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  • The Bonsai Carmona, also known as the Fukien Tea, is a popular and common indoor Bonsai tree. It has neat green, well-proportioned leaves with tiny white flowering, mainly produced in the Summer months. The light brown bark of the Carmona ensures a cracked appearance as the plant ages.
  • Can be situated in a variety of places. Utilise the Bonsai as an office plant or indoor house plant, House Plant
  • Make for a great Birthday Gift, Anniversary, or Wedding Gift.
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The Bonsai Carmona is an evergreen indoor tree with a dense, compact habit. The Fukien Tea features elegant white flowering in early Summer that sometimes form petite blackberries as part of the tree’s growth. It is important to ensure the Bonsai gets a regular amount of heat, especially in Summer when it is suggested to make the transition from indoors to outdoors for that season alone.

You can grow the Fukien Tea in decorative containers in both offices or home environments. Carmona is one of the most common and popular Bonsai. They thrive particularly well when in warmer climates, whilst also requiring a moderate level of care. Including a regular amount of pruning, which should be done when new shoots grow to around 2-3cm, cutting them back to the first lot of new leaves.

Watering the Bonsai is a process that relies on the Carmona being exposed to the right amount of heat, allowing the tree to soak up the water it is given and grow further. They prefer their soil to be moist, with watering being necessary when the soil turns to a light brown colour. Don’t leave them to stand in excess water, though, as it won’t appreciate that.