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As early as the eighth century, Japan’s Sakura season has been celebrated annually between the months of March and May, and with good reason.

During Sakura season, which lasts around 2 weeks. you’ll find droves of Japanese congregating in parks and green fields to see the Sakura flowers in full bloom. During this time the traditional custom of Hanami (花見) which directly translates to “flower viewing” is conducted.

These days, it’s just a great excuse to have an outdoor party with friends and family accompanied by lots of alcohol. It wouldn’t be Sakura season without Hanami and Sake. For those travelling to Japan make sure to check out FB & Meetup groups as well as any hostel-organized events to partake in the Hanami festivities.

Sakura flowers have traditionally and historically been a symbol of renewal and the fleeting nature that is life. The Japanese view the very limited existence that the Sakura Cherry Blossom possesses as the ultimate meaning of the transience of life, that is to be celebrated.

In 2020, social media allows everyone a glimpse at the beauty of springtime Japan. Below you can find a curated collection of images selected to showcase the best of what Instagram has to offer this cherry blossom season…

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For the majority of you in London who are unfortunately not able to visit Japan during Sakura season, don’t forget you can still witness the blooming in our London Japanese Gardens.


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