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What is a travel eSIM?

A travel eSIM, or electronic SIM card, is a digital SIM that allows you to activate a cellular plan without needing a physical SIM card. It’s especially useful for travelers because it eliminates the need to swap physical SIM cards when moving between countries or regions. 

There are many benefits to using an eSIM for international travel, such as easy SIM activation, flexible network switching, cheap eSIM plans for data, and instant overseas connectivity. Most travelers enjoy owning an eSIM for its convenience, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and reliability. 

Overall, travel eSIMs simplify the process of staying connected to the internet while you’re abroad. If you’re planning to visit Japan, purchasing an eSIM will be a breeze as Japan offers some of the best eSIMs for traveling. 

The Top 8 Best eSIMs in Japan

1. Jetpac

When choosing an eSIM for your Japan trip, look for one that offers fast 5G speeds, wide coverage, and great value. Jetpac is a Singapore-based company that specializes in travel innovation through easy data roaming. They believe that no traveler deserves to worry about costly roaming fees. Jetpac has an array of data-only plans, ranging from regional to global ones, with a data plan made specifically for visits to Japan.

Jetpac features flexibility and convenience, allowing users to choose from a series of plans with various amounts of mobile data as low as 1GB and as high as 40GB in the duration of 4, 7, or 30 days. Their cheapest option at £0.80 is still guaranteed to provide you reliable high-speed data that covers almost all areas of Japan. 

Japan Nakama is one of the best eSIM providers for travel in Japan. Their eSIMs run on the reliable KDDI 5G network, providing super-fast data speeds across the country. With Japan Nakama, you can easily purchase an eSIM online before your trip and activate it on your phone upon arrival.

Another great perk of Japan Nakama’s eSIM is their free airport lounge access if your flight is delayed. Relax in comfort while you wait for your next flight without paying extra. Japan Nakama’s eSIMs are the perfect travel companion for your Japan adventure. With 5G speeds, nationwide coverage, and free lounge access, you’ll stay connected and comfortable throughout your trip. Purchase your Japan Nakama eSIM today for the best eSIM experience in Japan!

2. Revolut

Revolut is a global neobank and fintech company based in London, UK. They’re known for providing banking services tailored for retail customers and businesses worldwide, but they have now branched out to other services like their eSIM designed for globetrotters. 

Revolut offers data plans for local, regional, and global roaming. The eSIM can be used in over 100 countries, with plans as low as £1 for 1GB. Their customer support team is available 24/7 in case you need help with your eSIM, which can be accessed on their exclusive Revolut app.   

3. Japan Wireless

Established in 2015 by travel company Inbound Platform Corp, Japan Wireless offers multiple ways to stay connected in Japan like pocket wifi rentals, prepaid SIM cards, and the eSIM. The Japan Wireless eSIM is made particularly for foreign travelers roaming different areas of Japan.

Japan Wireless is known to be compatible with almost all iPhones and Android phones, plus their eSIM has nationwide coverage, even in the most remote of areas. Japan Wireless prioritizes instant connection, providing instant eSIM activation in under five minutes via mobile app.

4. Ubigi

Ubigi has been a stable competitor in the eSIM market offering high-end global cellular connectivity and eSIM services in over 200+ destinations all over the world. Ubigi takes pride in their affordable prepaid data plans for all kinds of devices; from smartphones to laptops and to even connected cars.

You can avail of their single day 500MB plans for £2 or their month-long plans with 50GB of data for only £48. Even at an affordable price point, Ubigi’s data speed is still of excellent quality with an average speed of 73Mbps.

5. Nomad

Nomad is an eSIM provider that aims to give travelers a hassle-free experience when it comes to data roaming, offering eSIM data plans at local rates. Compatible in over 170 countries, Nomad has regional plans that allow travelers to use their eSIM in multiple countries, suitable for tourists who like to country hop.

Nomad has day-plans that range from 1 day to 45 days. Their day plans can cost £3 for 500MB per day or £4 for a 7-day 1GB plan. One interesting feature of Nomad is that it also offers SMS plans, giving travelers another way to communicate through text using their Nomad app in case data runs out.

6. eSIM Japan

eSIM Japan is an international roaming service company based in Japan that offers mobile data plans that are not only affordable but reliable. Their data-only plans can be availed for either the entire region of Japan or specific areas like Tokyo, Osaka, and more. eSIM Japan guarantees a fast 4G LTE network with limitless hotspot data.

eSIM Japan’s data plans are purchased in day-packages (3, 5, 7, 2, 15, or 90 days) with a specific data limit (3GB, 5GB, 10GB, or unlimited). This gives travelers the option to choose a plan that works best for their trip, making their purchase worth it. Plan prices vary from £3 for 3-days to £20 for an unlimited GB 12-day plan.

7. Airalo

If high-data speed is what you’re looking for in an eSIM, Airalo offers one of the highest data speeds in Japan. With a fast average download speed of 140 Mbps, users can easily enjoy YouTube videos, video calls, and even streaming video games. Airalo makes sure that what you pay for is worth every penny.

Airalo’s eSIM comes in 7, 15, and 30-day packages. Their 7-day package is 1GB for £3, while their 15-day package offers 2GB. Airalo has a 30-day plans come in different options for how much data you need; 3, 5, 10, and 20GB. Their 30-day, 20GB data plan costs only £20. 

8. Sakura Mobile

Sakura Mobile has been a trusted local Japan eSIM provider for quite a while now, offering a line of eSIMS for both short and long term visits. Their eSIM plans are based on how long you’ll be staying and how much data you want. For £10, you can avail of their 3-day data plan of 1GB data, their cheapest option. 

Serving more than 250,000 travelers, Sakura Mobile has been proven reliable to a lot of their users, providing flexible plans and secure payment methods such as credit cards and Paypal. With their high-speed data of 85Mbps, travelers can enjoy streaming, browsing, and video calling in Japan with ease.

Choosing the Best eSIM for Japan

To figure out which eSIM suits you best, moreover, it is essential to compare the features offered by different providers. These key factors, such as network coverage and pricing, must be considered so that you can choose which Japan eSIM best aligns with your traveling lifestyle.

Network Coverage

When evaluating the best eSIMs in Japan, the extent and reliability of network coverage are crucial considerations. All of the eSIMs mentioned in the list above offer extensive coverage across Japan, though some of them are designed for specific areas like rural regions or populated cities. Depending on where you’ll travel in Japan will determine which eSIM provider offers the most suitable network coverage for you.

Data Plans

Connecting to high-speed data is a must for many travelers, especially those who rely on the internet for navigation apps, search engines, or social media. The beauty of most eSIM providers is that all offer varying data plans that not only provide 5G/LTE coverage, but also give users the option to choose how much data per day, week, or month. These plans can range from 3GB for 7 days to 40GB for 30 days.


The cost of eSIM plans is a significant factor for users, particularly in a competitive market like Japan. Each eSIM provider has distinct pricing structures for what they offer, with options that cater to both short-term and long-term travelers. If you’re planning to avail of an eSIM data plan, carefully review the pricing details, including any additional charges to determine which provider offers the most cost-effective solution for your trip.

Additional Features

Some eSIM providers want to go beyond just basic connectivity and provide their customers with additional features to enhance their user experience. These may include multi-device support, quality customer service, and even services such as entertainment subscriptions or airport lounge access. You can consider this factor to identify which eSIM has additional features that suit your preferences.

Jetpac: The Best Japan Travel eSIM

If you’re looking for an eSIM that fits every factor mentioned above, moreover, we guarantee that Jetpac is the one for you. Jetpac believes that data roaming should be easy and accessible, which is why they offer a variety of data plans for all kinds of travelers.

With extensive network coverage, diverse data plans, and affordable prices, the Jetpac eSIM is guaranteed to enhance your travels and adventures. Even before your trip, Jetpac eSIM already gives you the opportunity to relax and experience convenience by offering free airport lounge access when your flight gets delayed. Plus, Jetpac offers a 30-day free trial of ExpressVPN for safe and private browsing.

For Japan, Jetpac’s Japan Travel eSIM has seven options for you. These options encourage you to maximize the most out of your eSIM’s data, ranging from 3GB to 40GB. No matter what kind of trip you have planned, Jetpac has the perfect data plan for you.