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With these charming items and sets, you can give your house an inspired Japanese-style touch. Whether you’re searching for a stylish burst of colour for your workplace or a refuge from the hustle & bustle, Japan Nakama can help in creating that lovely space for you.

A kitchen is the heart of the home, and it’s an important part of Japanese culture. Traditionally, food was cooked in this space for everything from family meals to dinner banquets.

Discover our amazing collection of Japanese homeware & kitchenware.

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Hanko Dipping Dish (Set of 2)

£16.50£22.50 Brand: The Linea Home

Fujiyama, Japanese Whiskey Glass

£35.00 Brand: Cherry Picks

Minichua Japanese Mug

£60.00 Brand: Cherry Picks

Fuji, Japanese Mug

£47.00 Brand: Cherry Picks

Hanging Japanese Paper Lantern (Chochin)

£15.99 Brand: Spirit of Japan

Famous Symbols of Japan Poster

£22.00£48.00 Brand: Kieron Redmond

Mount Fuji Poster

£20.00£45.00 Brand: Kieron Redmond

Fuji, Japanese Whiskey Glass

£45.00 Brand: Kori Whiskey

Mount Fuji Mirror Lake Tenugui

£16.50 Brand: Zusetsu

Mount Fuji & Japanese Pine Tenugui

£16.50 Brand: Zusetsu

Sentō Bathhouse Riso Art A3 Print

£25.00 Brand: Geri Draws

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