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After a successful first collection, where his depiction of the humble squirrel gained interest and positive reception, London-based illustrator, So Fujii, turned his focus exclusively to animals for his latest collection, titled ‘The Pets You Love.’ It was recently exhibited at Sway Gallery, Shoreditch.

Japan Nakama visited the exhibition during an event hosted by Japanese sake distributor UKiYO and was fortunate enough to meet the artist and gain a sense of his collection, all whilst sipping complimentary sake.

So, what was it that underpinned So Fujii’s collection? In his own words, the connection and exchange of emotions he had witnessed between pet and owner. So Fujii recognised that this emotion could vary, from ‘happiness, joy, sometimes frustration and sadness,’ and sought to depict this variation.

Having toyed with the idea of sourcing his muse’s from Google Images, So Fujii ultimately decided to reach out to the people of the internet and was met with a barrage of enthusiastic supporters and their amateur, yet personal, shots.

The result? An ‘aww-worthy’ collection of detailed, sensitively considered images that capture the playful innocence of animals and captivate an animal-loving audience.

Juxtaposed with the finished collection, a time-lapsed insight into how the works came into being. So Fujii’s attention to detail (and the number of single brush strokes!) is impressive and makes his style distinctively recognisable. His work is fun and somewhat quirky, yet technically impressive and detailed.

If you’re a pet lover who missed out on the chance to see So Fujii’s exhibition at Sway Gallery, don’t fear! He shares much of his work via Instagram (@so_artworks) be sure to take a look through his works and perhaps consider reaching out for a personalised piece.


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