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Acclaimed illustrator Amrit Birdi’s (@amrit_birdi_)  latest creation, Rid of You, is a captivating dark fantasy graphic novel that seamlessly weaves stunning visuals and compelling storytelling. The long-awaited Kickstarter campaign for Rid of You is scheduled for 2024, and the story is poised to make waves among modern graphic novels.

There is a large demand for crowdsourced graphic novels, as they provide a unique opportunity for collaboration between artists and fans, allowing both to have a stake in the creation of new stories and characters from their inception.

Tristan & Aradia’s Tale: A Symphony of Heart, and Art

Rid of You's main characters

Rid of You explores the compelling tale of Tristan and Aradia, two distinct individuals whose journey prompts deep contemplation on the intricacies of fate and destiny. 

As Tristan struggles to come to terms with the loss of his father , he meets the faerie Aradia, who is responsible for directing spirits, and discovers an unexpected source of inspiration. 

But as their bond deepens, Tristan is thrust into Aradia’s dangerous world – a place where the dead journey to the starsea, the wellspring of life, and where a ruthless Queen of the Under Realm holds sway over the powers of the universe.

The graphic novel's main character Tristan being faced with fate

And as Tristan becomes more deeply entwined in Aradia’s world, he grows suspicious of her darker intentions and closely guarded secrets.

Can Tristan and Aradia overcome the dark forces looking to tear them apart and live happily-ever-after?

Or will their love succumb to shadows of their pasts?

Aradia succumbing to her destiny... or does she?

Rid of You is a truly special tale in anime-inspired graphic novels, crafted with the distinct touch of Amrit Birdi’s creativity. Its artwork showcases bold strokes and intricate details, adding depth and nuance to the narrative.

The story unfolds within the 112 pages of the paperback graphic novel, offering backers of the graphic book Rid of You’s Kickstarter campaign a truly unique and spellbinding adventure. Best-selling artist Birdi’s unique view of the waltz between life, death and how memories can impact our lives, really shines through.

Amrit Birdi: A Fantasy Graphic Novel Maestro

Best-selling illustrator Amrit Birdi brings a story to life that delicately balances philosophical concepts through a story of fantasy and romance. 

With a portfolio that includes the highly acclaimed Alex Rider comic book series and the enormously popular “Username: Evie,” Birdi shares with readers that his newest offering will take them on a journey through the complex issues of love, fate and beyond. It challenges us to consider the significance of our past and how it influences the present and future. 

Amrit Birdi’s  storytelling skills are at the heart of everything. Drawing on his experience as a professional artist, has created this  graphic novel with a personal touch and style completely unique to him. The passion he brings to every page of Rid of You is a testimony to his extensive experience working with renowned companies such as Disney, Ubisoft, Adidas, Prime Video, and others.

In this fantasy graphic novel, he partners on script assists and editorial with Maddie Salvage (@madelaine.salvage), adding layers of mythology and folklore that will charm readers of all ages. The anticipation for Rid of You is growing as previews of panels from its unique universe have been released on Amrit Birdi’s official landing page and Instagram.

Kickstarter Pre-Launch: Rid of You – Backing More Than Just a Graphic Novel

The Kickstarter pre-launch page marks the start of an exciting adventure, with this being the first series of a trilogy of graphic novels.

By backing Rid of You on Kickstarter, you will have the opportunity to see a gripping tale come to life and witness the early inception of what is set to become something great.

Why Rid of You Belongs on Every Visual Novel Collector’s Shelf

A physical render of Rid of You's graphic novel paperback

Rid of You has a familiar but distinctively eerie tune that will ring out to audiences who find comfort in the stories of anime classics such as “Spirited Away,” who like the dark fantasy tales such as “Maleficent,” or who are moved by the tender romance of “Your Name.” 

Like these stories, Rid of You is one of those dark fantasies that will stay with viewers long after reading it, making it an easy graphic novel recommendation.

Rid of You exemplifies the power of crowdfunded graphic novels with its loving craftsmanship and attention to detail. The meticulously detailed scenery, animated characters, and vibrant colours ensure that every printed copy of this anime-inspired softcover graphic novel  will become a cherished piece for collectors interested in all things graphic novels, manga and anime. 

A must-have for any fan’s graphic novel collection, the tale captures the human condition. As big fans of Amrit Birdi, we can’t wait to see what he brings.

Conclusion: Rid of You – An Anthem of Art and Heart

Tristan in a panel from best-selling illustrator's graphic novel, Rid of You

Preparing for the Kickstarter launch of Rid of You, we’re reminded that this a graphic novel is for those who have ever dared to dream large and, most importantly, for those who have ever loved.

As we excitedly await the Kickstarter launch project for this new graphic novel, let us celebrate how story and art, light and shade, history and the unknown can come together. 

Rid of You is an unexplored world  that is just waiting to be discovered.