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This week, our friends at Akita Inaka School shared with us their excellent new online course, which is available to everyone wishing to study real Japanese and available for all ages, no matter where or when.

Our previous articles showed you how unique this school is as each course encourages students to embrace the Japanese countryside while becoming a part of an authentic Japanese community.

Sadly, this global pandemic restricts tourists entering Japan as Entry bans are still in place for 174 countries worldwide. However, with digital realities becoming a must to cope, many schools have introduced online courses.

Akita Inaka School is now set to launch its new online learning course, allowing students worldwide to receive academic preparation from qualified tutors with experience teaching students from all levels.

“This project was created together with locals, to help our school survive through the pandemic, and also to share beautiful places & the culture.”

The school’s latest edition for online learning shares a helping hand to those still dreaming of experiencing real Japan and gaining first-hand insights into Japan’s beautifully preserved countryside.

Course content is broken down into a selection of in-depth videos that expand on rural topics like vegetable and rice planting with the locals, providing relevant dialogue for those looking to experience the real thing when travel gets back on track.

Online Course Content

The Akita Inaka online course is broken down into ten activity-based videos covering everyday life in beautiful Kosaka town(小坂町). Each video includes English and Japanese subtitles supported with five lesson videos for a full breakdown.

Akita Inaka School: Video Lessons

YouTube video

Online Learning Videos Topics Include:

  • Rice planting with locals
  • Soba noodle making
  • Katana swords with Yui from MUSUBI
  • Bear hot pot and Matagi (bear hunter) Ryokan (Japanese hotel)
  • Veggie field with locals
  • Kosaka Wine tasting and food matching
  • Matagi blacksmith knife artisan knife making
  • Kiritanpo making
  • Taiko (Japanese drums)
  • Junior High School lunch

Real Japan provides real experiences, and taking part in real-life conversations with an authentic Japanese community offers an experience found nowhere else.

Students can enrol and experience each activity with Akita’s native instructors from anywhere globally, including any age and proficiency level. The selection of topics on offer provides learners with a fun way of learning and exploring different activities.

Pre-order dates: until 31st August 2021

Videos will be released on the 15th of September, 2021

Managing the Pandemic with Akita Inaka

Regarding travel restrictions for Japan, measures are very much in place to cope with the current surge of Covid-19 cases and maintain potential outbreaks while hosting this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

As a result, Tokyo and Okinawa have prolonged the state of emergency until August 31, including Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Osaka. Rigorous non-emergency regulations are also in effect in Hokkaido, Ishikawa, Kyoto, Hyogo, and Fukuoka until August 31. Audience members are not permitted at any sports venues while hosting the games.

Once the history books have recorded this year’s Olympic games, the Japanese government will raise the optimum to issue work and student visas for end-of-year applications.

Given that Japanese enthusiasts and native instructors run Akita’s school, the team realizes how much we all miss travelling. So their latest online course covers subjects relevant to their initial course content – discovering the real Japanese countryside and allowing learners to learn Japanese with an authentic Japanese community.

Students can continue learning real-life Japanese through real-life activities shared by the locals, hence discovering authentic Japan.

Akita’s Online & Local Community

“To provide the most immersive language and culture experience.”


Although tough times are among us, Akita Inaka’s goal of showing learners worldwide the real Japan is still the school’s overall goal. As Japan’s current state of emergency is set until August 31, at Japan Nakama, we are confident Japanese borders will open, hence allowing student and work visas to re-commence (fingers crossed!).

For those already in Japan, the Autumn 4-week course intake for classroom lessons starts October 4 – October 29, providing a unique theme as activities and events are based around Japan’s Autumn season.

Akita’s family/private group course allows learners to plan for specific dates best suited to them. With a selection of activities and lesson styles, the family/group course is ideal for personalized teaching and provides great opportunities to mix with locals and explore different things.

For more on their Japanese online course, including upcoming intakes for this year and next, check out the Akita Inaka website for detailed content descriptions. Also, follow them on Instagram for regular updates on life in the Japanese countryside.