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Brand: Tranquil Plants

  • Kokedamas is one of the best indoor plants for homes or offices. Not just because they enhance the aesthetic appeal, but also because they have multiple health and psychological benefits as they help purify the air in their surroundings. Easy to care for and take no time at all to grow (Tray not included).
  • For anyone who loves plants, yoga, or meditation. Kokedamas are known to be great stress relievers.
  • Kokedamas come already fertilised for 2 months, all that’s needed is the tray and it sits right on it, taking care is easy, submerge in water every 6-9 days for 5 mins and let it have sunlight.
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  • The Kokedama is the plant of hope because it teaches you that ‘the grass is green where you water it’. Your mini palm tree will fit into any space and has its own spirit to grow in certain ways re-energising your home while asking only for a little love and attention now and again.
  • Great for purifying and refreshing air. Kokedamas leave a positive carbon footprint and are made from natural materials. It’s no wonder that the bonsai palm tree Kokedama has become so popular around the world.


I’m new to the realm of Bonsai Palm Trees and looking after one, is it hard? No, the Palm tree Kokedama is less sensitive and very easy to look after and takes no time at all, just follow our clear guide that comes with it and you will enjoy for many years to come.

Are they safe to transport, wont they get damaged?
No, don’t be apprehensive about that, we send them all over Europe, they are packaged properly to keep them from harm and will arrive safely, their condition and health will be impeccable as they are well nurtured throughout the process of growing them.

Is having a bonsai Palm tree in the house good for the plant?
Bonsai palms love being indoors, all they need is water and sunlight and a little love. They are great looking and your friends will be amazed at the standard of this little fellow, it will always be a talking point and enjoyment for many years to come.

Where is the best place for my Bonsai Palm tree?
The Bonsai will flourish almost anywhere in the house, Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom or on a coffee table as it’s small you can move it around daily if you want, humidity is fine too.

Can my Bonsai Palm Tree lose some leaves?
Yes it can this is normal, it’s making room for the new ones, just soak in water every 7-10 days for 5 mins and put into the sunlight, watch this little fellow grow all new leaves and thrive. Having a few Bonsai trees and plants in the home makes the whole place feel peaceful.

Can they be sent as gifts to friends and relatives?
Yes, The Bonsai Palm makes a special unusual present, hardy gardeners would love this, they bring the gift of joy to those you love on Fathers and Mothers Day, Wedding gift, Birthdays, Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Retirement, sons and daughters love them too, the perfect house warming gift, they bring good luck into the home.

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