Japan is the land of tea ceremonies. Japanese tea culture resonates in every aspect of life. In Japan, tea is more than simply a hot drink. It is a highly significant practice that has a lot of value inside the culture.

We offer Japanese-inspired tea sets, tea-drinking equipment and unique teas such as teas from herbal tea, black tea, and matcha tea that provide many healthful benefits. Take your tea experience to the next level with our exclusive Japanese tea products.

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Bamboo Matcha Whisk (Chasen)

£11.99Brand: Spirit of Japan

Blue Cat Japanese Tea Mug

£10.00Brand: The Japanese Shop

Cherry Bark Handmade Japanese Tea Tray

£95.00Brand: The Japanese Shop

Heart for Japan Coffee Mug

£13.50£14.50Brand: Jay Japan

Japanese Art and Design Book

£30.00Brand: The Japanese Shop

Large Cherry Bark Japanese Tea Caddy

£169.00Brand: The Japanese Shop

Large Japanese Tea Caddy

£10.00Brand: The Japanese Shop

Manryo Japanese Tea Set

£75.00Brand: The Japanese Shop

Organic Matcha Tea Powder

£7.99Brand: Spirit of Japan

Phi 3 Wooden Coaster Set

£45.00Brand: Toothpic Nations

The Art of the Japanese Garden

£21.99Brand: The Japanese Shop

The Wisdom of Japanese Tea

£12.99Brand: The Japanese Shop