Japanese KitKat Assortment 16pcs

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  • An assortment of 16 Japanese KitKat minibars

  • Random pick from a wide variety of flavours such as green tea, dark chocolate, raspberry, etc.

  • Limited-edition flavours such as apple, green tea sakura, Hokkaido melon, wasabi, cheesecake strawberry.

  • Comes with our original cool Japanese Candy Ninja sticker.

  • Shipped from Japan.


This assortment bag of Japanese KitKat mini bar packs a punch with its variety of flavours. Welcome to Nestle’s flavour adventure!

Japanese Candy Ninja tries its best to provide more kinds of Japanese Kit Kat flavour world wide. This assortment of Japanese Kit Kat bars includes randomly picked flavours; featuring Matcha green tea, dark chocolate, raspberry, apple, green tea Sakura, Hokkaido melon, Japanese sake, Uji Matcha and Rum Raisin.

Our Japanese Ninja KitKat 16pcs Assortment comes with a cool kawaii Japanese Candy Ninja sticker!