated mankind for generations.
  • As a consequence of Japan’s distinct geography, The Wave has become a recurrent symbol and motif in Japanese culture, symbolising the inexorable power of nature.
  • The Ame or Rain whiskey glass features a raindrop design. Rain is a powerful symbol in Japanese culture. It denotes purification and regeneration. It depicts the process of being reborn again.
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  • Material Glasses: High-Quality Glass
Brand: Kori Whiskey
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A must-have for any whiskey enthusiast!
Not only does each Golden Whiskey glass look fantastic, but each one is ergonomically designed to provide the most comfortable grip through the unique crumpled surfaces.

Each tumbler is coated in gold plating that screams elegance thanks to electroplating and gilding methods. If you’re looking for a sumptuous drinking experience, look no further.

An ideal present for that special someone.

Details below:


  • Capacity: 320ml
  • Size (Height x Diamter): 92x74mm


  • Capacity: 290ml
  • Size (Height x Diamter): 100x80mm


  • Capacity: 280ml
  • Size (Height x Diamter): 82x106mm

Kori Whiskey

Glass Blowing Japanese Whiskey Glasses

Their Mission

Kori Whiskey seek to provide whiskey glassware to all generations of whiskey drinkers. For whiskey drinkers remain the true frontiersmen of the world. Those who embrace the fire of that violent first sip, the smokey, iodine laced siren call of peat and the enduring warming embrace of the spirit in their stomachs.

What do they do?

Kori Whiskey started with one goal, to live & breathe whiskey. To learn, understand, optimize and enjoy the entire whiskey experience. They started by keeping a record of fine whiskies. Tasting, learning, loving and living them.

In time Kori Whiskey delved into the great craftsmanship of whiskey glassware. Seeking to provide Whiskey drinkers with glasses and decanters that would exalt the whiskey experience.

Searching the whole world for the best Whiskey Glasses. The perfect glasses were found in the distant land of Japan. The perfection of design and quality that these glasses offer is simply unbeatable. Each glass was picked to celebrate the legions of whiskey drinkers that came before us, including Nikola Tesla, William Faulkner, and Winston Churchill. Raymond Chandler, Ava Gardner, and Frank Sinatra.

Kori Whiskey’s eternal passion for the liquid gold binds them to the famous drammers of old.

Their Promise To You

Kori Whiskey will continue to provide glassware worthy of the blessed spirit that you choose to pour.

They will ship promptly, via registered shipping with track and trace. And most importantly, they will continue to enjoy whiskey!

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